1. Vasco Da Gama’s Discovery a Myth! Temple Carving of African Giraffe Speaks Truth
  2. How Mahmud of Ghazni Looted India’s Wealth Worth Trillions and Destroyed Temples
  3. Is Congress Bringing in the Jaziya (Tax) through the Back Door?
  4. 1971 Indo-Pak Naval Battle; Why Shivaji Hailed as Father of Indian Navy?
  5. Sabarimala Brutally Desecrated by Non-Spiritual Jurisprudence
  6. ‘Sentinels of the Snow: The Battle of Rezang La’; Flashback of Sino-India War of 1962
  7. What Archaeological Evidences Say about Ram Janambhoomi Site
  8. What the ‘Vaimanika Shastra’ Tells about Ancient Vimanas of India
  9. Morena 64 Yogini: Indian Parliament Design Inspired by this 8th Century Temple
  10. Victories of Indian Warriors against Islamic Invaders that History Books Ignored
  11. Morbros: The New Paradigm of Success in the Medical Industry
  12. Parshuram Kund: Where Sage Parshuram Achieved Salvation by Taking a Dip
  13. How a 9th Century Gurukul Mutt in Kadwaha Reveals Glory of Ancient India
  14. Water Harvesting in Ancient India Far Advanced than Present; Here is How
  15. Mahabharata Connection of Jageshwari Temple; 1100 Lingams in a Shivalinga
  16. Temple Connection of India’s Primary Education: How British Destroyed It
  17. Were INA Men Deserters and Oath Breakers? No! Here’s the True Story
  18. Ayyappa and the Misinterpreted Tradition of His Naishtika Brahmacharya
  19. Menstruation in Sanatan Dharma: Kamakhya Devi and Parvati Connection
  20. Modern Caste System is British Creation: A Tool to Divide, Rule, and Convert
  21. New Findings in Aihole Inscription that Determine Mahabharata War
  22. How Avanijanashraya Pulakeshin of Gujarat Defeated Arabs in 737 CE
  23. What is a Healthy Balanced Diet for Diabetes?
  24. Was Nehru behind the Missing Azad Hind Fauz Treasury?
  25. Netaji’s Dream of Hoisting Tricolor of Azad Hind Govt. in Red Fort Fulfilled by PM Modi
  26. Kola Bou: Ritual of Banana Bride, Worshipped during Durga Puja in Bengal
  27. PM Modi to Lay Foundation Stone of Netaji and INA Museum at Red Fort on 21st Oct. 
  28. 12,000-Year Old Petroglyphs in India show Global Connections
  29. Fuzia: A Unique Platform, Redefining Social Media For Women
  30. How Rampyari Gurjar and 40,000 Women Wreaked Havoc on Taimur and His Forces
  31. Where Is ‘Extremism’ in India and Where in Pakistan?
  32. Netaji Bose’s Secret Service and INA Connection with Submarines
  33. क्या आधुनिक भारत में ब्राह्मणों की दुर्दशा तर्कसंगत है?
  34. Forgotten 1st Attack on Sabarimala; 2nd Attack Reminds Danger to Hindu Culture
  35. Open Letter on Sabarimala by a Hindu Woman
  36. Lalitaditya Muktapida: Kashmir King who Defeated Arabs and Subjugated Turks
  37. Ayurveda Since pre 29102 BC; West’s 4004 BC as Start of Creation False
  38. मोरब्रोस: मेडिकल इंडस्ट्री में लहराया सफलता का नया परचम
  39. How Jalore Rajputs Snatched Back Somnath Booty and Shivalinga from Khilji Army
  40. How Netaji Bose Set Up INA Camp at Ruzazho in Nagaland in April-May 1944
  41. Charter of Hindu Demands: A Proposal to End Systemic Discrimination against Hindus
  42. Peace Talk a Huge Mistake; Pakistan will only Stab Us at the Back – GD Bakshi
  43. Rama’s Handmade Shiva Linga in Mumbai? Ban Ganga in Walkeshwar
  44. New Indian Discovery ‘Bibhorr Formula’ Revolutionizes Space Science
  45. Whose Kashmir is it Anyway? Rishi Kashyap’s Kashmira?
  46. How Samgramaraja of Kashmir Repulsed Attacks of Mahmud of Ghazni
  47. Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev – the Barbarism of Mughal Emperor Jahangir
  48. Tilottama: A Connection between the Indus Valley Civilization and Mahabharata
  49. Branding History as Mythology: From Jesus and Mohammed to Rama and Krishna
  50. Defamatory Lies of Prashant Bhushan and Arundhati Roy and Their Support to Criminals
  51. Bhagavad Gita in America and Making of a Star in World Parliament of Religions
  52. Kalki Tu Kaha Hai: Tribute to Swami Pranavananda and the Spiritual Side of GD Bakshi
  53. Of Naam, Namak, and Nishan: Major Akshay, Monologues of a Martyr
  54. Yojana a Standard length of Measure; Evidence from Ramayana and Mahabharata
  55. Kalapahad: Hindu General who Defeated Gaur Sultan; Love Jihad Trap, Conversion to Islam
  56. Do Hindu Arabic Numerals Have Strong Origins from Karnataka? Here is How!
  57. Is Krishna a Historical Character? What Sea Underwater Proofs Say about Dwarka!
  58. Forbidden Vault: Mystery behind the Secret Door of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple
  59. How Rani Bhavashankari Defeated Pathans and Retained Hindu Supremacy in Bengal 
  60. What is Caste? How Indians are Kept in Dark on Facts and Divided Today on Votes
  61. Why Bhagavad Gita is the Final Authority and Law Book of Hindus
  62. Were Women in Ancient-Medieval India Educated? Proofs Debunking Feminist Narrative
  63. Puranic Evidence of Farming in Ancient India; Swastika and Pashupatinath in Indus Valley Seals
  64. The North South Genetic Connection and How Anti-Nation Forces Barking for a Divide
  65. Aryan Migration Theory False: Proven by Fresh Research on Indus Valley Sites
  66. Ancient Indians Knew Science of Fertilization without a Microscope? Here Are the Wow Facts!
  67. Unknown Facets of Azad Hind Fauj Battle: Assam Derby Tea Estate Connection
  68. How Pallavas, Descendents of Ashwathama, Established Brahmin Dynasty in Dakshina Bharat
  69. भूला हुआ इतिहास-A Poem on Islamic Invasion of India
  70. When Motherland Was Above Everything: An Account by Freedom Fighter Kalyani Das
  71. Demarcating British Confection (Hinduism) from Arya Dharma. How Do We Revive Arya Sabhyata?
  72. Are Anti-Hindi Prejudices in Tamilnadu Manifestations of Dravidianist anti-Brahminism?
  73. Were Mughals Tolerant? Details and Horrors of Hindu Holocaust under Mughal Rule
  74. A Bull Fighting Indian Hero – Saving the Ancient World from its Demons
  75. Top 10 Diabetic Super Foods
  76. If INA Veterans Not Included in RD Parade, I and Dr Swamy will Go to Court: GD Bakshi
  77. How Raja Marthanda Varma Defeated Dutch in Battle and Crushed their Indian Expansion
  78. Karunanidhi Is Dead! Should We Eulogize the Dead Man?
  79. Surviving INA Veterans to be Honored Today by Dr. Swamy and GD Bakshi
  80. Kutub Minar a Mahabharatha War Memorial and Astronomical Tower; Here is How
  81. UPA Violated SC Orders to Save Bangladeshis; Wikileaks Exposure in Public for Years!
  82. “Illegal Immigration Is a Serious National Security Problem” – GD Bakshi
  83. Kanvar Mela – Adventure Holiday in Indian Style
  84. Excavated Relics from UP likely to be from Mahabharata Era as per ASI
  85. Tipu Sultan’s Failed Rockets for Murdering Hindus: Hosanagara Excavation
  86. Call of Vande Mataram; Horrors of Unknown Women Freedom Fighters in Presidency Jail
  87. Gandunama: Islamic Confessions of Bestiality in Mughal India!!
  88. Nameless Women Warriors in Jail in 1930s: Account by Freedom Fighter Kalyani Das Bhattacharjee
  89. How Aryan Dravidian Divide Theory is Used as a Tool by Opposition
  90. Woven wonders of Chinnalapatti and Thirubhuvanam
  91. The Balochistan Sphinx Temple Complex: Is It a Man-made Architectural Wonder?
  92. Did British Fear Another 1857-Type Revolt after INA Trials? Fact File and INA Museum
  93. Defence by History: Open Letter to Chief Justice by an Ayappa Devotee on Sabarimala
  94. How Pazhassi Raja of Kerala Resisted Troops of Hyder Ali, Tipu Sultan, and British
  95. Ambedkar’s Dislike of Gandhi and His Support to Nathuram Godse’s Critique
  96. Skanda: An Ancient Indian Hero Fighting the Asuras
  97. Serving the Shakti – The Divine Feminine; 64 Yogini Temple of Hirapur, Odisha
  98. Crimes Where Judgement is Capital Punishment as per Sharia Law
  99. The Origin of the 108 Bead Japa Mala – A Different Interpretation
  100. Sabarimala Case: Ready to Wait Campaign Appeals Hindu Devotees for Support
  101. Sabarimala Petition; Who Decides If a Religious Belief Is Superstitious or Legitimate?
  102. Why Would the West Learn Sanskrit? Startling Revelations!
  103. Godse’s Verdict on Gandhi; Partition that Displaced 11 Million
  104. Netaji Fan Sends Proposal to PM Modi for Setting up INA Museum and Memorial in Red Fort
  105. Carvings in Edakkal Caves Kerala: Proof of Prehistoric Civilization from 6,000 BCE
  106. Hima Das: From Playing Football with Boys to Putting Indian Athletics on World Map
  107. Mandana Misra: His Birth, Places where He Debated and the Peethas
  108. Durgavati: Gondwana Queen Who Fought 51 Battles, 3 against Mughals and Never Lost
  109. Raman Effect: How Indian Scientist CV Raman Discovered Why Sea is Blue
  110. शरिया अदालत: भारत को इस्लामिक राष्ट्र बनाने की एक और कोशिस
  111. How Raja Ganesha Re-established Hindu Supremacy in Bengal between 1414 to 1418
  112. Why Is Dr Zakir Naik Labeled as Anti Hindu?
  113. Obeetee: Preserving India’s Legacy of Carpet Craft and Empowering Rural Artisans since 1920
  114. लिंग शब्द का संस्कृत अर्थ “प्रतीक” है, शिवलिंग का अर्थ “शिव का प्रतीक”
  115. Royal Indian Navy Mutiny and INA Trials: The Trigger for End of British Raj
  116. गीता: राष्ट्रहित में सर्वश्व बलिदान का आवाहन या स्वर्ग का मार्ग
  117. Mahabharata War 7500 Years Ago? What Astronomical Calculations Say!
  118. How Tololing was Recaptured; A Tribute to Kargil War Heroes by Aditya Bakshi
  119. Alauddin Khilji’s Gay Bond with Malik Kafur and Gora Singh Ripping off Khilji’s Bottoms
  120. Anti Conversion Laws Need to be Passed Immediately in All States
  121. Kalidasa – Times and Works; What about 3 Kālidāsas?
  122. Why Am I Critical of Free Market Economy?
  123. How Terrible Were the Crimes of the British Colonial Rule
  124. Everything You Need to Know about Dengue Fever
  125. Western Alphabet Modelled after an Indian Alphabet 3400 Plus Years Ago – Indologist Wim Borsboom
  126. नेताजी के आह्वान था, देश की माटी का बुलावा था जो सीने में छिपा था…
  127. UN Human Rights Report is a Plan to Demonise Indian Army and Hamper its Ops: GD Bakshi
  128. Netaji Bose and the lost Opportunity of 1942; SelfiePicturewithNetajiStatue Series-2
  129. Tadar Anang: Teen Scientist from Arunachal Pradesh who Developed Goggles for the Blind
  130. How Giasuddin Khilji Used Cows to Defeat Bir Singh of Bengal; Jauhar of Bengali Women in 1226
  131. Hindu King Cheraman Perumal Never Converted: Story Hijacked by Muslim Story Tellers
  132. Gurukulas and Universities – When the Civilized World Sent Its Best Students To India
  133. Why Is Hinduism Denigrated In Spite of Being the Most Reasonable System of Living?
  134. Nupur Tewari: Spreading Indic Culture in Tokyo and Educating Slum Children in India
  135. A Retreat Near Chamundi Hills Brings You Gifts From Ancient India
  136. Manish Tyagi: This Ex-Navy Commander’s Surely Gonna Tickle Your Funny Bones
  137. 2000 BCE Bhaghpat Chariot and its Impact on Archaeo-Astronomical Dating of Kurukshetra War
  138. Ayurveda is not Merely Massage and Spa – It Treats Serious Diseases
  139. Everything You Need to Know about Diabetic Neuropathy
  140. The Worldwide Shaivite Culture in Polynesia and Peru
  141. 10 Greatest Lies in the History of India
  142. क्या श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता की प्रजनन क्षमता खो गई है??
  143. We Need Major Fire Assaults with Medium Guns and Rocket Launchers to Deal with Pak Violating Ceasefire: GD Bakshi
  144. Ajay Chaturvedi: Limca Book of Records Holder, Who is Empowering Rural India 
  145. How and when Lakhnawati became Lucknow? An Interesting Account of the Original Name
  146. Board Exams Results: Crossing an Important Milestone and Career Life Lessons
  147. Bring Modi Back in 2019, But Push Him Harder: Reflections from Singapore
  148. वेदों और गीता का आपसी सम्बन्ध: एक तार्किक अध्ययन
  149. History and India: A Country Not Respecting Its Heroes Deserves Its Villains
  150. Tracing Ayodhya to Kekaya Kingdom
  151. A Soldier Appeals to the Govt. to Take Back Ceasefire Order
  152. 10 Ways to Control High Blood Pressure without Medication
  153. The Buddha and the Bitch: Two Women, Two Worlds, One Practice
  154. Writer – IT Techie – Banker Writes Why She Will Support PM Modi in 2019
  155. History and Strategy of Islamic Invasion
  156. Sanjeev Sanyal: Narrating How India’s History was Shaped by Her Geography
  157. 300 BC Book Indica Mentions the Great Indian Road that Connected East to Silk Route
  158. World’s First Set of Poems Are the Vedas – the Origin of Indic Civilization: GD Bakshi
  159. Rohingyas Are Criminal Tribe; Why India and not Pak, Saudi Arabia, Gulf Resettle Them? – GD Bakshi
  160. Narmada: A Single Site for Indian History of Pre-Cambrian to Kaliyuga Period
  161. India’s Military Force Usage in Combat from 1947 to 1971: An Account by GD Bakshi
  162. Ceasefire an Insane Decision Dictated by Separatists; Terrorists will Recoup and Reorganize – GD Bakshi
  163. “What Do you Think When You Think of Kashmir?” – An Exiled Kashmiri Hindu
  164. Jahangir, 1st Mughal Emperor to Start Torturing Sikh Gurus to Death; Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev
  165. Why India Returned the 93000 Prisoners of War to Pakistan in 1972?
  166. Heritage Protection Laws: Something that Pakistan is Better than India
  167. Autobiographical Accounts of Jahangir of Destroying a Famous Temple in Varanasi
  168. Hindus and Yezidis: One United Family – Part 1
  169. 10 Foods for Glowing Skin
  170. Indian Communists Still Parasitic of Ideology Discarded by Russia and China
  171. Hindu Temples: Let the Bells Toll Again
  172. Urban Naxals Kanhaiya and His Gang Incessantly Profess Idea of India’s Destruction: Vivek Agnihotri
  173. Mauryan RMA (Revolutions in Military Affairs) of Employing War Elephants in Mass
  174. Dalit Madurai Veeran Worshipped by Brahmins As Devta: Ambedkar’s Divisive Theory Falls Flat
  175. CHALO DILLI: INA Nara Needs to Resound again for Netaji; Join Us on 21 Oct: GD Bakshi
  176. क्या प्राचीन काल में वैज्ञानिक विकास हुआ था?
  177. Hitler was Devil, but not Fraudulent like Nehru, who Betrayed Nation: Netaji Bose’s Grandnephew
  178. Diabetic Cardiomyopathy: How Blood Sugar can Affect Your Heart
  179. भागवत पुराण में प्रकाश गति के अनुसार दूरी की माप
  180. Gagan Shakti: 5000 Fighter Jet Sorties Generated in just 72 hrs on Western Front with Pak
  181. Vanara without ‘Tail’ but a Fabulous ‘Tale’: What the Mauryan Period Bas Relief Says
  182. Talking Threads – A Story of Indian Embroidery
  183. Revival of Hindu Heritage Temples Lying Abandoned and in Ruins in Karnataka
  184. GD Bakshi Shortlisted for Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize for Dances with the Cranes
  185. १९४६ के हिन्दू मुस्लिम दंगे, कांग्रेस की हिन्दू विरोधी नीतियों का घिनोना सत्य
  186. English Medium Education Weakens India. The PISA Test Proved It
  187. Create Safe and Protected Enclaves in Patnitop and Valley for Kashmiri Pandits: GD Bakshi
  188. Terracotta: The Indus-Sarasvati Connect to Bengal and North East India
  189. Dalit and Brahmins Moolnivasis since 75,000 BC; Bogus Aryan Invasion theory and Politicians Mislead Bhim Sena!
  190. The Hand-stitched Quilt – A Legacy of the Grandmother’s Gift of Love
  191. Christian Illegal Cemetery Close to Uchistha Ganpaty Temple. Is It Crime Being a Hindu Temple?
  192. Tandoor: A Flashback into the Announcement of the Partition in 1947
  193. Nothing is impossible: Jitu Rai, Gold Medalist, 2018 Commonwealth Games; An Interview
  194. Rudra Mahalaya, a 10th Century Siva Temple Awaiting Revival of Worship
  195. What Is the Caste System? Why Was It Beneficial or Destructive to Hindu Society
  196. Mapping in Ancient World: Foreigners Stated India as Rectangular, Puranas as Inverted Triangle
  197. Is the Ban on Private Cryptocurrencies by the Indian Govt Justified?
  198. Diabetes Foot Care; Causes, Prevention, and Solution of Diabetic Foot Problems
  199. शहीद सुरक्षा बल के परिवार को आर्थिक मदद कर सकते है ‘भारत के वीर’ वेबसाइट के जरिए
  200. How an Unknown Hindu Yogi Shot Dead a British Captain in Front of British Army in 1857!
  201. Atrocities on Hindu Women during Islamic Invasion and Rule in India
  202. What the Mysore Gazetteer Wrote about Atrocities by Tipu Sultan
  203. Konark Sun Temple: What the Architectural Splendor Reveal about a 13th Century Heritage
  204. A Great, Living, Ancient Tradition – The Kumbh Mela
  205. What Ancient and Medieval Heritage Tell Us about the Northeast – Part 1
  206. KrixomNET: Agricultural Startup by 4 Teenagers to Uplift the Agri Scenario of Northeast India
  207. The Dravidanadu Conflict and the Story of Mayura of the Kadamba Dynasty
  208. 75000 Year Old Artifacts of Jwalapuram Demolish 11000 BC Mesopotamia Agriculture Theory!
  209. Qutub Minar Was a 4th Century Vedic Observatory: What Existing Hindu Motifs Prove
  210. Modi Vs Gandhi: What is there in a Surname?
  211. Stone Age Seafaring Migrations from Indus Valley to Europe and Pacific Ocean Islands
  212. Diabetic Kidney Disease: What Causes It and How to Manage It?
  213. The Bashing of Brahmins and India’s Caste System Has an Agenda
  214. Dark Side of Dubai: Women Get Jailed for Reporting Crime against Themselves
  215. British Archival Material and Attlee’s Statement Prove British Left India because of Netaji and INA Trials: GD Bakshi
  216. History of Mukti Sthal, the Original Somnath
  217. Wooden Toys of Etikoppa: Let this Craft Survive
  218. Why Sikhs are against Khalistan Agenda? Why Indira Gandhi was Killed?
  219. Confessions of Tipu Sultan on Hindu Atrocities: Whitewashed by Secular and Communist Historians
  220. Varaha: What the 5th Century Udayagiri Caves and 5000 Year Old Kerala Temple Say
  221. Caste Was the Primary Weapon the British Used to Divide and Rule India, Break India
  222. त्रिपुरा में लेनिन मूर्ति तोड़ने के कानूनी पक्ष; भगत सिंह बनाम लेनिन
  223. Pramod Gautam: Automobile Engineer Who Switched to Farming and Earning Handsomely
  224. Why Is Hinduism Higher than All Religions?
  225. What Doobi and Nidhanpur Copper Plates Say about Antiquity of Assam from Mahabharata Era
  226. Obelisks are Shivlings! Does Obelisk of Shalmaneser III Identify Iraq’s Hindu Roots?
  227. Temsutula Imsong: India’s Beti from Nagaland, Who Cleaned the Ganga Ghats of Kashi
  228. Youth Congress Leader Caught Selling Antique Jain Idols; Temple Thefts Funding Elections?
  229. Deport Rohingya and Bangladeshi Nationals from Jammu and Kashmir: Ex-Servicemen
  230. Arabs are of Indian Origin – Revelation from 300 BC Book ‘Indica’
  231. Highest Designation to Women Given by Vedas!! Women Empowerment in Ancient India
  232. Letter from a Son to His Dad and the Reply: Mortality and Soul
  233. Is Ancient Indian Rishi Atri the Greek Atreus, the Father of Agamemnon?
  234. India and Dogs: From the Vedic Age to Harappan Civilization and Thereafter
  235. The Concept of Ram Rajya and Good Governance: Lessons from the Ramayana
  236. Drug Expiration Dates – Do They Mean Anything?
  237. Why No Statue of Netaji Bose on Rajpath and No Memorial of 26,000 INA Soldiers: GD Bakshi
  238. The Plunder of Our Temples and Heritage: Why Indians Don’t Care
  239. Prithiv Chandar: Best Selling Author of ‘Manhattan Courtship’ and the Latest ‘The Paris Appeal’
  240. Wooden Street: Success Story of India’s First Online Customized Wooden Furniture Store
  241. Art and Artists: Opening the Gates to the Supernatural Realm of the Devatas
  242. Latin America Were of Indian Racial Stock: Gene D. Matlock; Genetic Studies Confirm Hindu Origins
  243. This Odisha Engineer Left IBM Job to Empower Poor Tribal Women; 2500+ Women Empowered!
  244. This Couple Facilitated Mass Wedding of 31 Poor Girls, Cheques to 101 Homeless Families
  245. Surpanakha: Beautiful in Form, Ugly in Character; What Vālmiki Rāmayana Reveals
  246. Budget 2018 on MSMEs: Fund Allocation, Schemes, and Packages
  247. Chaturbhuj Nala: Were Board Games and Wheels Discovered in India 10,000 Years Ago?
  248. Gods for Sale: The Sad Story of India’s Temple Thefts
  249. An Exercise to Exorcise – Diary of a Kashmiri Pandit, Part 4
  250. 3rd Slaughter and 50,000 Jauhar-Shaakh of Chittor by ‘Akbar the Great’ in 1568
  251. Everything You Need to Know about Stroke
  252. Chance Meeting with Amla Ruia, India’s Water Mother and Farmers’ Wonder Mother
  253. Freedom Fighter Khudiram Bose: An Orphan at 7 to Hanging by British at Age 18
  254. Me-Dam-Me-Fi: Festival Celebrated by Ahoms of Assam in Memory of Departed Souls
  255. Pavagadh: A 10th Century Temple and an 8th Century Coin Minting Workshop
  256. Budget 2018: Indian MSME Sector Budget Recommendations from Power2SME CEO
  257. Why Kejriwal’s Equating of Tipu Sultan with Netaji Bose, Bhagat Singh Wrong
  258. 75 Year Old from Chennai Planted 2000 Trees; Working on Land Restoration since 2006
  259. Second Slaughter ‘SHAAKH’ of Chittorgarh in 1534 and Forgotten Jauhar of Rani Karnavati
  260. The Mahābhārata Retold: From Emergence of Brahmānda to Political Unity of Bhāratavarsha
  261. Taj Mahal is Hindu Monument: Prof Marvin Mills, Reputed New York Architect
  262. Vedanta and Holistic Health: Lessons from the Bhagavad Gītā
  263. India Rejects Kamal Haasan’s False Aryan Vs Dravidian Divide
  264. Kishtwar Cauldron: Account of Pakistan’s Proxy War in J&K and CT Operations in Kishtwar by GD Bakshi
  265. How to Stay Healthy, Fit and Safe During the Winter Season
  266. Kashmir’s Martand Sun Temple from 479 BCE Destroyed by Sultan Sikander Still in Ruins
  267. Honour INA and Netaji Bose; Let INA Veterans be Included in RD Parade: Maj Gen GD Bakshi
  268. Hindu Kashmiris Recorded Supernova in Stone 500 Years Ago in Mahabharata Times
  269. Financial and Cultural Destruction of Mysorean Hindus by so called Secular Tipu Sultan
  270. O Dalit Sons of Bharat, Don’t Stain Your Historical Valor by Joining ‘Break India’ Forces
  271. What Did Gandhiji Say about Communalism in Godhra Where Hindus Were Targeted
  272. Pratyasha Nithin: Invoking the Deities to Descend on Earth through Her Paintings
  273. Aryan Dravidian Theory: A False Story Created to Break India
  274. Haleem Khan: Spreading Indic Roots Worldwide through Kuchipudi and Breaking StereoTypes
  275. 22 Rooms, Dome, Treasury Well Prove Tajmahal is in Fact Shiva Temple Tejo Mahalaya
  276. Diary of a Kashmiri Pandit Part 3: The Scarring Episode on KP Exodus
  277. All You Need to Know About Diabetes, its Symptoms, Diagnosis, Prevention and Management
  278. Communal History of Godhra: How Hindus Were Targeted Since 1927
  279. Ancient Roman Monument Proves Christmas Celebration was Sun Worship as Jesus Never Existed
  280. Konark Sun Temple: Magnetic Vigraha and Destruction by Kalapahad, the Islamic Convert
  281. Why does Cancer Reoccur? The Puzzle!
  282. Goa Inquisition: Portugese Massacre of Innocent Hindus and Destruction of Temples
  283. Woman Missile Scientist behind India’s Successful Supersonic Interceptor Ballistic Missile Test
  284. How Were Dates Calculated in Ancient India before the Widespread Awareness of Christianity?
  285. ‘Trust me Not’ by Ankita Verma Datta: An Excellent Account of Today’s Cut-Throat World
  286. Mystery Behind Tipu Sultan, Destroyer of All South Indian Temples, Not Attacking Sree Ranganatha Temple
  287. 300 BC Book ‘Indica’ by Megasthanes Dispels Caste Theories of India
  288. How Church Shifted Date of Christmas to Coincide with Winter Solstice; World Now Needs the Ādityās
  289. What the Carvings in the Temples of Hampi Say – Each Telling a Story
  290. Open Letter to PM Modi: Rehabilitate Kashmiri Pandits First Rather than Building Homes for Rohingyas in Myanmar
  291. Most Authentic History of Attacks on India from 636 AD: Hindus Killed in Millions
  292. प्रधानमंत्री पूरे देश का सम्मान हैं; उनको गाली देना देश को गाली देना है – Yogeshwar Dutt
  293. Jupiter Infomedia: Facilitating the Growth Story of MSMEs and SMEs
  294. Aryan Migration Theory: Fraud and Confusion Created to Justify British Rule in India
  295. Out of Africa Theory Junked – Indian Discovery Shoots Down False History of Human Origin
  296. Mukteshwar Temple:  Legacy of a 10th Century Chandravanshi Dynasty of Kalinga
  297. How False Story of Kalinga War Was Created to Hide Mass Murder by Ravenshaw
  298. भगवान् के पृथ्वी पर भौतिक Avatar और संक्षिप्त युग चक्र
  299. कौवा! नीच! ब्रह्मपिशाच! क्या एक प्रधान मंत्री को लगातार ऐसे शब्दों से बेइज्ज़त करना जायज़ है?  
  300. Ram Setu का अस्तित्व है और यह मानव निर्मित है: अमेरिकी टीवी चैनल ‘साइंस’
  301. Real Story of the Downfall of Hoysala and Rise of Vijayanagar Kingdom
  302. 12th Century Bundelkhand Warrior Alha Visiting Maihar Shaktipeeth Shrine a Mystery till Today
  303. Diary of a Kashmiri Pandit: Remembering the Horrors of Pre-planned Ethnic Cleansing in Kashmir
  304. Injustice for Hindus in India; Does Indian Constitution Justify Articles 28-30?
  305. भारत में 40,000 Rohingya शरणार्थियां हैं; हम 1.2 अरब नागरिक उनका स्वागत कर सकते है: शशि थरूर
  306. Mattur: World’s Only Sanskrit Speaking Village Where Ancient Meets Modern
  307. Tipu Sultan: The False Hero and His Cruelties in South India
  308. Diary of a Kashmiri Pandit: An Exercise to Exorcise
  309. Mystery behind Excavation of a Gigantic Black Stone Statue of Lord Vishnu in 1888 at Mehkar
  310. How Villagers of Lonar Defeated and Killed Afghan Invaders to Save Vishnu Temple
  311. Indian Navy Day: Naval and Maritime History Dating Back to Thousands of Years
  312. Indian Navy’s Historic Strike on Karachi in 1971: A Documentary by Aditya Bakshi
  313. Assamese Woman Weaves 500 Verses of Bhagavat Gita in Sanskrit in Cloth!
  314. British Forgery in Indian History: False Propaganda About Aśoka, Kalinga and Buddhism
  315. Biggest Loot and Destruction of Somnath Temple by Sultan Mahmud, Allauddin Khilji, Aurangzeb
  316. The 1965 War Between India and Pakistan: Tribute to the War Heroes
  317. Bengaluru Doctor Vishal Rao Invents Rs. 50 Device for Throat Cancer Patients to Speak Again
  318. 8,000 Year Old Shivlings in Israel; Aristotle Had Said Jews Were from India
  319. Ghalib और हिंदुओं की मोक्ष स्थली बनारस का एक पाक रिश्ता – ‘बनारस काबा- ए – हिंदोस्तान’
  320. Echoing of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ Slogan Regular in India. Why Govt. Not Serious?
  321. Release of Film Padmavati Welcome in Bengal Says Mamata Banerjee
  322. Open Letter to TOI on Reserving the Right to Sing India’s Historical Glory by Ravikumar Pillay
  323. Islamization of Hindu Malabar: Tipu Sultan More Brutal Than His Father Hyder Ali
  324. 1st Freedom Movement in 1824: 100s of Gurjars Martyred and 100s Hung in Single Tree
  325. 5 Architectural Evidences That Prove Taj Mahal is a Hindu Temple
  326. First Slaughter of Chittorgarh by Allauddin Khilji in 1303
  327. Bhansali, Have You Shown Khilji’s Gay Bond with Kafur and Gora Ripping off His Bottoms?
  328. Abdullah Reiterates His Stand – ‘PoK Belongs to Pakistan’; Nitish Slams Him
  329. Sanskrit Inscription, Carbon 14 Test, Koranic Patches Prove Taj Mahal as Shiva Temple
  330. Dhanvantari का इतिहास: समुद्र-मन्थन से विक्रमादित्य के नवरत्नों तक
  331. 5 Biggest Blunders of Jawaharlal Nehru that Harmed the Nation
  332. Dance of Destruction by Tipu Sultan in Kozhikode in 1783-84
  333. First Woman Suicide Bomber of India against British during Freedom Struggle
  334. What European Visitors’ Accounts Say About Taj Mahal as Hindu Structure
  335. Anasuya Sarabhai: Orphaned, Married, and Divorced in Childhood to Pioneering of Women’s Labour Movement
  336. Army Chief Remarked ‘Sadak ka Gunda’ by Dixit, Now Asked to ‘Shut Mouth’ by Guha
  337. Hon’ble Supreme Court Should not Interfere on National Anthem Issue. Here’s Why
  338. Mary Kom Wins Her 5th Asian Boxing Championship Gold Medal in Vietnam
  339. How Marriage Proposal for Alauddin Khilji’s Daughter Led to Jauhar of Jalore Rajput Women
  340. Hindus – A Minority in 8 States in India. PIL in Supreme Court Seeking Minority Status!
  341. Give Priority to Resettlement of Kashmiri Pandits in J&K: VHP Chief Praveen Togadia
  342. Why Not Enforce Rule of Law in J&K? Why Confine to Pellet Guns?: GD Bakshi
  343. Sardar Patel और नेहरू: इतिहास के कुछ तथ्य जो आपको पता होने चाहिए
  344. A Gripping and Intense Detective Thriller: ‘The Dark Road’ by Mayur Didolkar
  345. Tejo Mahalaya Truth Was Established by None Other than Aurangzeb Himself! Know How?
  346. Vedic Cultural Origins of South American Civilizations: The Makara Link
  347. Netaji Bose Disappearance Mystery: What Credible Inputs From Russian Archives Say!
  348. Somdip Datta: Retelling of Ancient Indian Scriptures and the Mahabharata in Graphics
  349. Pak ISI Funding Madrasas, Local Media, Hurriyat to Radicalize Kashmiri Youth: Maj Poonia
  350. Khajuraho Temples Depict Dharma, Kama, Artha, and Moksh. Why Only Kama Highlighted?
  351. Netaji Bose and Azad Hind: INA Trials in Red Fort Led British Panic and Leave India
  352. Shumang Lila – Medieval Traditional Theatre Art of Manipur with Contemporary Taste
  353. Toka Siddheshwara Temple with Ramayana Roots; Shivlingam was Installed by Rama
  354. ‘Jai Shri Ram’ अब जाओ, जो उखारने है उखाड़ लो: तारिक फतेह
  355. खिलजी की छल से Gora Badal के वीरगति, पद्मावती और 74,500+ राजपूत महिलाओं के जौहर
  356. Pravin Daryani – The growth of MSMEs will decide the future of India Inc.
  357. Will Bhansali’s Film Do Justice to the True Historical Character of Rani Padmavati?
  358. Wootz Steel Was Exported Worldwide from Ancient India (South) since 16th Century BC!
  359. Boycott Chinese Goods so that Our MSMEs and SMEs Can Create Jobs: GD Bakshi
  360. Maharishi Kanad of Ancient India, not Dalton of England Discovered Atomic Theory
  361. Shastri सबसे साहसी प्रधान मंत्री, 1965 में पाकिस्तान पर जबरदस्त जवाबी हमले का आदेश दिया था: जीडी बक्शी
  362. Kashmiri Pandits Are Refugees in Own Motherland; Raise Voice for Them, not for Rohingya Muslims
  363. Bakhtiyar Khilji ने नालंदा विश्वविद्यालय की 90 लाख पुस्तकें जलाई थीं सन 1193 में 
  364. 2200 Year Old 22 Rock Cut Cave Temples Along Ancient India Trading Route
  365. शहीद भगत सिंह आज ज़िंदा होते तो वामपंथ उन्हें राष्ट्रवादी/संघी कह के दुत्कारते: रोहित सरदाना
  366. Ancient Indian Battlefield Secrets Revealed: Sanatan Shastra Vidya, the Original Art of War
  367. भारतीय मुस्लिम रोहिंग्या के लिए समर्थन, बलोच के लिए चुप्पी। क्या वे केवल पाकिस्तान की धुन पर नाचते हैं?: Tarek Fatah
  368. Huge 15th Century Rock Sculptures of Goddess Durga and More Rock Carvings at Chobimura, Tripura
  369. इटली के मार्कोनी या भारत के जगदीश चंद्र बसु, Radio के असली आविष्कारक कौन?
  370. Exploring the Many Facets of Goddess Durga in West Bengal
  371. Is Nehru to Blame for India Not Securing Permanent Membership in United Nations?
  372. Kashmiri पंडितों के लिए बोलने वाला कोई नहीं है; हिंदुस्तान में हिंदुस्तानी ही शरणार्थी: योगेश्वर दत्त
  373. Misrakesi, the Nartaki Who Became a Spy to Protect Chandragupta Maurya and Magadha
  374. Bhaskaracharya, not Newton, Discovered Law of Gravitation; Clue of Gravity in 6000 BC ‘Prashnopanishad’
  375. Gurvinder Singh: Left Job as Associate Professor to Teach Slum Children for Free Full Time
  376. १८ गोलियों से जख्मी Digendra Kumar ने तोलोलिंग चोटी पर तिरंगा फहराया, कारगिल युद्ध में
  377. Vishwakarma: Ancient Creator of Flying Chariots, Missiles, 54 Mechanical Arts
  378. Rohingya के लिये खड़ा UNHC कहां था जब 450,000 पंडितों को जम्मू-कश्मीर से साफ किया गया: जीडी बक्शी
  379. Rahul Gandhi और वंशवाद: क्या नेता सिर्फ एक परिवार से होंगे?
  380. First Ever Indian Navy Women Crew Set to Circle the Globe: Power of Shakti
  381. Nalanda: 9 Million Books Burnt in 1193 by Bakhtiyar Khilji
  382. NK Chaudhary: The Social Innovator Who Empowered 40,000+ Rural Artisans
  383. Rohingya मुसलमानों पर दुनिया हमको नसीहत ना दे – किरेन रिजीजू
  384. Puranic Story of Rishi Agastya; Why Vedas Date Back to 12,000 BCE
  385. Onam and Kummatti Kali: The Colorful Mask Dance of Kerala
  386. Flood Control: Assam Teenager Designs an Innovative Embankment Solution!
  387. The Varah Avatar of Vishnu and the Narakasur Connection 
  388. Swami Vivekananda Trail: Finding India in Chicago
  389. इस Police कॉन्सटेबल ने बचाये ४०० स्कूली बच्चो की जान
  390. Indian Women in Combat and Martial Arts in Ancient and Medieval Era
  391. Annual Entrepreneurship Conclave 2017 – Launchpad at IIFT
  392. CAPFs, State Police, BSF के जवानों की बलिदान गाथा – फिल्म Wall of Valour
  393. १९७१ का श्रीनगर का वायु युद्ध, मेजर जनरल श्री GD Bakshi के शब्दों में
  394. Sacred Godavari: Her Emerging inside the Sanctum of Trimbakeshwar Shiva Lingam and the Holy Dip
  395. Women Empowerment: From Ancient India to Modern Period
  396. Using His Bike Ambulance, this Man Saved 5000 Lives from 20 Villages!
  397. Laxmibai: झाँसी की रानी के बारे में कुछ तथ्य जो आपको पता होनी चाहिए 
  398. Upma Rastogi: Mythological Characters and People Coming Alive in Her Paintings
  399. ITL Industries: A Pioneer in Metal Sawing Technology in India
  400. Effects of 21st August 2017 Solar Eclipse on Zodiac Signs
  401. Brahmagupt: Indian Mathematician Who Introduced Zero; Who Argued Earth is Round
  402. Indra in Vedic Age and across Civilizations in Southeast Asia
  403. Indu Sarkar और भारतीय लोकतंत्र की सबसे काले अध्याय पर एक नज़र
  404. Hampi: Temple Markets of 16th Century; Secrets that Are Yet to be Decoded
  405. Rahu Transiting in Cancer from 18th August: Know What Is in Store for You
  406. शहीदों को श्रद्धांजलि है Beenu Rajpoot की फिल्म वॉल ऑफ वैलर
  407. Aswakranta Temple with Mahabharat Roots: Hoofprints of Horses of Krishna’s Chariot Still Visible
  408. Will the Universe be Destroyed at the End of Kali Yug?
  409. 17 Year Old Arya Pudota Sets Example in Organic Farming and Waste Management
  410. এমোকোৰা হাঁহিৰ বাবে – A Smile Amid Flood
  411. Hot Spring अटैक: जहा CRPF के 10 जवान चीनी सैनिको से लड़ते हुए शहीद हुए
  412. Blue Vanquisher: A Fresh Perspective on Krishn’s Life and Adventures
  413. Netaji Bose साइबेरिया में मारे गए थे; गुमनामी बाबा नेहरु सरकार का रचा गया सिद्धांत था: जीडी बक्शी
  414. The Unknown Sita: Her Many Facets that You May Not Know Yet!
  415. CAPF: युनीफोर्म का रंग भले ही अलग हो किंतु मकसद एक – देश की सुरक्षा!
  416. Is Lower Back Pain Troubling You? Alleviate It with These Exercises!
  417. ईट का जवाब पत्थर से और बम का जवाब मिसाईल से: योगेश्वर दत्त
  418. Hameed Khan Kawa: 2 Generations Propagating Indian Folk Culture Worldwide
  419. Saiswaroopa Iyer: Best Selling Author of ‘Abhaya’, set in the Mahabharata Period
  420. भारत को LOC पार Surgical Strike, मिसाइल हमला करना चाहिए: मेजर जनरल बक्शी
  421. How Pandayan King Defended Meenakshi Temple from Plunderer Malik Kafur
  422. Through the Rain of Bullets: How Haifa was Captured by Indian Gallantry
  423. विश्व कप में जबर्दश्त प्रदर्शन के बावजुद भारतीय महिला Cricket टीम की चर्चा कम क्यों?
  424. Unakoti: One Less than a Crore Rock-carved Figures and Stone Images!
  425. When a Woman is Determined, None Can Stop Her. Delhi Lady Vidhi Did It!
  426. Osian: 8th Century Architectural Lotus Blooming in the Desert!
  427. Jaipur Rugs: 2 Looms 9 Weavers to India’s Largest Manufacturer of Hand Woven Carpets
  428. Unmasking the 500 Year Old Mask Making Culture of Assam
  429. 31,000 Farmers Benefited by Two Brothers, Who Briefly left Lucrative Business in Europe to Support Them
  430. Shivleni Caves: A Site Ravaged by Humans and Forces of Nature
  431. Secrets Behind This Cleanest Village in India and Asia
  432. प्रधानमंत्री मोदी ने पूरे विश्व में भारत की प्राचीन परंपरा Yog की लहर फहरायी
  433. First Evidence of Brain Surgery 4300 Years Ago in Harappa
  434. Amla Ruia: Water Mother Who Transformed 300 Arid Villages; Farmers Earning 500 Crore Annual Profit
  435. 31,000 किसान दो भाइयों द्वारा लाभान्वित; Farmer Friend से जुड़कर
  436. Keeladi Excavations: 2500 Year Old Habitat as Big as Harappa Mohenjodaro!
  437. सेना की सख्त कार्रवाई; उनके नज़र में यह है १२ बड़े आतंकवादी
  438. Krishn Had Only 1 Wife, Claimed ‘Vande Mataram’ Author in His Book
  439. Indian Navy Guy from Assam Covers 10,000+ km in Solo Biking Trips
  440. गाय के सरेआम कत्ल पर बोले योगेश्वर दत्त: सुधर जाओ वर्ना भयंकर परिणाम भुगतने होंगे
  441. Ruins of Ajaigarh Fort; Temples Akin to Khajuraho Architecture
  442. O Mother of 1.3 Billion Children
  443. Ahilyabai Holkar: The Brave Warrior Queen and Renovator of Hindu Temples
  444. How to Prevent Injuries During Workout in Gym
  445. Sakleshwar Temple: A Recent Excavation of Sculptural Beauty that Will Leave You Speechless
  446. The Real Kattappa of Indian History; Loyalty Personified
  447. Abdul Hamid, the Braveheart Who Destroyed 6 Pakistani Tanks during 1965 Indo Pak War
  448. Gulabo Sapera: From Being Buried Alive at Birth to Padma Shri Awardee; an Interview
  449. Bharat Ke Veer बहुत अच्छी सोच है, इस पहल मे मेरा पूर्ण सहयोग रहेगा: योगेश्वर दत्त
  450. Kargil War Hero: From Taxi Driver to Rifleman and Param Vir Chakra Awardee
  451. ‘भारत के वीर’ website से शहीद जवानों के परिजनों को मिली आर्थिक मदद; सुझाव अक्षय कुमार के
  452. The Best Source of Protein for Your Dream Physique
  453. 20 Reasons Why You Must Watch ‘Baahubali’
  454. राधा कृष्ण की प्रेमिका नहीं मामी थीं, The Eighth Avatar किताब में दावा
  455. Kreative Mines: Making Profitable Businesses Happen the Digital Way
  456. Pii India Tour and Travels: A Travel Agency with a Difference
  457. Men and Memories: Why Is It So Difficult for Men to Remember Dates?
  458. मैं मुस्लिम नहीं हूँ, मुझे सुबह अजान सुनकर उठना पड़ता है: सोनू निगम
  459. Digital Branding Solutions Made Easy with Make Your Brandz
  460. BL Packaging: A Partnership Firm Contributing to India’s Growth Story
  461. किसानों के उद्धारकर्ता हैं योगी आदित्यनाथ
  462. Mystery of Shri Bullet Banna Temple: Miracle for a Safe Journey
  463. What You Must Know about CRPF Commandant Chetan Cheetah
  464. पेड़ काटकर घर में मनी प्लांट लगाने वाले को ‘भीषण गर्मी की शुभकामना’: योगेश्वर दत्त
  465. Communal Agenda Fuels Stone Pelting in J&K: GD Bakshi
  466. पत्थरबाज़ों को गोली मारने की पावर आर्मी को देनी चाहिए: योगेश्वर दत्त
  467. The Army should be Empowered to Open Fire on Stone Pelters: Yogeshwar Dutt
  468. शहीद भगत सिंह, राजगुरू और सुखदेव के बारे में कुछ तथ्य जो आपको पता होना चाहिए
  469. What You Must Know about Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, and Sukhdev
  470. योगी आदित्यनाथ के बारे में कुछ बातें जिनसे आप अनजान हैं
  471. Vedic Hindu Roots in Burma; Sanskrit and Pali Were the Court Languages
  472. Enticing Birds in Dibrugarh University Campus of Assam
  473. Palkis (Palanquins) of the Bygone Era
  474. The Prahlad Holika Story and Top 5 Places to Visit During Holi
  475. A Buzz Called Women’s Day
  476. विश्व के पहले शल्य चिकित्सक भारत के सुश्रुत थे
  477. Assam Teenager Dhrubajyoti Kakati Develops 7 Innovative Products
  478. Uma Mohan and Her Musical Mantras in Sanskrit from the Veds
  479. Parenting Is Stressful – How Do You Deal with It?
  480. Shital Mahajan – The Flying Bird Who Did 5 World Records and 14 National Records
  481. Sushrut, Son of Rishi Vishwamitra, Was the World’s First Surgeon
  482. Seven Days Won’t Kill Us
  483. Making the Tough Choice – Career or Family
  484. To Save Bhagat Singh a Mercy Appeal Was Filed on 14 February 1931!
  485. सफ़र मंजिल का
  486. Story Behind Indian Army Assam Regiment Song Badluram ka Badan Zameen ke Neeche
  487. Five Ways to Bond Better with Your Sons
  488. Netaji’s INA Trials in Red Fort Led British Panic and Leave India Claims Book by Bhuvan Lall
  489. Alauddin Khilji’s Daughter Was in Love with Jalore Rajput Prince
  490. रानी पद्मावती की सच्ची कहानी जो आपको पता होनी चाहिए
  491. True Story of Rani Padmavati that You Should Know
  492. गांधी नहीं, नेताजी ने भारत को स्वतंत्रता दिलाई, जीडी बख्शी की किताब में दावा
  493. Netaji, not Gandhi got India Freedom, Claims GD Bakshi’s Book
  494. भारतीय नौसेना के जनक छत्रपति शिवाजी; 5,600+ वर्षों का इतिहास
  495. Interview with Bisweswar Nandi, Coach of Dipa Karmakar
  496. 13 Facts You Should Know About Guru Tegh Bahadur
  497. Your Lucky Number, Day and Colors by Numerology
  498. Pandav Fall and Caves and the Raneh Canyons – a travelogue
  499. स्वाधीनता – एक नये राष्ट्र निर्माण की
  500. Using Bodybuilding to Climb Up the Corporate Ladder
  501. Interview with Jhumur Samrat Dulal Manki
  502. Why ‘Shri Ram’ Is Known as ‘Ram Raja’ in Orchha?
  503. A Swachh Bharat Not too Long Ago
  504. What You May Not Know About Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi – a travelogue
  505. Seven Nutrition Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy
  506. बच्चे भारत माँ के वीर जवानों के
  507. Indian Navy Day; History Dating Back to 5,600+ Years!
  508. How Gwalior Derived Its Name
  509. 300 Year Old Furniture, Crockery of the Nizams
  510. Technomed India: 1 Staff, Small Rented Unit to 4 Factories, 160 Employees
  511. Khajuraho Temples Are Not Symbolic to Eroticism!
  512. From an Ex-army Man to Security Employment Generator
  513. The Martyr Who Led 120 Jawans in 1962; They Killed 1836 Chinese Soldiers
  514. Trip to Maihar, Where Sati’s Necklace Fell, and the Alha Chronicle
  515. Interview with Beenu Rajpoot, Filmmaker; Director of ‘Born to Dance’
  516. आज़ादी
  517. Sattriya Nritya – Dance through Bhakti
  518. Upendra Rana Interview: Author of 8 Books
  519. हे माँ भारत
  520. I am not as evil as I have been portrayed: Ravan
  521. आज जिस बात पे
  522. 11 Reasons Why You Must Visit Northeast India At Least Once in Your Lifetime
  523. Five Great Myths About Exercises
  524. FIVE unsung women martyrs of Indian Freedom Struggle
  525. Love sipping tea? Know about the history of Indian Tea.
  526. Mission Fat Loss: Cardio Vs Weight Training
  527. Boosting your metabolism the natural way
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