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In this section of My India My Glory, we publish stories that are a source of inspiration. These motivational stories, based on real life incidents and people, help spread positivism. These stories of inspiration will no doubt play an instrumental role in inspiring others to spread positivism in the world around us through little deeds.

These real stories of individuals from across India and of Indians from overseas are bound to bring smile to your lips and inspire you. Through their works, these individuals from diverse spheres, have brought a positive aura in the society. They have inspired present generations through their innovations, inventions, charitable activities, cultural contributions, sports activities, farmer-friendly farming practices, and related paraphernalia. They will continue to inspire future generations.

We also publish stories on innovation, stories that positively impact the society at large.

Latest posts on ‘Inspiration’ and ‘Innovation’:

  1. Temsutula Imsong: India’s Beti from Nagaland, Who Cleaned the Ganga Ghats of Kashi
  2. This Couple Facilitated Mass Wedding of 31 Poor Girls, Cheques to 101 Homeless Families
  3. Chance Meeting with Amla Ruia, India’s Water Mother and Farmers’ Wonder Mother
  4. 75 Year Old from Chennai Planted 2000 Trees; Working on Land Restoration since 2006
  5. Assamese Woman Weaves 500 Verses of Bhagavat Gita in Sanskrit in Cloth!
  6. Bengaluru Doctor Vishal Rao Invents Rs. 50 Device for Throat Cancer Patients to Speak Again
  7. Gurvinder Singh: Left Job as Associate Professor to Teach Slum Children for Free Full Time
  8. NK Chaudhary: The Social Innovator Who Empowered 40,000+ Rural Artisans
  9. Flood Control: Assam Teenager Designs an Innovative Embankment Solution!
  10. Using His Bike Ambulance, this Man Saved 5000 Lives from 20 Villages!
  11. 17 Year Old Arya Pudota Sets Example in Organic Farming and Waste Management
  12. When a Woman is Determined, None Can Stop Her. Delhi Lady Vidhi Did It!
  13. 31,000 Farmers Benefited by Two Brothers, Who Briefly left Lucrative Business in Europe to Support Them
  14. Amla Ruia: Water Mother Who Transformed 300 Arid Villages; Farmers Earning 500 Crore Annual Profit
  15. Assam Teenager Dhrubajyoti Kakati Develops 7 Innovative Products
  16. Gulabo Sapera: From Being Buried Alive at Birth to Padma Shri Awardee; an Interview
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