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How many books and reviews by Indian authors have you read? Are you a fan of an Indian author? Send us your reading experience and feedback at If your favorite author matches with the list of authors at myIndiamyGlory Blogazine, we shall publish your feedback in author’s ‘book(s) and reviews’ section.

The Indian literary landscape has seen a change over the years. Books by Indian authors on different genres, starting from mythology, history to astrology, romance, etc. are a hit in the international market. Indian authors have changed the very concept of story-telling through their writings.

Latest Posts on Books and Reviews:

  1. Evergreen Hampi: Saga of Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagara
  2. Panel Discussion on Manipur, Northeast in Western Ghats Lit Fest
  3. The Advent of Kali Yuga: Surya Siddhanta Unveiled
  4. Book Review: The Empress Of Indraprastha – Entering Kuruvansh
  5. A Never Ending Conflict: Episodes from Indic Resistance
  6. Putting India First: 28 Incredibly Inspiring India Positive Citizens
  7. Sanatan Dharma: Vaidik Gateway to the Next Century
  8. Swift Horses Sharp Swords: On Hindu Warriors who Defended Motherland
  9. British Archives, Secret Letters Reveal Netaji, not Gandhi Gave Us Freedom; An Account
  10. Saptaveerangana: Seven Women Warriors Who Fought Foreign Invaders
  11. Nehru’s Himalayan Blunders: The Accession of Jammu and Kashmir
  12. साक्षी से कृष्णसाक्षी तक – एक अनोखी कहानी
  13. The Trauma of Being an Infidel in Kashmir: A Psychologist Reflects
  14. मायापाश: व्योमालय राज्य के  रहस्यों को उजागर करती हुई कहानी
  15. Kalki Tu Kaha Hai: Tribute to Swami Pranavananda and the Spiritual Side of GD Bakshi
  16. Ambedkar’s Dislike of Gandhi and His Support to Nathuram Godse’s Critique
  17. Godse’s Verdict on Gandhi; Partition that Displaced 11 Million
  18. Gurukulas and Universities – When the Civilized World Sent Its Best Students To India
  19. The Buddha and the Bitch: Two Women, Two Worlds, One Practice
  20. Sanjeev Sanyal: Narrating How India’s History was Shaped by Her Geography
  21. India’s Military Force Usage in Combat from 1947 to 1971: An Account by GD Bakshi
  22. Urban Naxals Kanhaiya and His Gang Incessantly Profess Idea of India’s Destruction: Vivek Agnihotri
  23. GD Bakshi Shortlisted for Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize for Dances with the Cranes
  24. Prithiv Chandar: Best Selling Author of ‘Manhattan Courtship’ and the Latest ‘The Paris Appeal’
  25. Kishtwar Cauldron: Account of Pakistan’s Proxy War in J&K and CT Operations in Kishtwar by GD Bakshi
  26. ‘Trust me Not’ by Ankita Verma Datta: An Excellent Account of Today’s Cut-Throat World
  27. A Gripping and Intense Detective Thriller: ‘The Dark Road’ by Mayur Didolkar
  28. Somdip Datta: Retelling of Ancient Indian Scriptures and the Mahabharata in Graphics
  29. Misrakesi, the Nartaki Who Became a Spy to Protect Chandragupta Maurya and Magadha
  30. Blue Vanquisher: A Fresh Perspective on Krishn’s Life and Adventures
  31. Saiswaroopa Iyer: Best Selling Author of ‘Abhaya’, set in the Mahabharata Period
  32. Krishn Had Only 1 Wife, Claimed ‘Vande Mataram’ Author in His Book
  33. राधा कृष्ण की प्रेमिका नहीं मामी थीं, The Eighth Avatar किताब में दावा
  34. Netaji’s INA Trials in Red Fort Led British Panic and Leave India Claims Book by Bhuvan Lall
  35. गांधी नहीं, नेताजी ने भारत को स्वतंत्रता दिलाई, जीडी बख्शी की किताब में दावा
  36. Netaji, not Gandhi got India Freedom, Claims GD Bakshi’s Book
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