Letter from a Son to His Dad and the Reply: Mortality and Soul


Here’s a longing of a son for his father who is not there with him anymore and the reply of his father having left his mortal frame and become one with the creator.


Dear Dad,

Hope these words of mine find you in good stead. A long time has passed since I have been wanting to have this conversation with you but for the paucity of time and the long distance between us, this had remained a desire stationed for an eternity in the realms of thought. But this urge to converse with you has perhaps now entered the realms where even a moment denying it would make me tremble with a strange feverish restlessness.


The incomprehensible gap spanning nearly a decade in the last meeting between us has left a void in the deepest recesses of my existence baffling me as to why despite the deepest of my desires I have not been able to get an audience with you.


But for the anomalous behavior of time and distances in the immediate past, I hope these words of mine could ignite the same camaraderie that we shared in the not so distant past ; the long conversations, the marathon advisory sessions, the pangs of temporary animosity, the occasional display of love and the plethora of underappreciated care.


Writing each word brings alive all those situations that stand for the dynamics of our relationship but for the anatomy of your face, it feels as if time has managed to retain everything but for the exteriors of your being which seem to have been relegated to the deepest and unreachable recesses of my existence.


I can still feel each and every aspect of your individuality yet seem to be stranded in an empty space when it comes to visualising your physicality.. Perhaps it’s the fault of the time that has kept us separate or the agony to visualise the state in which I saw you before we parted ways, my being appears to have internalised your entire existence within its realms sans the idea of your physicality.


As much as I hold back my tears while completing this letter to you I feel unable to hold them back from wetting this piece of paper, perhaps prodding me to look at my reflection within the translucent spheres encapsulating them, and here in those tear drops I can see you as I had always imagined you to be.


Penning this letter makes me wonder as to why I was feeling the pangs of separation from you when my entire being has become a reflection of yours.


Love you Dad.


From the Dad/Creator to his Son/Creation


I feel you my creation, I can feel your pain, the struggles that you endure every single moment ; I cry when you cry, laugh when you laugh, I too feel scared when you ‘ my creation’ are in danger.


I’m not impervious to any and every feeling that permeates your existence for you are but a part of who I’m.


I understand your imperfections for from the time I have existed I have also been riddled with the same.


I love you my creation, yes I do, with all your flaws for I too am flawed.


Yes I’m and I wish and want you to accept that for you can cry and pray in my name but I don’t have the same privilege.


I cry alone my creation


I cry alone.


These letters are just an expression of the innermost feelings of an individual yet they are universal for they are experienced by each and every one of us at some point in our lives.

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