Secrets Behind This Cleanest Village in India and Asia

Mawlynnong in Meghalaya India, cleanest village in Asia

This cleanest village in Asia, located in East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya is a feast for the eyes for Nature lovers. The travel magazine, Discover India acknowledged Mawlynnong as the cleanest in Asia in 2003, and the cleanest in India in 2005. It is situated 90 km away from Shillong, along the India-Bangladesh border.


The abundance of greenery, cleanliness, warm hospitality of the villagers, delicious food, and cultural glory will make you fall in love with this cleanest village!

The villagers are themselves regularly involved to keep their village clean. Every resident is a participant of the cleanliness drive made mandatory by their community body. They collect the waste in bamboo dustbins. These waste is preserved in a pit, which they later use as manure. You will come across such dustbins at every nook and corner of the village. Each house has a functional toilet. The villagers work like a family; they collectively clean the roads and their neighborhood.


Villagers in Mawlynnong harvest rain water for use in farming. Do you know planting of trees is a part of their lifestyle? Use of polythene is banned in this cleanest village.

Mawlynnong in Meghalaya India, cleanest village in Asia

Mawlynnong is renowned for its matrilineal society. As is the convention of the Khasi individuals, in Mawlynnong property and riches are transferred from the mother to the youngest daughter, who additionally keeps the mother’s surname. Mawlynnong is a true example of women empowerment!


The female gentry in this cleanest village is financially independent. This village has a literacy rate of 90% plus. The source of livelihood is agricultural products including betel nuts. Do you know organic farming is a part and parcel of Mawlynnong? The food they eat are prepared from organically grown vegetables and crops.

Mawlynnong in Meghalaya India, cleanest village in Asia

For the discerning traveler, there are numerous unmapped trails that one can explore around this cleanest village brimming with little waterfalls and sacrosanct timber lands possessing large amounts of widely varied vegetation.


The visitor houses in this village are essential tree houses based on top of stilts that very nearly bulge out into the nearby woodland. Staying in them is an involvement in itself. There are also guesthouses and cottages where you, as a tourist, can experience a homely stay.

Mawlynnong in Meghalaya India, cleanest village in Asia

At the outskirts of Mawlynnong is a stream. Stunning living roots bridges are a key attraction here. They are more than 200 years old. They were built by tying the foundations of two banyan or rubber trees and moving them to get snared so as to make an entry over the stream, forming a bridge. Living roots bridges in this cleanest village of Asia have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

cleanest village in Asia; living roots bridge

Living roots bridge

There are several more key attractions in this cleanest village of Asia. One worth mentioning is the Sky View, a viewing tower made of bamboo that stands tall at 85 feet. From the top of this vantage point, you can catch a glimpse of Bangladesh vegetation and breath-taking scenery. The Mawlynnong waterfall is a delight for the eyes.


The weather in this village is pleasant throughout the year. Visit this paradise on earth with your family and friends. Explore Northeast India with Pii India Tour and Travels and discover Nature’s splendor like never before.

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