Boycott Chinese Goods so that Our MSMEs and SMEs Can Create Jobs: GD Bakshi

Chinese Products Boycott opinion by GD Bakshi

Unemployment! Underemployment!! These two terminologies are negatively affecting the economic scenario of India. According to a survey, unemployment saw a marginal rise from 3.4 percent in 2013-14 to 3.7 percent in 2015-16. According to a report by the Fifth Annual Employment Unemployment Survey 2015-16, around 60.6 percent workers get employment throughout the year. This survey was conducted by the Labour Bureau.


Niti Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India), a Government of India policy think-tank established by the NDA, has a different perspective to this problem. According to them it is ‘severe under-employment’ rather than unemployment that is affecting India’s development.


How can high-productivity and high-wage jobs be created? More than 67 percent have income less than Rs 10,000 a month. The ‘Make in India’ campaign needs to be successfully implemented. More youth with an entrepreneurial bent of mind should come forward and give shape to this campaign to create sustainable jobs. The government has rolled out several schemes to make this campaign a reality.


Products from China, though of low quality, but cheaper compared to Indian counterparts, are quite popular in the Indian market. Indigenous production should be encouraged. These products are negatively affecting the Indian economy to a great extent. For Indian industries to flourish, Chinese goods should be boycotted.


In this context, Maj Gen (Dr) Gagandeep Bakshi SM, VSM (retd.) says, “We need to boycott Chinese goods so that our own MSMEs and SMEs can come up and create drastically needed jobs. Otherwise we could have an explosion.”

boycott chinese goods GD Bakshi opinion

He says further, “What is the greatest threat to our national security? Even more than China and Pakistan, it is our youth bulge. We have to produce 483 million new jobs by 2025. All the jobs that we could produce during last 5 years of UPA rule was 1.3 million. Now the pace of job creation has become even slower. If we can’t educate and skill our people and even more if we can’t create jobs, we could have a bloody revolution.”


“Like Obama and Trump, our PM should be counting new jobs created on a daily basis. We need to rapidly privatize and indigenous our defense manufacture as a major way to create new jobs. Also tourism is a great Job maker. Promote Buddhist pilgrimage tourism on a HAJ scale,” he concludes.


Featured image courtesy: Media India Group and YouTube.

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