Using Bodybuilding to Climb Up the Corporate Ladder


What? How can this be possible with bodybuilding? It’s ridiculous! Definitely these are some of the thoughts that crossed your mind once you glanced at the title of this article. Well, just stay with me for 10 more minutes and read this article fully; you will realize that the title holds ground and surely hints at something. So, just read on.


Well, let me make it very clear that by bodybuilding I don’t mean the very sport it refers to. Actually, according to me, bodybuilding is much more than just being a sport. It is a lifestyle. People usually think of a bodybuilder who builds up hulk-like muscles and then flexes them on stage in a competition. But, it’s not the whole truth.


Anyone who is dedicated and is actively engaged in improving his or her body by doing regular exercises and following a good and healthy diet schedule is a follower of the bodybuilding lifestyle. How can it improve the growing chances in one’s chosen career or help one reach the top in other spheres of life?


Bodybuilding can help a lot in all the other spheres of life simply by the reason that it greatly improves those very qualities that are required to do well and to forge ahead in any field. Let’s talk about them one by one and how bodybuilding affects them.



Discipline is one of the foremost qualities required to move ahead in life, be it any sphere. Whether sports, career, academics or any other sphere that can be thought of, you can never aim to reach the top unless you are disciplined enough. And bodybuilding teaches you discipline in more than one way. It is the constant endeavor to improve your body through regular exercise and meticulously following a good diet.

Discipline (self-discipline) can be defined as the ability to regulate oneself for the sake of improvement and bodybuilding lifestyle is totally centered on making continuous improvements, which is manifested naturally. Since discipline is not an inbuilt ability, bodybuilding helps people to develop this like any other skill. The experience gained from the practice can be applied to other areas of life too.



This is probably the most sought after characteristic that we all strive to gain. It is this quality, which makes someone stand out like a hero and a leader in the crowd. Bodybuilding helps one gain confidence too. Confidence is the quality that urges us to take challenges and we all know that without taking challenges, one cannot move forward in life.


Bodybuilding is full of challenges, be it the challenge of lifting a weight or performing a cardio session of 20 minutes H.I.I.T. And once you overcome that particular challenge, your confidence skyrockets. You might be unaware of this fact, but check it out next time you hit the gym. Whenever you face a challenging weight or exercise and are able to complete it successfully, you are filled with a new-found confidence and this confidence carries itself over to other activities of your life.


Bodybuilding thus teaches you to face challenges. Confidence is again a characteristic that we can enhance by engaging ourselves this activity.



Dedication is another golden quality required to reach the zenith of one’s life. Without dedication, all those dreams of being the top performer will always remain dreams. Dedication is the quality of applying oneself to the task presented with full resources and utmost ability. Bodybuilders are masters of this quality.


Can you even dream of reducing your waistline without dedication? Bodybuilding teaches you dedication by making you stick to your goal and applying yourself to the attainment of that one goal or objective, be it increasing your muscle size to phenomenal levels or reducing your body fat levels to make you appear harder and leaner than ever before.

The ability to dedicate oneself solely to a goal in bodybuilding can easily be transformed to a situation outside the world of bodybuilding. And this situation can be anywhere, like your career, your studies. In the corporate world, meeting ever increasing targets too requires dedication and you will surely benefit by bodybuilding.



Planning or rather the ability to plan is a quality that sets the leaders apart from the onlookers. No task can be completed without a proper plan. And yet again, bodybuilding teaches you planning too.


You can never expect to reach your fitness potential without proper plans and for making a successful plan you will have to apply your mind and come up with a strategy that works in all conditions. The experience of planning your fitness regime will help you a lot when you plan to achieve your targets next time. Planning is a skill and it can be honed by bodybuilding.


All these qualities are the foundations, on which a successful career is based, be it any field. And as we just talked about, bodybuilding helps us in the honing all of these skills. So why not gain from this fabulous activity and reach the top!!!


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Model in Images: Lashkar Khungar.

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Yogaditya Singh Rawal

National level competitive bodybuilder, Mr. India 2016 (Federation Cup Bodybuilding), Certified Fitness Trainer (ISSA-USA), Performance Nutrition Consultant, Diet Consultant, Writer, and Practitioner of Ancient Indian Battlefield Art 'Sanatan Shastra Vidya'. He runs a gym (Total Training Terminal) in East Delhi.
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