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In this section of My India My Glory, we publish stories related to discoveries and inventions pertaining to India from ancient to present. These discoveries may be from any field encompassing Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, Astrology, Philosophy, Medicine, Surgery, etc.

Latest posts on Discoveries and Inventions:

  1. Indus Valley Seals Convey Scientific Concepts from Vedas! Here is How?
  2. Srinivas Ramanujan: Indian Mathematician who defined Infinity; An Analysis
  3. Lost Civilization? 172000-year-old River Discovered in Thar Desert
  4. Interesting Story of DRDO Scientist; Appointment Referral by PM Modi
  5. 60 Inscribed Cubes and Coin of Hindu Motif Discovered in England River
  6. Chandrayan 2: Dramatic Moments of ISRO’s 2nd Lunar Mission; An Analysis
  7. Contributions of Srinivasa Ramanujan to the Number Theory
  8. Vasco Da Gama’s Discovery a Myth! Temple Carving of African Giraffe Speaks Truth
  9. 12,000-Year Old Petroglyphs in India show Global Connections
  10. New Indian Discovery ‘Bibhorr Formula’ Revolutionizes Space Science
  11. Do Hindu Arabic Numerals Have Strong Origins from Karnataka? Here is How!
  12. Carvings in Edakkal Caves Kerala: Proof of Prehistoric Civilization from 6,000 BCE
  13. Raman Effect: How Indian Scientist CV Raman Discovered Why Sea is Blue
  14. Narmada: A Single Site for Indian History of Pre-Cambrian to Kaliyuga Period
  15. Latin America Were of Indian Racial Stock: Gene D. Matlock; Genetic Studies Confirm Hindu Origins
  16. Chaturbhuj Nala: Were Board Games and Wheels Discovered in India 10,000 Years Ago?
  17. Hindu Kashmiris Recorded Supernova in Stone 500 Years Ago in Mahabharata Times
  18. Out of Africa Theory Junked – Indian Discovery Shoots Down False History of Human Origin
  19. Ram Setu का अस्तित्व है और यह मानव निर्मित है: अमेरिकी टीवी चैनल ‘साइंस’
  20. Maharishi Kanad of Ancient India, not Dalton of England Discovered Atomic Theory
  21. इटली के मार्कोनी या भारत के जगदीश चंद्र बसु, Radio के असली आविष्कारक कौन?
  22. Bhaskaracharya, not Newton, Discovered Law of Gravitation; Clue of Gravity in 6000 BC ‘Prashnopanishad’
  23. Brahmagupt: Indian Mathematician Who Introduced Zero; Who Argued Earth is Round
  24. First Evidence of Brain Surgery 4300 Years Ago in Harappa
  25. Sushrut, Son of Rishi Vishwamitra, Was the World’s First Surgeon
  26. विश्व के पहले शल्य चिकित्सक भारत के सुश्रुत थे
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