O Mother of 1.3 Billion Children


A rich heritage, a treasure trove of knowledge,

A paradise puffed up with Nature’s bounty,

An antiquity glorifying feats of lineages;

Your 1.3 billion children bow to you, O Mother.


Flourishing civilizations maturing to 1000s of years;

Where Charak Sushrut unveiled secrets to wellness,

Where Yagya purified the mind and milieu,

Where Krishn spread wisdom with the Gita,

Yoga enlightening beings yesterday and today.


O Mother, today you breathe chaos rooted intense

At the cost of sacrifice of your sons at the border,

And by your shelter at the hands of Naxalism;

Four-pronged are your children divided deep,

Of India and Bharat, secularism and saffronism.


Wake up from your slumber, O Mother,

Your 1.3 billion children invoking you;

It is time you uphold the roots that hold firm,

Our accord, our harmony and let peace prevail.


Featured image courtesy: Google.

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manoshi sinha
Manoshi Sinha is a writer, poet, certified astrologer, avid traveler, and author of 6 books including 'The Eighth Avatar', Krishn Trilogy-1 that delves on Krishn beyond myths. 'Blue Vanquisher', Krishn Trilogy-2 will be released in August 2017.