Open Letter to TOI on Reserving the Right to Sing India’s Historical Glory by Ravikumar Pillay

Indian History Real Truth

FALSE HISTORY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ANYMORE! Suddenly one fine day a Facebook group on Indian history called ‘Indian history ~ real truth’  [1] from more than 6 million groups of Facebook got negatively praised in Times of India, titled ‘Faking history starts online’. No wonder it is one of the biggest published newspapers of modern India rankled with ranting on a large group of 67k+  people, mostly Hindus, but also Muslims from Pakistan, Christians, Jews from all over the world.  Zuckerberg claims there are 100 million people in “meaningful” groups that they consider vital to their daily lives. He wants to see that number hit 1 billion within five years, while here in India we hope to see the freedom of speech especially in social media against Hindus and their social expression.[2] Even twitter arbitrarily and illegally stopped ‘TrueIndology”, also ‘praised’ in the same article, had its account suspended temporarily before restoring, was swarmed by outrage[3].

I am the master admin of ‘Indian history ~ real truth’ Facebook group. History and its findings is my passion. A middle aged person of positive demeanor, working in an engineering company, I am media shy.

Indian History Times of India article

I am amused at Times of india’s article. I thank them for mentioning us. In fact, we witnessed an entry of more members per day to our Indian History group due to their article.  Most of the loony fringe of people like this assume we are doing this for MODI or BJP. I wish it was because if we are funded we could also do much much better work, but they fail to prove that we have anything to do with the political parties. It is our group admins’ commitment to bring the truth out in the open for all to learn.  It was observed with shock by the secular [read Hindu hater + Communist loving + Abrahamic religions atrocities ignorer] reporter what the group’s main objective was, wanting to discover their historical roots apart from sanitized version of false history of Indian heritage and culture as dished out by so called communist + secularist historians. These historians have held the country to ransom with their outdated belief in now debunked Aryan Invasion Theory and other misplaced “theories” which have been proved wrong over a period of time through scientific data and genetically available studies. But these are studiously ignored by educationists and scientists for reasons known to all. In fact, the group has to its credit many great world acclaimed DNA scientists to its membership much to the chagrin of the reporter’s secular bosses.


The credibility of Alt News does not matter to us and the less said the better.  Have a look at its pages and you will realize it is collecting donations in name of ‘fighting corruption’! Let me not be the judge!! There is another paper warrior in the same person’s Facebook friend list blogging in name of NewsOlive. I remember the saying ‘birds of same feather nest together’; the difference in name is a ruse they all are inter-connected. The title of the news link “A social media corps looks to win ancient battles with hearsay, hoaxes and pure fantasy” shows we are hurting people with truth!


I don’t know who Pratik Sinha of Alt News is and it does not concern me what he does though I saw that the person mentioned is reported to be a serial faker by some. In another website there was news that this site itself is promoting fake news and it’s just like calling “the pot calling the kettle black.” Let the readers judge for themselves, who is peddling what.[5] We have much higher values as history of India is at stake.


Whether or not Alt News is patronised by secular mafia, leftists, liberals, and political propagandists, we are not concerned because it does not in stop us from fulfilling our objectives which is bringing the true history of India to ordinary person through social media. That is a natural resistance erected by secular parties construed for helping them in their ideological domination which can be clearly seen by their site which is well versed in anti-Modi tirade. Thus they are able to survive with liberal support from political groups which is the standard practice of defunct political parties who are their masters. The less said the better, but I don’t blame them. Because of their ideological handicap they are stuck in time gap and not able to do anything constructive. India is not now willing to consider their lies anymore as truths, and we shall bust it, now here and then in other forums.


Alt News + NewsOlive in a recent article published by TOI says, ‘Faking history starts online’. It has mentioned our Facebook Group ‘Indian History-Real Truth’ as spreading falsehood of Indian History. I consider them as fringe fake story generating supporting groups and in our case they were calling everyone to check their ‘textbook’ history. Many like them can be considered as the foot soldiers of secular and communist historians who have been hoodwinking India, for they consider textbooks on Indian history as ‘gospel truth’.  Lacking intellectual knowledge or ability to debate on an intellectual platform, all they have is no agenda except ‘shoot & scoot’ for they lack ability to challenge or intellectually debate on issues of fake history, which their masters have been pimping in name of truth because stakes are high. Their pet secular communist historians are scared of being exposed and stand to lose in book sales, chairs in prestigious universities, foreign jaunts for workshops and of course, perks after retirement, speech invites etc. etc. No one wants his milch cow to be threatened, therefore this is a tactic used to prevent future erosion of their positions but they should understand that their stories have to end now.


Even so called eminent historians almost 99.99% of them and so called authoritative scientists and astronomers lack knowledge of Sanskrit and interpret and spout all sort of nonsense in their works. They fail to understand that it is Sanskrit in which the history of Bharatam is recorded. Its historical and scientific rendition is written in various scripts in inscriptions, plates, documents right from Afghanistan to Cambodia. Sanskrit can be mastered only after 12-15 years of vigorous study under well versed scholars.  Even I don’t know Sanskrit and have to depend on translations by eminent Sanskrit scholars who have been working on Sanskrit since last 20-40 years.  I have one question which every so called historian will avoid – ‘How many of India’s historians know Sanskrit?’ Not even 99.999% sadly!


Alt News openly asks for and accepts donations, portraying itself as ‘independent journalism that speaks truth to power and is free of corporate and political control’. Accumulating money in the name of journalism! They do what they can and Good luck to them!!!  The meager amount they happily accept shows the level of their commitment and intentions! Anti-Modi people are cheated when they think that these type of people are genuinely going to do something out-of-box for fighting corruption. Kejriwal is a prime example!! We don’t believe in such funding and carry out this from our own pockets. In fact, I have spent unbelievable amount trying to understand Indian history and travelling around India.


Indian women were degraded after arrival of mlechhas (read Muslims) in the Indian subcontinent” wrote Pratik Sinha in his TOI article. What is in bracket (read Muslims) is added by him. ‘Mlechha’ is an ancient Indian term for ‘foreigners’.

Indian History Real Truth

There is historical proof that before the arrival of Mlechhas (historically one is labeled mlechha who doesn’t follow Vedic rituals and lives beyond other side of the mighty ancient now submerged Saraswati and does not mean Muslims; so cool the tempers), warfare was restricted to soldiers and the king. In no way the general population was disturbed, but after arrival of Mlechhas the general population was also put to sword if not accepting invaders’ religious ideology. Common was rape of women and subsequent slavery and children killed or enslaved and invariably scorched. This policy was practiced which is never spoken by Indian historians. These events have been whitewashed by so called Indian historians from history and the Indian academic teaching has been presented the sanitized version with justification on invaders ruling the population using the ruse of fighting amongst the federation of independent rulers. etc.


Babri Masjid excavations report is also a prime example. Even the so called ‘humane’ Emperor Akbar is credited to killing unarmed and helpless 50,000 women and children in Chittorgadh. Jauhar was the reply to woman being raped and murdered and prevent Necrophilia by invading barbarians, but the Indian historians won’t ever mention anything about it in Indian History or they know they will be castrated by invading mobs baying for their blood.

Indian History Cruelty of Akbar

Source: Wikimedia Commons

In the book Chronology of Ancient India – Victim of Concoctions and Distortions by Vedveer Arya, released by now Vice President Honorable Shri Venkaih Naidu, the author has published the true chronology of Indian kings WITH IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE, as available from documents and inscriptions corroborated with scientific astronomical reading which can be verified by NASA [6] and observations.  Luckily for our Hindu ancestors, who had great knowledge of astronomy and also being very clever, used eclipses as a significant mention in their inscriptions, plates and literature and made it in to a benchmark to define the dates. Secular historians tried to use false dates only to be caught in their web of lies. Thank you our ancestors of Bharatam for this great truth so that ideologically challenged people may be stopped in their evil tracks.

Indian History book launch Vedveer Arya

Chronology of Ancient India – Victim of Concoctions and Distortions by Vedveer Arya is available for free in PDF format, downloadable from file section in the group ‘Indian History~ Real Truth’.[7] History is never black or white and India’s version =ITIHASA means “thus it happened” a rendition of the events as seen by observer =neutrally!  The book has conclusively proved that the history as said by the so called historians, is nothing but concoctions from their wildest imagination and baseless assumptions, which stem from the fact that they are illiterate in Sanskrit.

Indian History Chronology by Vedveer Arya

Many of the facts have been proved to be wrong and our Historians have lied or not mentioned as it is ‘not convenient’ (remember the books sales etc etc) in Indian History. I shall outline a few here.


1. Mlechhas are terms, which have been used for non Vedic folks because they did not belong to any Rishi gotra.


2. Aryan Invasion theory and now newly made ‘Out of Indi theory, both bunkum as genetic study throughout India confirms: “The study effectively puts to rest the argument that South Indians are Dravidians and were driven to the peninsula by Aryans who invaded North India.” Prof Singh, a molecular biologist and former chief of Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, said this. The findings of a three-year research by a team of scientists and others from various countries, has been published by American Journal of Human Genetics in its issue dated December 9, and still it is being taught in Indian schools. Because the bureaucracy is linked for benefits to the old government and has cronies throughout space / cyberspace and institutions faithfully marching in its dedication to its ideological communist / secular superiors.

Indian History Aryan Invasion Theory3. AIT had Horse as its central crux of invasions and when Dr. A.K. Sharma found horse skeleton in Surkotada [8], it was dismissed for 10 years till a white man came and verified it. Then only it was accepted; this shows the shameless dependence on white man’s certificate for historical event confirmation. Though no one refers to the same.

horse skeleton


4. Blindly even today our historians follow the theory and teach to Hindustan that Indian man is descendant of AFRICAN LUCY, while it is not so. There is conclusive genetic evidence a Narmada man (later found out to be a woman) of Middle Pleistocene of 300,000 to 150,000 years ago[9]. The wonder was this was an exact match of modern Indian woman with cranial capacity of 1500ml and so we can safely conclude first human walked in India is the mother of the 90% of DNA of the world.

Indian History Narmada woman skull

Source: Decouverte de squelettes d’homos sapiens de + de 300 000 ans _ REA photo

5. Toba eruption is never touched in historical books nor excavations of Jwalapuram tank explained where it was found that there was more than 2500 of primitive agricultural implements predating TOBA ERRUPTION of 74,000BCE [10]. That would prove agriculture in India is older than at least Toba timeline, because then it would amount to blasphemy to their superiors in science / history / anthropology, etc. etc.

Toba eruption

6. Agastya is the author of 25 hymns (nos 166 to 190) of the first ‘mandala’ of the Rigveda. Here we have a clue that Canopus, the second brightest star in the night sky, is called Agastya in India. This star is close to the ecliptic south pole, having ecliptic latitude of –76°. As the celestial poles go round the ecliptic poles due to the phenomenon of precession of the earth’s axis of rotation, this star becomes visible from different latitudes on the globe at different times. If we assume that for a star to be visible at a place its altitude at the meridian passage should be at least 5°, then calculations give the visibility curve for Agastya (Canopus), as shown in Figure 1 for the various epochs from 12,000 BC to AD 12,000. We see that Agastya was not visible from any part of India before 10,000 BC. First it became visible at Kanyakumari around that epoch. Thereafter, as it was brought more and more northwards by precession, it became visible at various places in India, as shown in Figure 1. It became visible in the east coast (in the present Chennai region) in 8500 BC, and in the present day Hyderabad in 7200 BC, in the Vindhya region in 5200 BC, at Delhi in 3100 BC, etc. At present it is visible from most parts of India for longer or shorter durations. This cycle will repeat after every 25,725 years. It is thus clear that around 5000 BC, the star Agastya was visible from the south of the Vindhyas, but not from the north of it. If sage Agastya was the first to cross the Vindhyas from the north, he would have been the first northerner to see the star. Hence the star has been named after him, just as the Magellanic clouds in the southern sky are named after the navigator Magellan, who first saw them as he sailed southwards. This fixes an epoch of 5000 BC for sage Agastya. This date is based on the assumption that for a star to be visible its meridian altitude has to be at least 5°. If we make 8° meridian altitude as the criterion for visibility, the date of Agastya would be shifted to about 4000 BC. The dates 5000 and 4000 BC should therefore bracket the probable epoch of Agastya crossing the Vindhyan mountains of the Indus Valley Civilization of Mohenjodaro and Harappa sometime in the second millennium BC. However, there is evidence showing that the real cause of destruction of the Indus cities was a geological change rather than an invasion. In fact, ancient Sanskrit and Tamil literature does not show any trace of the large scale movements of people as required by the above theory of conflict between the Aryans and Dravidians.

Agastya Indian History

Figure 1

Many posts in our historical group by admins is scientific, proven data and verifiable facts of Indian History which are not taught in syllabus. Indian historians have glorified invaders plentifully ignoring the exploits of Indian warriors to the extent of even wiping them out from the pages of History. Examples can be taken of importance given to Hindu Kings who are just small footnotes notes in Indian history books like King Shri Harsha , King Vikramaditya I of Ujjain, King Bhoja raja, Bappa Raval, King Krishnadevraya, the whole range of Pandyan, Cholan and Cheran Kings, kings of Kerala, etc.  Yes, we make an effort to post stories of unsung heroes and heroines of our freedom struggle, of unsung warriors of our rich History. We also post and will do in future such glorious stories rest assured.

Indian History kings

I have made effort and an endeavor through this Facebook group Indian History ~ Real Truth to establish that part of Indian history which was deliberately destroyed by anti Indian forces, and some great achievements which have been ignored by mainstream ‘historians’. Many major facts have been twistedly presented by those who have no knowledge of history are now involved in criticizing debates on Indian history for sensationalism and people like Alt News is not worth my time. They would learn a lot if they came to the group INDIAN HISTORY~ REAL TRUTH and enhance their self esteem and in turn enrich their lives with truth.

King harsha signature















Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely of the author. My India My Glory does not assume any responsibility for the validity or information shared in this article by the author.

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