Blue Vanquisher: A Fresh Perspective on Krishn’s Life and Adventures

‘Krishn’ is probably one of the most popular, revered and prayed Gods from Hindu mythology and we all know him for his impressive discourse of ‘Bhagvad Gita’, his charming river-side escapades with Gopis and a childhood threatened by his own uncle ‘Kans’. In that sense, this God enjoys a unique and loved status of a son, lover and a friend within his devotees’ hearts and minds.


But, Manoshi Sinha’s Blue Vanquisher provides us with a fresh perspective towards this delightfully adorable God’s majestic life and adventures. Written in a naturally and beautifully flowing narrative style, this book gives the reader an eye-opening account of his personality which is far from the stereo-typed naughty ‘Krishn’ we are so familiar with.


In Blue Vanquisher, Manoshi Sinha chronicles a strong, committed man who is a master strategist and a wise king. In this book, Manoshi has introduced us to the ‘complete man’ to the extent a human mind can envisage. And it will change your perspective totally.


The book depicts the supreme power and sacred knowledge which most will find relevant in today’s times. Even for those who may not have read the sacred books, Blue Vanquisher delivers a powerful narrative which is very interesting and insightful, whether it is about the ‘Battle of Jarasandh’, his marriage to Rukmini or his times with the ‘Pandavas’.


The book’s key offering is its ability to give us much more to think and ponder about than the widely known and popular anecdotes about this eighth avataar of Lord Vishnu. All this, so that his message can resonate in our minds as a ‘life’s learning’ and forever hope.


To quote a review of Blue Vanquisher from Amazon, “This book has incidents and stories from Shri Krishna’s life from adulthood till he was 85 years old. Of all his avatars, Shri Krishna’s is one which I have found most fascinating and which is why I got to read Manoshi’s Krishna Trilogy. No sooner I was waiting for more Krishna stories, she came up with the second novel from the trilogy ‘Blue Vanquisher’. This book has many detailed characterisations of various mythological characters from Krishna’s time. Since we were toddlers, we have known Him as a womanizer, a Casanova, to having love affairs with multiple women. But the writer has invalidated the myths of his character and successfully brought about a totally different image of Lord Krishna. This book has innumerable interesting stories of Krishna’s adventures over the ages. I think this book is a good read for fans like me, older people who have taste for mythology,gods and godesses, and little kids who are fond of listening bed time stories from grandparents.”


|| Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma ||


Here’s another review of the book from Amazon, “Blue Vanquisher by Manoshi Sinha is a must read for Indian history and mythology lovers. I literally got transported to the world of Krishna while reading this book. I felt as if Krishna is near me. Such is the wonderful play with words. Her narrative will keep you stuck until you finish reading. I got to know many unknown facets about Krishna. Though this book says Krishna is married to Rukmini only, it will not be easy for the general people to accept this. Satyabhama is a different character here. She isn’t Krishna’s wife. I loved Jarasandh, Sudama, Balaram, and all other characters. Got to know about Uddhav who is a look alike of Krishna. Overall a great read!”


Krishn in Manoshi Sinha’s Blue Vanquisher is a true hero, who will continue to live in the hearts of the people for time immemorial.

Blue Vanquisher

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