Epics and Puranic History

We are proud of our rich cultural heritage. Our epics, mythology, and history speak volume about our rich past and ancient glory.

Read here about epics and History of India.

Latest Posts on Epic and Puranic History:

  1. Surpanakha: Beautiful in Form, Ugly in Character; What Vālmiki Rāmayana Reveals
  2. The Varah Avatar of Vishnu and the Narakasur Connection 
  3. Sacred Godavari: Her Emerging inside the Sanctum of Trimbakeshwar Shiva Lingam and the Holy Dip
  4. Indra in Vedic Age and across Civilizations in Southeast Asia 
  5. Aswakranta Temple with Mahabharat Roots: Hoofprints of Horses of Krishna’s Chariot Still Visible
  6. Will the Universe be Destroyed at the End of Kali Yug?
  7. The Unknown Sita: Her Many Facets that You May Not Know Yet!
  8. Krishn Had Only 1 Wife, Claimed ‘Vande Mataram’ Author in His Book
  9. I am not as evil as I have been portrayed: Ravan
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