Mission Fat Loss: Cardio Vs Weight Training

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It is a common misconception amongst gym goers that only cardio vascular exercises help in fat loss and weight training hampers it. Due to this, people tend to emphasize more on cardio and stay away from weight training. This approach actually robs you of the great benefits that are associated with weight training. In this article, I will try to shed some light on the benefits of weight training for people of all ages and simultaneously familiarize you with the most effective strategy for fat loss.


First, let’s take a look at the numerous benefits of weight training and how not including it in your training regimen can hamper your results.


1. Increase in metabolic rate

Weight training actually helps increase your metabolic rate. These enhanced levels of metabolic rate can actually stay elevated for 36 hours. The increase in metabolic rate helps you burn more calories during the whole day whether you are working at your computer or studying or even relaxing on your couch in front of T.V. If you do only cardiovascular exercises you are likely to be robbed of this vital increase in your metabolic rate.


2. Improvement in tone and look of muscle

Weight training helps tone and strengthen the muscular structure of human body which leads to a better posture and good looks. Cardio alone would never bring this all important change in your body.


3. Injury prevention

Weight training also helps in injury prevention by strengthening muscles and joints. It helps a lot in strengthening ligaments and tendons and aids in better movements and flexibility.


4. Best anti ageing solution

Weight training is the best anti ageing solution known to mankind. It helps in solving age related problems and also keeps the internal hormonal environment primed.


5. Prevents osteoporosis

Weight training effectively helps prevention of osteoporosis by strengthening the bones besides increasing and improving bone density. Cardio exercises do not provide you this benefit.


6. Improves mood

Weight training improves mood by enhancing the hormonal environment related to mood. It is also known to decrease depression.


What is the best way forward? Follow a judicious mix of cardio along with weight training. And the best way to mix up this concoction of exercises is working with weights first and then moving onto the cardiovascular exercises. This approach has its own benefits.


Weight training helps to reduce glucose levels so that the body is forced to burn stored fat as energy. When we do only cardiovascular exercises then the weight loss achieved is a mix of loss of fat and muscle. This muscle loss is actually going to hit your efforts of maximum fat loss as it reduces your basal metabolic rate so that your body actually burns lesser calories leading to increased difficulty of fat loss. So, next time you head to the gym for a ‘cardio only workout’ give it a thought and try this combination of weight training and cardio for at least 4 weeks.


I’m pretty sure that results would be worthwhile and you will be hooked on to the ‘feel good’ feeling generated by your physique transformation. This in turn will improve your confidence and attitude in all spheres of your life.


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Model: Seema Dhingra.

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Yogaditya Singh Rawal

National level competitive bodybuilder, Mr. India 2016 (Federation Cup Bodybuilding), Certified Fitness Trainer (ISSA-USA), Performance Nutrition Consultant, Diet Consultant, Writer, and Practitioner of Ancient Indian Battlefield Art 'Sanatan Shastra Vidya'. He runs a gym (Total Training Terminal) in East Delhi.
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