At this section of myIndiamyGlory, we try to bring to you real stories from Indian history.

India is one of the oldest surviving civilizations in the world. The earliest evidences of habitation, of India history dates back to beyond 6500 years. Excavations at various locations across the country corroborate the fact. The Indus Valley Civilization is an example.

A rich heritage and culture identifies India. The Vedic period has given India the very essence of life through the four Veds – Rigved, Syamved, Yajurved, Atharvaved. These are parts of history of India. Sushruta and Charak had written books that contain the secrets of healing through medicines and surgeries. The Bhagavat Gita is no imaginary treatise, but teachings by Krishn. Yogpurush Krishn is no mythical character. He is a historical figure. Underwater proofs of the existence of Dwarka besides many other evidences substantiate the fact.

Various dynasties ruled India over the years. Even Mughal invasions and British rule did not affect the cultural roots. Unity in diversity is what distinguishes India today.

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