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Art is an expression of what the soul tells. And one can express this rendezvous through different forms – painting, pottery, poetry compositions, lyrical compositions, etc. India is home to uncountable number of exceptionally gifted artists, encompassing singers, painters, writers, handcraft experts, poets, artisans, and the list goes on.

Read about Indian art, craft, artists, and artisans:

  1. Woven wonders of Chinnalapatti and Thirubhuvanam
  2. Talking Threads – A Story of Indian Embroidery
  3. The Hand-stitched Quilt – A Legacy of the Grandmother’s Gift of Love
  4. Handwoven Textiles are Original ‘Make in India’ Products; A Textile Trail in Andhra Pradesh
  5. Wooden Toys of Etikoppa: Let this Craft Survive
  6. Art and Artists: Opening the Gates to the Supernatural Realm of the Devatas
  7. Chaturbhuj Nala: Were Board Games and Wheels Discovered in India 10,000 Years Ago?
  8. The Mahābhārata Retold: From Emergence of Brahmānda to Political Unity of Bhāratavarsha
  9. Pratyasha Nithin: Invoking the Deities to Descend on Earth through Her Paintings
  10. Assamese Woman Weaves 500 Verses of Bhagavat Gita in Sanskrit in Cloth!
  11. Upma Rastogi: Mythological Characters and People Coming Alive in Her Paintings

Featured image art courtesy: Upma Rastogi (Painter)


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