Effects of 21st August 2017 Solar Eclipse on Zodiac Signs

solar eclipse effects

Solar Eclipse Date:- 21st August 2017
Solar Eclipse Time:- 9.16 PM to 2.34 AM
Visible in India: No, but it will leave an impact on the Zodiac signs (moon signs according to Indian Astrology) in India at least for a month.


Disclaimer:- Impacts may be high or Low based on Sun and Rahu’s placement in your Horoscope.



Sun will be in Fifth house along with Rahu. You may face Monetary problems. Avoid speculation. There is chance of Loss of Respect /Loss of Honour.



Sun will be in fourth house with Rahu. There may be some trouble related to stomach; however, overall you will be Happy.



Sun will transit in the third house from your natal moon with Rahu. Good Health, Good Position and a Promotion in Job is indicated.



Sun will be in second house along with Rahu on the Solar Eclipse day. Loss of Wealth, Eye Problems and some misunderstanding at your house is indicated. Drive carefully.



Sun will be in Leo along with Rahu. Ill Health, Loss of wealth, Loss of Honour are indicated. People suffering from Heart ailments and High BP need to be careful.



Sun will be in the 12th house along with Rahu. Heavy expenditures, Loss of health are indicated. Visit Vishnu Temple for pacification.



Sun will be in 11th house along with Rahu. Elevation in society, Promotion in Job/Business are indicated. Finances will be good.



Sun will in 10th house along with Rahu. Health may be adversely impacted. Some stress in Job/Business is indicated.



Sun will be in 9th house from your natal moon along with Rahu. Humiliation, Loss of Wealth, Health problems and small quarrels at home are indicated.



Sun will be in 8th house along with Rahu on the Solar Eclipse day. Overall Good except some Health Problems.



Sun will be in 7th house along with Rahu. There may be conflicts with your spouse. You may incur Loss of Honour due to activities related to Females.



Sun will be in 6th house along with Rahu. Although good for Career you may face mental distress.

Solution: Rotate a Coconut 7 times over your head (Anti clockwise) and throw in flowing water on the Solar Eclipse Day.


The views expressed here are solely of the author. My India My Glory does not assume any responsibility for the validity or information shared in this article by the author. Interested readers may contact Kamal Sharma at kamalsharma34@yahoo.co.in or 9689913116.


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