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Indian culture and heritage dates back to thousands of years. The country is home to most of the world’s ancient civilizations. Here lies the uniqueness of India. The variegated climatic conditions and geographical features further deem India her uniqueness.

Read here about Indian culture and heritage from ancient to present.

Latest Posts:

  1. Samuhik Vedic Vivah of 8000 Couples; Saving them from Missionary Trap
  2. Smuggling of Ancient/Medieval Indian Artefacts in Billions; When Will this Stop?
  3. Holi, Holika and Hiranyakashipu: Dispelling Dalit Oppression Myth
  4. Was Paradise in India? An Ancient Autobiography from 13000 Years Ago
  5. How Holi is Played at Braj Bhumi: A Pictorial Representation
  6. Gudnapur Inscription Confirms Hindus Celebrated Vasantutsava Much Before Valentine
  7. Manu’s Dharma Sastra; Manu Influence in Egypt, Sumeria, Greece, etc.
  8. The Nishaan Rite: A Folk Tradition that Asserts Dharma
  9. देवरहा बाबा- सैकड़ों वर्ष जिए एक महायोगी की गाथा
  10. Somnath a 1000 Years Ago: Gemstone Carvings, 2000 Priests, 3 Lakh Visitors
  11. How Chaturvarna Benefited Society and How British Vilified It to Loot Wealth
  12. Somnath: Where Faith Triumphs over Fanaticism
  13. Vedic Aryans in Crete with AUM, Swastika, Bindi, Namaste, Yogic Postures
  14. Morena Golden Triangle Temples: Remnants of a 8th-15th Century University
  15. Who are Naga Sadhus?
  16. How Gandhi and Congress Ignored Untouchability Removal Measures Suggested by Swami Shraddhananda
  17. Hammurabi: How Aryavart Once Spanned Bharat to Babylonia and Sumer
  18. Swami Shraddhananda: Promoter of Vedic Philosophy, Sanskrit, and Gurukul Education System
  19. Dev Bhoomi: Antiquity Dating Back to Vedic and Mahabharata Era
  20. Padmanabhaswamy Temple Is of 3176 BCE; Inscriptions and Saptarishi Calendar Confirm
  21. Quest for Enlightenment: Krishna Devotee from Denmark Considers India as Punya Bhoomi
  22. What Archaeological Evidences Say about Ram Janambhoomi Site
  23. Morena 64 Yogini: Indian Parliament Design Inspired by this 8th Century Temple
  24. Mahabharata Connection of Jageshwari Temple; 1100 Lingams in a Shivalinga
  25. Ayyappa and the Misinterpreted Tradition of His Naishtika Brahmacharya
  26. Menstruation in Sanatan Dharma: Kamakhya Devi and Parvati Connection
  27. Kola Bou: Ritual of Banana Bride, Worshipped during Durga Puja in Bengal
  28. Forgotten 1st Attack on Sabarimala; 2nd Attack Reminds Danger to Hindu Culture
  29. Bhagavad Gita in America and Making of a Star in World Parliament of Religions
  30. Forbidden Vault: Mystery behind the Secret Door of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple
  31. What is Caste? How Indians are Kept in Dark on Facts and Divided Today on Votes
  32. Why Bhagavad Gita is the Final Authority and Law Book of Hindus
  33. A Bull Fighting Indian Hero – Saving the Ancient World from its Demons
  34. Kanvar Mela – Adventure Holiday in Indian Style
  35. The Balochistan Sphinx Temple Complex: Is It a Man-made Architectural Wonder?
  36. Defence by History: Open Letter to Chief Justice by an Ayappa Devotee on Sabarimala
  37. Serving the Shakti – The Divine Feminine; 64 Yogini Temple of Hirapur, Odisha
  38. The Origin of the 108 Bead Japa Mala – A Different Interpretation
  39. Why Would the West Learn Sanskrit? Startling Revelations!
  40. लिंग शब्द का संस्कृत अर्थ “प्रतीक” है, शिवलिंग का अर्थ “शिव का प्रतीक”
  41. Gurukulas and Universities – When the Civilized World Sent Its Best Students To India
  42. A Retreat Near Chamundi Hills Brings You Gifts From Ancient India
  43. The Worldwide Shaivite Culture in Polynesia and Peru
  44. क्या श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता की प्रजनन क्षमता खो गई है??
  45. वेदों और गीता का आपसी सम्बन्ध: एक तार्किक अध्ययन
  46. Heritage Protection Laws: Something that Pakistan is Better than India
  47. Autobiographical Accounts of Jahangir of Destroying a Famous Temple in Varanasi
  48. Hindus and Yezidis: One United Family – Part 1
  49. Hindu Temples: Let the Bells Toll Again
  50. Dalit Madurai Veeran Worshipped by Brahmins As Devta: Ambedkar’s Divisive Theory Falls Flat
  51. Talking Threads – A Story of Indian Embroidery
  52. Revival of Hindu Heritage Temples Lying Abandoned and in Ruins in Karnataka
  53. English Medium Education Weakens India. The PISA Test Proved It
  54. Terracotta: The Indus-Sarasvati Connect to Bengal and North East India
  55. Dalit and Brahmins Moolnivasis since 75,000 BC; Bogus Aryan Invasion theory and Politicians Mislead Bhim Sena!
  56. The Hand-stitched Quilt – A Legacy of the Grandmother’s Gift of Love
  57. Christian Illegal Cemetery Close to Uchistha Ganpaty Temple. Is It Crime Being a Hindu Temple?
  58. Rudra Mahalaya, a 10th Century Siva Temple Awaiting Revival of Worship
  59. The Bishnois: 15th Century Legacy of Vaishṇava Theology and Ecology Conservation
  60. What Is the Caste System? Why Was It Beneficial or Destructive to Hindu Society
  61. A Great, Living, Ancient Tradition – The Kumbh Mela
  62. What Ancient and Medieval Heritage Tell Us about the Northeast – Part 1
  63. The Bashing of Brahmins and India’s Caste System Has an Agenda
  64. History of Mukti Sthal, the Original Somnath
  65. Varaha: What the 5th Century Udayagiri Caves and 5000 Year Old Kerala Temple Say
  66. Why Is Hinduism Higher than All Religions?
  67. Ancient India and Dogs: From the Vedic Age to Harappan Civilization and Thereafter
  68. The Plunder of Our Temples and Heritage: Why Indians Don’t Care
  69. Gods for Sale: The Sad Story of India’s Temple Thefts
  70. Me-Dam-Me-Fi: Festival Celebrated by Ahoms of Assam in Memory of Departed Souls
  71. Vedanta and Holistic Health: Lessons from the Bhagavad Gītā
  72. Kashmir’s Martand Sun Temple from 479 BCE Destroyed by Sultan Sikander Still in Ruins
  73. Haleem Khan: Spreading Indic Roots Worldwide through Kuchipudi and Breaking StereoTypes
  74. 22 Rooms, Dome, Treasury Well Prove Tajmahal is in Fact Shiva Temple Tejo Mahalaya
  75. Ancient Roman Monument Proves Christmas Celebration was Sun Worship as Jesus Never Existed
  76. How Church Shifted Date of Christmas to Coincide with Winter Solstice; World Now Needs the Ādityās
  77. What the Carvings in the Temples of Hampi Say – Each Telling a Story
  78. Mukteshwar Temple:  Legacy of a 10th Century Chandravanshi Dynasty of Kalinga
  79. भगवान् के पृथ्वी पर भौतिक Avatar और संक्षिप्त युग चक्र
  80. 12th Century Bundelkhand Warrior Alha Visiting Maihar Shaktipeeth Shrine a Mystery till Today
  81. Mattur: World’s Only Sanskrit Speaking Village Where Ancient Meets Modern
  82. Tejo Mahalaya Truth Was Established by None Other than Aurangzeb Himself! Know How?
  83. Vedic Cultural Origins of South American Civilizations: The Makara Link
  84. Khajuraho Temples Depict Dharma, Kama, Artha, and Moksh. Why Only Kama Highlighted?
  85. Shumang Lila – Medieval Traditional Theatre Art of Manipur with Contemporary Taste
  86. Ancient Indian Battlefield Secrets Revealed: Sanatan Shastra Vidya, the Original Art of War
  87. Huge 15th Century Rock Sculptures of Goddess Durga and More Rock Carvings at Chobimura, Tripura
  88. Exploring the Many Facets of Goddess Durga in West Bengal
  89. Vishwakarma: Ancient Creator of Flying Chariots, Missiles, 54 Mechanical Arts
  90. Onam and Kummatti Kali: The Colorful Mask Dance of Kerala
  91. Swami Vivekananda Trail: Finding India in Chicago
  92. Brahmagupt: Indian Mathematician Who Introduced Zero; Who Argued Earth is Round
  93. Hameed Khan Kawa: 2 Generations Propagating Indian Folk Culture Worldwide
  94. Unmasking the 500 Year Old Mask Making Culture of Assam
  95. प्रधानमंत्री मोदी ने पूरे विश्व में भारत की प्राचीन परंपरा Yog की लहर फहरायी
  96. First Evidence of Brain Surgery 4300 Years Ago in Harappa
  97. Keeladi Excavations: 2500 Year Old Habitat as Big as Harappa Mohenjodaro!
  98. Gulabo Sapera: From Being Buried Alive at Birth to Padma Shri Awardee; an Interview
  99. पेड़ काटकर घर में मनी प्लांट लगाने वाले को ‘भीषण गर्मी की शुभकामना’: योगेश्वर दत्त
  100. Vedic Hindu Roots in Burma; Sanskrit and Pali Were the Court Languages
  101. The Prahlad Holika Story and Top 5 Places to Visit During Holi
  102. विश्व के पहले शल्य चिकित्सक भारत के सुश्रुत थे
  103. Uma Mohan and Her Musical Mantras in Sanskrit from the Veds
  104. Sushrut, Son of Rishi Vishwamitra, Was the World’s First Surgeon
  105. A Swachh Bharat Not too Long Ago
  106. Khajuraho Temples Are Not Symbolic to Eroticism!
  107. Sattriya Nritya – Dance through Bhakti
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