Atrocities on Hindu Women during Islamic Invasion and Rule in India

Hindu Women

The effort to whitewash real history of Marathas, Sikhs, Rajputs and other Hindus is going on since independence to prove Hindu-Muslim bhai bhai (brothers) philosophy. Hindu women were subjected slavery and trading during Muslim invasion.


Voices of Muslim atrocities on nearly 300 million Hindu women are still there in ether which happened during 700 years of Muslim invasion in India. Those cries, pains, nude marches on roads before getting gang raped by minimum 20-30 Muslims everyday still haunt those who can connect. The women who had babies had their babies tossed on the spheres. The ruthless Muslim soldiers used to take out their hearts with sharp weapons and feed them forcibly to their respective mothers. Sometimes they would cut the babies in small pieces and garland them around the neck of their respective mothers.


Islamists did the same with Banda Bahadur (the Sikh general) by feeding him with his 5 yrs old son’s heart. His son bravely confronted the butcher with head high and chanted Bole so nihal- Sat Sri Akal (Sikh chanting) and embraced martyrdom. It is recorded in Sikh history and the sacrifice of Sikh women who have gone through same fate when captured by Muslims is chanted in Gurudwaras everyday during Ardas prayers:

Singhnian jinna ne sawa sawa mann de pisne peese, bachiye de tota galean vich pavaye, par Dharm nai haariya“.

(The lioness like Sikh women who grinded a ton of grain, who wore their torn kids around their necks, but did not give up their religion).


When Did Atrocities on Hindu Women Actually Start?

In the second half of the 12th century, Mohammed Ghori of Afghanistan was inspired by his Islamic preacher Moinuddin Chishti (now worshiped in Ajmer Sharif dargah by Hindus and Muslims both) to attack India and convert it into Islamic nation. Mesmerized by the great riches of India, Mohammed Ghori attacked India many times. As per Rajput history recorded by Hindu historians and Chander Bardai (one of the greatest poet of that time in India and was also friend of Prithviraj Chauhan) in his book Prithviraj Raso, Ghori attacked Prithviraj Chauhan 16 times. (Islamic historians mention only two wars).


Every time after defeat, Mohammed Ghori used to ask for forgiveness and as per Rajput tradition Prithviraj Chauhan spared him. It was the biggest mistake ever by any King in Indian history which is paid by Indians even now. That mistake is the reason for assault on more than quarter Billion Indian women for nearly more than 30 generations. Every time on return to Afghanistan, Mohammed Ghori would destroy villages, kill males and take few lakh young girls as sex slaves with him.


Hindu scriptures say that if a king does mercy on criminals then that leads to cruelty on general population. As per 1400 yrs old Muslim tradition whenever Muslims won a battle, they took women in from that kingdom as slaves. The history of rapes, nude march, conversions is mentioned in Rajput history. Book Meera Charita ( Author: Saubhagya Kunvari Ranavat) had original notes from the time of Meera, Bhojraj Rana Sanga from early 16th century. The book alos finds mention about Jauhar and why it was performed to escape atrocities. Maratha history also states the same.


Famous Sikh saying of “Sardar ke 12 baj gaye” is related to outnumbered Sikhs attacking huge Muslim forces at 12 ‘O’ clock at night and day (summers when sun was ferocious and spoilers use to rest). Enemies sometimes in lacs even felt helpless against handful of Sikhs who were committed to save captured Hindu sisters who were made sex slaves. Prithviraj Chauhan was unaware of these Islamic laws of taking women as slaves, as in India, during those days, kings used to challenge another king for war if necessary. Then both armies would gather for war.


Wars during that time were fought between sunrise and sunset in maidaan (big grounds). If the result was undecided, there would be a break after sun set and war would start again the next day. This might continue for days. Running enemies were not attacked. Unarmed enemies were not attacked. Enemies were also given respect on the principle of bravery (Kshatriya dharma). Even the queens and women of the defeated king were respected along with general population. If a defeated king asked forgiveness, it was considered a very big thing as people were ready to die for keeping their words. The famous saying was Prana Jaye per wachan na Jaaye (Even life can be sacrificed for keeping words).


Final Attack by Mohammed Ghori

Mohammed Ghori’s final attack on Prithviraj Chauhan was in the end of 12th century. Ghori defeated Chauhan with betrayal and with the help of Prithviraj Chauhan’s father in law Jaichand. Jaichand was enemy of Prithviraj because King Anagpal made Prithviraj Chauhan as his successor of Delhi kingdom instead of Jaichand. King Anagpal did on the basis of qualities of Prithviraj even though Jaichand had first right on kingdom on the basis of birth. Besides, Jaichand was older to Prithviraj. Jaichand was unaware about the culture and war betrayal techniques of Muslims. By the time he opposed it, it was too late and even Jaichand was killed by Ghori. First thing Ghori did was that he made Prithviraj blind (punishment of mercy). Then he took his wife Sanyogita as slave.


Should Moinuddin Chishti of Ajmer dargah be worshipped by Hindus or not?

Moinuddin Chishti proudly said after the defeat of Prithviraj Chauhan, “We have conquered India with great difficulty. Prithviraj Chauhan’s lovely wedded wife will now share bed with Mohammed Ghori”.


Mohammed Ghori gifted young daughters (it is said Prithviraj raised them up as his own daughters) of Prithviraj Chauhan to his teacher Moinudeen Chishti as slaves after his victory. Prithviraj Chauhan’s daughters managed to kill Chishti by trick and then sacrificed themselves to escape atrocities. Captured Prithviraj Chauhan was taken to Afghanistan – Ghor by Mohammed Ghori. Prithviraj Chauhan did not bow down to accept Islam even though his wife was sexually assaulted. He did not bow down even though his eyes were plucked off. He was not ready to accept Islam even after he was forcefully made to eat cow’s meat by Ghori. He did not give up his religion until his last breath. That was the sincerity showed towards his religion by Prithviraj Chauhan. If you really wish to worship then worship this personality who did not give up even after all the brutalities by Islamic forces till he perished. Today this India’s warrior is buried in Afghanistan, outside the mausoleum of Mohammed Ghori.

Prithviraj Chauhan's grave

Prithviraj Chauhan’s grave in Afghanistan; Source: Quora.

How Was Life of Slave Woman in Islam?

It is same as what ISIS does with captured women. They get raped more than 30 times a day!


Why Jauhar Pratha and Sati Pratha Started In India?

Rajput history says that after the incident of Prithviraj Chauhan’s defeat, millions of Hindu women in his territory from Delhi to Ajmer were taken as sex slaves. Since then Jauhar and Sati pratha started in India among Hindus.


What is Jauhar?

Jauhar is a death ceremony of valour celebrated among Hindu queens along with women in their territory.  When the kings go on final war against Muslim invaders (Saka) and the chances of victory are nil then these outnumbered warriors would give final stand. Queens along with women in territory gather together and prepare a huge well of ferocious fire. Then these women would jump into that fire to save their pride. This fire sacrifice of self considering the values and pride above life is called as Jauhar. Women who performed Jauhar are referred as Jauhar Sati.


What is Sati Pratha?

Sati Pratha is when the wife burns herself alive along with the dead body of her husband. This pratha started after the defeat of Prithviraj Chauhan. There are no records of Sati pratha in history of Hindu kingdoms before the defeat of Prithviraj Chauhan. At least no case of Sati is there in Indian tradition since the history from 3000 B.C.  This practice came into picture during Islamic rule because when a Hindu male died, his wife was often captured and sold in market by Muslim kings.


Note: Only those Hindus who paid Jizya tax (tax that is imposed by Muslim ruler to non Muslims till they agree to convert into Islam) as per Islam survived atrocities during Muslim rule. Rest all are killed or converted on swords.


Who Is Sati as Per Hindu Text or Vedas?

As per Vedas, Sati was the daughter of Lord Brahma’s son Daksha Prajapati. Sati was incarnation of Durga, the wife of Shiva. Sati’s father Daksha disgraced Lord Shiva in front of all. She was not able to tolerate it. So she sat in a Yoga asana and meditated on inner fire at naval. Meditative fire appeared from within and merged her into it. This is one of the methods as per Yoga to leave body at will.


Apart from it there is one more example from Mahabharat when Madri (wife of King Pandu) sacrificed herself in fire at the death of her husband 5000 years ago. Madri did so as an atonement as she thought herself to be the reason for King Pandu getting cursed from the Rishi resulting his death. Apart from that no other example is seen even in Vedic text. King Dashrath died in sorrow when Lord Ram’s exile happened, but his widows never become Sati. Kunti was widow but never become Sati. Abhimanyu’s wife was also widow. There is no other example other than that. There is no record of Sati Pratha ever in any kingdom during these 4000 years before the defeat and death of Prithviraj Chauhan.


What Is Mystery Behind Night Marriage in India?

As per Hindu (Sanatan) tradition, marriage is a Yagya (sacrifice). Hawan  kund (sacrifice place) is prepared and fire sacrifice is performed with celebrations. As per Hindu scriptures, marriage (Vivah Yagya) is always performed between sunrise to 12 Noon. It can’t be performed with sun setting down (after 12 Noon). So why marriages among some Hindus still happen during night time?


It started after the defeat of Prithviraj Chauhan. During Muslim rule in India only those Hindus survived who paid heavy Jizya tax. When a Hindu was to get married, the Muslim commander of that territory had to be informed. Then the girl to be married had to spent few nights with that Muslim commander before marriage. If avoided, then all the members of family would be killed and the women would be taken as slaves to be sold in market. To avoid such atrocities Hindus started to perform their ceremonies at night incognito.


How And When Child Marriage Started in India?

Child marriage was never a part of Hindu culture. Going by historical records, Sita-Ram, Rukmini Krishna and nearly all the kings before Prithviraj Chauhan got married as grown up adults. It started after the defeat of Prithviraj Chauhan and during Muslim rule. Child marriage is a part of Islam. It all started when 53 year old Prophet Mohammed married 7 year old child bride Aisha Bint Abi Bakr. As per Islam when a girl is strong enough to bear the weight of the male on her body then she could be married.


To impose this law Muslim rulers used to take unmarried girls as slaves as soon as they reach their puberty. Hindu and Sikh girls being kidnapped and forcibly converted as soon as they reached around 14 yrs is actually part of the same 1400 yrs old tradition. The same tradition is still followed in Muslim nations. Pakistan is also doing same with Hindu and Sikh girls. They kidnap them as soon as they reach 14-15 years of age. Family members reporting the incident to police used to receive the same reply that their daughters were converted into Islam and got married and that they could not meet them. WION News, an India based International news channel, recently covered this and even its reporter was attacked by terrorists for reporting, but somehow the reporter manage to escape. This was the reason that Hindus were forced to follow the law of child marriage.


700 Years of Muslim Invasion

After Prithviraj Chauhan killed Mohammed Ghori and sacrificed himself, Qutub Din Aibak, the famous historian and traveller became the King of Delhi. He only ruled for 4 years and died. He was also disciple of Moinuddin Chishti of Ajmer like Mohammed Ghori was. During his four year rule, he changed the real history and the names of historical monuments. Garuda Stambh (Iron pillar near Qutub Minar) and Vijay Stambh (Victory pillar) were renamed as Qutub Minar.


The culture of killing, converting, destroying ancient Universities in India was on heights wherever Muslims won. One after another from Qutub Din, Abrahim Lodhi, Humayun, Babar, Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan to Aurangzeb, Adil Shah, Haider Ali, Tipu Sultan, everyone followed the same tactics. Everyone broke hundreds of thousands of Hindu temples (or converted them into mosques), took heavy Jizya tax (took women in their family as sex slaves after killing them if unable to pay), captured Hindu women, and took them as sex slaves.


What Was the Number of Hindus Who Faced Atrocities and Holocaust? What Was the Hindu Population Then? 

Hindus have faced atrocities by Muslim kings (invaders) from generation after generation for 700 years. At that time present Bangladesh and Pakistan was part of India. India’s population was estimated at around 60 – 80 Crore (600 million to 800 million) when Mohammed Ghori attacked. Now nearly within every 100 years population of a country becomes minimum double or triple if goes through natural cycle without holocaust. For eg. world population during 1900 was around 100 crore (1 Billion). Now it is more than 700 crore (7 billion) which is more than 7 times.


Mohammed Ghori attacked and captured a part of India where he did holocaust and then this was followed by his successor Qutub Din Aibak. That time other territories which were major part of India were not captured. Hindu population increased rapidly there. Some or other prominent Hindu kings kept on fighting and defeating Muslim invaders. Sometimes losing and sometimes winning but someone or other were continuously fighting the Muslim forces.


Most ferocious were the Rajputs, Marathas, Sikhs and rulers of the Vijaynagar Empire (3-4 times bigger than Mughals), etc. Many Hindus kings who won many battles were erased from history by Islamic historians after a single defeat. Wherever Hindu kings ruled Hindu population used to flourish and women were safe but the moment they were invaded, males were killed and females were taken as slaves. Those Hindus who paid heavy Islamic tax were allowed to live in the Muslim territory. Tax was sometimes more than 90% of income. Those who failed to pay tax, their women were taken as slaves. This brutality continued for more than 30 generations, for more than 700 years. The total number of killings of Hindus by Muslim invaders is considered to be more than 1 Billion (100 crore) in 700 years, during more than 30 generations. By the end of Islamic rule the population of Hindus was left to nearly 20 crore – 3-4 times lesser than what was at the time of Prithviraj Chauhan. It is the biggest holocaust ever by anyone in world history. Whitewashed from history books! Swami Vivekananda also mentioned about the Hindu holocaust and the reducing Hindu population due to atrocities by Muslim rulers.


What’s the Reason Why Hindus Are Still in Majority?

Rajputs, Marathas, Sikhs and many brave kings and queens kept on fighting and defeating these Muslim invaders. The reality is that Muslims were never able to capture whole of India and have ruled only some parts of India. Like Vijay Garh was a Hindu territory and was nearly 3 times bigger than Mughal Empire. But this is not taught in History. The final nail in the coffin of Muslim rule was put by Sikhs (Guru Gobind Singh) and Marathas (Shivaji). But their glories are not taught much in Indian school text books. Instead glories of Muslim invaders are wrongly taught in a heroic manner. After Independence, the glorious Hindu history of sacrifice and atrocities by Muslim invaders were whitewashed as a part of political agenda.


The justice will be done when correct and full history will be taught as in records of Rajputs, Marathas, Sikhs and other Hindu kingdoms rather than of those written by Islamic and Communists propaganda historians.


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Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely of the author. My India My Glory does not assume any responsibility for the validity or information shared in this article by the author.

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