Making the Tough Choice – Career or Family

Have you ever been through the difficult situation of choosing between Career and Family? Have you ever had to make the tough choice of leaving your flourishing career in order to embrace Motherhood or take up family responsibilities? If “Yes”, then read on.

Success comes after a lot of sacrifices

There is a saying that Success comes after a lot of sacrifices and everyone has to go through that cycle if they are ambitious. And the amount of sacrifices done by a woman is always more, given the load of responsibilities of keeping a balance between work, family, children and her own life. Though many deal with it with perfect ease, the other lot have to make the tough decision of choosing between them.

Resuming your career

Even after you resume your career after short break thinking you have settled everything, after you find a good daycare or leave your child in the care of your own parents or in-laws, the happiness is short-lived. It’s never a 100% solution as hygiene, the child’s mental growth and health and many other unseen factors never allow the mind to be in total peace.

Fathers take turns in babycare

Though nowadays fathers, too, help in baby-care and share chores. And many organisations are coming up with flexible roles to retain the vast pool of talent that is lost due to the challenges of motherhood, the most important being TIME.

But the day of equality is still far away

Till then she has to go through the tough decision to choose between family and career. To what extent will that Equality bring hope and stability in a woman’s life is yet to be seen.

Keeping these things in mind we are sharing a small story about an experience of what we achieve after we take the tough decision of putting a break into our careers till our children grow up a bit. Hope you love it.

An Afternoon to Cherish

It was a bright sunny weekday afternoon and she was home after a long time. It was a big day for her and hence she was totally nervous as she waited for him eagerly to come home. They were about to meet at such an odd hour of the day for the first time after almost 2 years, though they were home together just the last afternoon which was a Sunday. They enjoyed lazy Sunday’s every weekend but that was the first weekday afternoon when they were going to be together, apart from the days when he had fallen sick. She had waited for this day for more than a month, as she served her notice in her last organisation.

It was like a new beginning for her and she again felt like a new bride cooking for the first time in her kitchen after her marriage. She was apprehensive whether he would like her cooking, as he had been having good food in lunch every day, 6 days a week. He loved simple but delicious things. Rice was their main food but she had made chapattis for him as he was now used to it in lunch. Curd or ‘ghee’ were not their usual items in the kitchen but she had stocked them enough as she knew he loved it. She tried to replicate the North Indian style of ‘dal’ though she could never match the taste as they hailed from the humble North East where ghee, curd, heavy ‘masalas’ etc. were not part of their daily meals. She was determined to please him in every possible way.

She waited near the gate to receive him, holding a bottle of his favorite chilled juice. Her heart beat harder and faster as the time for the arrival of the cab neared. She was excited but worried at the same time as she knew taking him out of a regular routine and bringing him home at that odd hour was a big challenge. It was a big surprise for him as she had not told him she will be home to meet him that fine day, the day which he always longed for but never spoke about. He wanted to be with her every single moment but never uttered a word, just cried as he didn’t know how to express.

He was puzzled as the cab took the turn towards his house unlike every afternoon and looked anxiously out of the window to check what was happening. On seeing her waiting for him for the first time in 2 years, he first felt numb as he couldn’t understand how to react, and then wept hard as he hung his face down. She too couldn’t help her tears from rolling down. The cab stopped and the door was flung open. He waited for a moment looking at her and then sprang to her arms. They hugged for a few minutes like they were inseparable for the lifetime.

His happiness knew no bounds and in that almost 1 km distance from the gate to his house he kept on telling everyone he met on the way, from the ‘Chowkidar’ to the sweeper to the milkman to the neighbour aunts – “Addu ghar agaya, mamma paas (Addu has come home, to mom)”.

Some moments in life are worth all the sacrifices. It’s been 5 months since then and every single day he tells her “Van mein ghar aate hain, Mamma ke paas” (We come Home in the Van, to Mom).

Image Source: Pixabay.

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Full-time mother and a freelance writer whenever I can sneak out time. Good observer and love to pen down the things happening around, in a humorous way.

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Neetu Sinha
Full-time mother and a freelance writer whenever I can sneak out time. Good observer and love to pen down the things happening around, in a humorous way.
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