Why Not Enforce Rule of Law in J&K? Why Confine to Pellet Guns?: GD Bakshi

J&K stone pelting
Stone pelters! This phrase is no new coinage. Behind the unrest in the Kashmir valley are terrorists. Who has been dealing with terrorists all these years? The Indian Army! BSF jawans! CRPF! Border police! J&K police! But, while dealing with terrorists, they pay a heavy price. They sacrifice their lives. They get injured. There is nothing new about injury through stone pelting. And the same story continues unabated.


There has been recent incidents of stone pelting on security forces in J&K. But the media has been silent. On the issue of stone pelting, Maj General (Retd) Shri Gagandeep Bakshi recently said, “Why should we not enforce the rule of law in J&K? Why are some obnoxious killers being treated with kid gloves? When there were riots in Sirsa Dera Sacha Sauda case, the Police opened fire and killed 36 people in a single day.”


“Please tell me why the same could not be done in J&K against murderous stone pelting Mobs. Why did we confine ourselves to pellet guns? Are the Kashmiri trouble makers above the law of the land? Why are they being molly coddeled?”

GD Bakshi on J&K

Past stone pelting incidents have been witness to majority of the media sympathizing with the stone pelters! They even visited them in hospitals and created news, disseminating info about their cause on their behalf! And where the secularism mass, presstitudes, and anti-India hooligans try to bring the nation under their sway, turning the situation chaotic, it is time the nation awakes against such anti-India promoters and supporters.


According to a report, Pakistan has been provoking the youth and children in the valley to resort to stone pelting. Pakistan has even resorted to using social media platforms to provoke Kashmiri youth groups to pelt stones at security forces, notifying them beforehand whenever any encounter is to take place at a particular location between security forces and terrorists.


According to a data on CRPF jawans injured in stone pelting, tweeted by Major Gaurav Arya, there were 2641 stone pelting incidents leading to injury of 1289 jawans. “Every Indian must know what our Jawans face. This is the price of our freedom,” tweeted Major Arya.

stone pelting incident chart

Recently, according to a Firstpost report, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) chief Praveen Togadia remarked that “those indulging in stone pelting against government forces in the Valley should be carpet bombed.” He further added, “We should strive to make Jammu and Kashmir terrorism free and those who indulge in stone pelting against soldiers should be carpet bombed.”


The VHP leader suggested the government of prioritising on the resettlement of Kashmiri Pandits (KPs) in Kashmir within a time frame. He also called for annulment of Article 370 and Article 35A of the Indian Constitution.


They are our protectors at the border. We, the protected, lead the carefree life according to our whims and caprices. While they sacrifice their lives for us, we act as silent spectators. While they put their lives at stake defending us against Naxalites and terrorists, we enjoy our freedom amid friends and families. Is the media’s gesture sympathizing with the stone pelters justified? It is an irony that the Supreme Court has directed the Centre to explore an alternative to pellet guns to control stone pelters.


Stone pelting image courtesy: Kashmir Life.

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