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  1. Konark Sun Temple: What the Architectural Splendor Reveal about a 13th Century Heritage
  2. Pavagadh: A 10th Century Temple and an 8th Century Coin Minting Workshop
  3. Kashmir’s Martand Sun Temple from 479 BCE Destroyed by Sultan Sikander Still in Ruins
  4. Konark Sun Temple: Magnetic Vigraha and Destruction by Kalapahad, the Islamic Convert
  5. What the Carvings in the Temples of Hampi Say – Each Telling a Story
  6. Mukteshwar Temple:  Legacy of a 10th Century Chandravanshi Dynasty of Kalinga
  7. Mystery behind Excavation of a Gigantic Black Stone Statue of Lord Vishnu in 1888 at Mehkar
  8. How Villagers of Lonar Defeated and Killed Afghan Invaders to Save Vishnu Temple
  9. Toka Siddheshwara Temple with Ramayana Roots; Shivlingam was Installed by Rama
  10. 2200 Year Old 22 Rock Cut Cave Temples Along Ancient India Trading Route
  11. Huge 15th Century Rock Sculptures of Goddess Durga and More Rock Carvings at Chobimura, Tripura
  12. Swami Vivekananda Trail: Finding India in Chicago
  13. Hampi: Temple Markets of 16th Century; Secrets that Are Yet to be Decoded
  14. How Pandayan King Defended Meenakshi Temple from Plunderer Malik Kafur
  15. Unakoti: One Less than a Crore Rock-carved Figures and Stone Images!
  16. When a Woman is Determined, None Can Stop Her. Delhi Lady Vidhi Did It!
  17. Osian: 8th Century Architectural Lotus Blooming in the Desert!
  18. Unmasking the 500 Year Old Mask Making Culture of Assam
  19. Shivleni Caves: A Site Ravaged by Humans and Forces of Nature
  20. Secrets Behind This Cleanest Village in India and Asia
  21. Keeladi Excavations: 2500 Year Old Habitat as Big as Harappa Mohenjodaro!
  22. Indian Navy Guy from Assam Covers 10,000+ km in Solo Biking Trips
  23. Ruins of Ajaigarh Fort; Temples Akin to Khajuraho Architecture
  24. Sakleshwar Temple: A Recent Excavation of Sculptural Beauty that Will Leave You Speechless
  25. Mystery of Shri Bullet Banna Temple: Miracle for a Safe Journey
  26. Enticing Birds in Dibrugarh University Campus of Assam
  27. Pandav Fall and Caves and the Raneh Canyons – a travelogue
  28. Why ‘Shri Ram’ Is Known as ‘Ram Raja’ in Orchha?
  29. What You May Not Know About Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi – a travelogue
  30. How Gwalior Derived Its Name
  31. Khajuraho Temples Are Not Symbolic to Eroticism!  – a travelogue
  32. 11 Reasons Why You Must Visit Northeast India At Least Once in Your Lifetime
  33. Trip to Maihar, Where Sati’s Necklace Fell, and the Alha Chronicle – a travelogue
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