New Indian Discovery ‘Bibhorr Formula’ Revolutionizes Space Science

Bibhorr Formula

An amazing discovery by an Indian scientist would change our perceptions towards space and mathematics!


An Indian scholar Bibhorr has come up with ground breaking science discoveries that would change the face of mathematics forever. Bibhorr has developed new theorems that prove space elements are directly entangled to each other and space-time is a mere mathematical illusion. There is no difference between the angular elements and linear segments of space, according to this new innovation. The invention is regarding three new formulations, credited in the name of Bibhorr, that define and convert linear space fibrils to cyclic angular components proving that linear time is actually a cyclic manipulation and that it would get repeated. The start point and the end point in a space journey can be proved as same as if a linear distance is actually enwrapped within its own fibre. The theory is based on Bibhorr law that states a living entity can be cloned onto an evolving entity.


The discovery has also appeared on Indian government’s innovation portal and has started creating a buzz. The scientific equation called Bibhorr formula directly wraps a linear space strands with foolproof measurements. The equation is realized in aerospace engineering, aerodynamics, propulsion systems, fluid dynamics, infinite series, geographical navigation, marine engineering, quantum physics, space travel, teleportation and more.


Space organizations work all day long computing the indirect side-angle techniques and relations for securing just an approximation. At the end of this hour-long calculation procedure they are left with just a vague value, a number whose accuracy is not even agreed upon within the team behind it. This hazy number then becomes the base for new scientific discussions and explanations involving new propositions and data gathered from various sources. Bibhorr formula scrutinizes the woolly procedure that involves ill-defined calculations and declares results boldly. Basically, Bibhorr formula is a scanner that spots ill-treated mathematical elements instantly. Overcoming the approximations in mathematics, the unmatched equation is incredible to describe.


Universally known as king of equations, the formula dumps the entire web of trigonometric functions viz. sine, cosine, tangent, secant, cotangent, etc. while analyzing triangles and is precise and absolute in calculations as opposed to the approximations of trigonometry. The irregular deviating pattern of approximations in trigonometry is rigorously corrected down in Bibhorr formula. The inaccuracies encountered in trigonometry within third or more decimal places are brought to an ideal scenario in an exemplary model created by Bibhorr equation.


Bibhorr formula is the world’s only Samahikaran class equation to date. There is no debate that Bibhorr formula and trigonometry both are bound to provide triangle solutions, irrespective of what path paves them to the same goal. However, trigonometry follows the conventional approach of approximation of nearly accurate measurements while Bibhorr formula is very precise and accurate due to its highly geometric approach.


For the understanding, Bibhorr formula can be stated as.

*A scientific equation for establishing authentic, precise and accurate relations among the arcs and lengths also associated to triangles as opposed to trigonometric approximations.

*The relation is not only restricted to mathematical world but also forms a base for quantum physics, space travel and teleportation.

*The formula is based on a new fact of Bibhorr law that states same entity can be a part of two or more evolving entities. This means same entity can be present in multiple dimensions at the same time.

*The equation is the outcome of merging Bibhorr law and Bibhorr leek theorem.

*No particular units are associated to Bibhorr angle as it does not call for any limitation.


About Bibhorr

Bibhorr is an Indian born math prodigy and an aerospace designer. His path breaking formula is universally acknowledged as King of Equations. He is known for writing the research publications that are considered most superior scientific texts in the world.


His research treatise laid the foundation of a complete new subject of Bibhorrmetry that forms the basis of quantum physics and telepathy.  He invented and discovered three new laws: Bibhorr formula, Bibhorr leek theorem and Bibhorr law that not only proved to be the most dominating concepts in the field of science but also demonstrated that science is even simpler than one thinks.


Bibhorr says it is not an Indian invention but an invention that belongs to the whole world. According to him every individual is the sole owner of anything that is being created in the world. He has provided his research findings free of cost and is available as an open access.


Bibhorr is brilliant in geometry and is fond of inventing new equations. He loves debunking scientific myths.


Terms and Notations

In order to understand the mathematical relation between the sides and angle through Bibhorr formula, one needs to understand the naming structure applied to a right triangle. The field identified with Bibhorr formula is known as Bibhorrmetry.


For the given right triangle, following terminologies are employed:

  1. Longest side is called shrav.
  2. Medium side is called lambu.
  3. Shortest side is chhutku.
  4. Angle opposite to lambu is Bibhorr angle.
  5. Angle opposite to chhutku is Ubhorr angle.


Bibhorr formula is written down and notated in Devanagari syllables. Bibhorr angle of a right triangle with shrav श्रlambu लं and chhutku  is notated as बि.


Bibhorr Rekhachitran

The plot for the measures of Bibhorr angle is known as Bibhorr Rekhachitran. This plot forms the highest mathematical standards of accuracy and is the base for clean mathematical solutions. Unlike hackneyed graphs otherwise used in trigonometry, Bibhorr Rekhachitran is an ideal, rare and exceptional representation of angle measures.


The point at which Bibhorr and Ubhorr angles meet is the “Bhorr bindu”. The curves’ pattern in the graphical plot is called “Rājsi Yāvneeka” (राजसी यावनीका ) as it assumes the shape of a royal curtain.

Bibhorr Formula

Error Graph in Trigonometry

The inaccuracies encountered in trigonometric angles are depicted through this graph. This graph is also called “Drambhoo plot” as the arc looks like a snake. The head and tail points of Drambhoo plot are called “Drambhoo Sheersh” and “Drambhoo lom”. The extreme left and right arcs of Drambhoo plot are called Vaambhoo and Dakshinbhoo respectively. The angles established using trigonometric functions range between Vaambhoo and Dakshinbhoo.


The Vaambhoo and Dakshinbhoo ranges are -0.015ºand 0.08º(-0.00026 and 0.00139 radians).

Bibhorr Formula

Bibhorr Formula in Aerospace Engineering

Whether the wings of an airplane are to be analyzed or angle of attacks are to be ensured, Bibhorr formula is the only fastest and most accurate way to compute and certify. The areas of wings of an aircraft can be easily computed with this equation.

Bibhorr Formula

The area of non defined curves is computed through calculus which was developed by Madhava of Sangragrama and is now a global concept. Bibhorr formula analyzes curves and is able to find area of any shape. It is a real boon to the aerospace industry. Bibhorr being an aerospace engineer himself understands the complexities of industry and has very intellectually constructed the equation that benefits the industry as a whole.


Bibhorr Formula in Marine Engineering     

A tool that solves aerospace issues is destined to favour marine industry. Aerospace and marine engineering may sound different but actually both have common aspects of science. Both the fields require an in-depth knowledge of fluid dynamics and propulsion. Aerodynamics is an essential element involved in the designing and construction of marine vessels and airplane fuselage.


The equation works practically finding innumerable permutations of distances between the typical vessels and lighthouse problems. The supra-geometric property of the equation simplifies mathematical concepts involving highest rated complexity.

Bibhorr Formula

Bibhorr Formula in Space

Advanced space solutions are at fingertips of Bibhorr formula. The potential of finding planetary locations and intergalactic distances are very basic expertise of the equation. Being an ultra-modern geometric notion of equivalence, the formula detects irregularities and inconsistencies in current quality of mathematics. The operation of the robots sent into space can also be controlled using Bibhorr formula. The artificial planets can be launched into space using an accurate pattern built by Bibhorr formula.

Bibhorr Formula



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