Prithiv Chandar: Best Selling Author of ‘Manhattan Courtship’ and the Latest ‘The Paris Appeal

Prithiv Chandar

“Best pick for romance fiction followers, a warm and light read to grab. You will enjoy it for sure; I did anyway! Love and life is impressively penned and presented. I would love to read more from this author. I loved his style and work, the way he weaved this story up and got published, it is pretty amazing.” This is what a reviewer Manvir Singh has written about Manhattan Courtship on Amazon.


The author of this bestselling novel, Prithiv Chandar shares his experience how he got his debut novel published through crowd funding.


In the words of the author Prithiv Chandar, “While I was done with writing with my debut novel, I required significant investment off looking into about different procedures of publishing a book. From editing to getting the printed version of the book out in the market, resembled a period taking procedure. In any case, that wasn’t the worry, money was. In this way, with no related knowledge in crowd funding, I propelled my thought in a crowd funding site and began a battle to get assistance from individuals to subsidize my novel to get it independently published. There was this one man, Vijay Anand that helped me out colossally, with the assistance of my companions and his companions, I figured out how to get around 48,000 rupees through financing and it was accomplished in the last day of the crusade. Maybe a couple of my incredible companions assisted to accomplish the objective and my dream to publish the book. It was such an uplifting factor for me by and by. I express gratitude toward Mumpy, for her help through various challenges and numerous other people who helped me out to get where I am today.”


“As a first time independent author, I know that it will be difficult to edit, market and publish my book while in the midst of my daily life. One sacrifice I have made is taking a break from working for an employer to focus on the book. I had to put 5-6 hours a day into this project, editing, studying and researching. I don’t regret a second of the time I spent. I was able to come up with some great ideas for the book, in which I am more than positive, you, the readers, will enjoy. I haven’t achieved my goal yet, but still working on it. It only gets better once you start to sail.”


Manhattan Courtship is a Fictional Romance Novel on two supreme strangers who meet each other in Manhattan. Writing his first novel has always been a dream for author Prithiv Chandar, but finding a publisher was a nightmare. Now that the negative stigma of self-publishing is gone, he is writing!


Ryan Kramer could have effectively picked an alternate life, however he expected to encounter his underlying years working as a realtor. Amy Emerson was new to Manhattan and didn’t comprehend that she would wind up at Ryan’s service. Ryan builds up a crush for Amy even before meeting her legitimately. Yet it wasn’t past the point of no return for her to comprehend that Ryan felt weak at the knees over her. However, they by one means or another end up sitting at the dinner table sipping wine.


Anything could have occurred on the night of the date, however what did truly happen? What are the potential chances of them getting to be noticeably acquainted with each other?

Andrew Cairns, Bestselling Author of The Witch’s List says, “Manhattan Courtship is a beautiful tale of a modern relationship, and a young man’s battle to overcome his terrible loss.”


Coral Boucher Taylor, Author of The Eerie, Foggy Forest and 17 other books says about Manhattan Courtship “A Romantic and sensitive story of love, loss and new beginnings. Prithiv writes of his courtship, as he takes us through his subsequent delicate hope of a happier life to come.

Manhattan Courtship by Prithiv Chandar

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Prithiv Chandar’s latest release is a short story titled, The Paris Appeal. The preview of the story: Paris; the city of love, but not for everyone. Roxane is a young woman who is working at one of the best hotels in the city, and she’s barely scraping by. She’s living day by day volunteering after her long shifts and making everything worth it, despite all the trouble. Everything changed after she met Frank Moyer, a wealthy American who had come to Paris on a business trip. He doesn’t give her the time of the day, until he loses his temper. He learns more about her, and guilt washes over him. Trying to find her, he sees she has quit, and follows her to her NGO. The next day, tragedy seems to have befallen on the NGO. But in the midst of her sadness, the American walks through the door, and changes her life forever.

The Paris Appeal by Prithiv Chandar

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Prithiv Chandar lives in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu with his family. Before he began writing, he experimented with various occupations: mechanical supervisor, computer networking, human resources… In any case, his most loved occupation is the one he’s currently doing full time – writing books. He is also a vocalist of a local death metal band.


Making stories was dependably an energy for Prithiv Chandar, however he didn’t concentrate on making it a profession until the point that the day when he began writing amid an arbitrary event and those hand-written pages went on to become printed pages of a book.

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