This Couple Facilitated Mass Wedding of 31 Poor Girls, Cheques to 101 Homeless Families


Visualizing and planning about one’s dream wedding the grand way is but a common affair for many a self employed or salaried individual. And families spend a lot of money in Indian weddings on the venue, decorations, food, etc. Weddings in India are no wonder impressive manifestations of the country’s rich cultural heritage wherein myriad customs and traditions are religiously followed. Here is a wedding from Delhi that is different from the rest!


According to a Dainik Jagran report, it was the marriage ceremony of Tina and Akash that created waves. The wedding venue was Indira Gandhi Stadium, Delhi. The wedding ceremony was conducted during the day. All in utmost simplicity despite attendance from some of the big entrepreneurs of the Delhi/NCR region and Haryana, political leaders, distinguished guests, friends and relatives, and guests from abroad!


Tina is the niece of Haryana’s industrial minister, Vipul Goyal. On the day of the wedding, Tina’s father Ashok Goyal, uncles Vinod Goyal and Vipul Goyal facilitated the collective marriage of 31 girls from poor families before coming to Tina’s marriage venue.


That is not the end of the story! After the marriage of Tina and Akash (from Ghaziabad) consummated, Tina’s family paid cheques for assistance to 101 needy families of Varanasi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary constituency. These cheques were given to needy families for building their dream homes.


BJP’s National General Secretary Dr. Anil Jain, Haryana’s Minister of Industry Vipul Goyal, Union Minister Krishnpal Gurjar, Haryana’s Public Works Minister Rao Narbir Singh, VHP leader Dinesh Chandra, Union of Haryana Union’s Union conductor Pawan Jindal were present on the occasion.


Many entrepreneur families present at the wedding ceremony pledged to follow the same example.


Dainik Jagran quotes Tina, “I got the blessings of thousands of people. I am glad that my uncle organized my marriage in a simpler way. All my friends are happy with us getting married in the daytime. Many of my friends resolved that they would organize such simple ceremonies in their families now.”


We have heard about entrepreneurs in Gujarat helping poor girls through kanyadan in mass weddings, sponsoring the entire costs. Instead of spending lavishly unnecessarily if these examples are followed, it will be a boon for not only the underprivileged sections but also for India!


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