Hammurabi: How Aryavart Once Spanned Bharat to Babylonia and Sumer


Every student of history learns about Hammurabi and his great sense of justice which is reflected in the Code of Hammurabi. The Mosaic Law in Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam borrows from it, and the Ten Commandments are based on it.


The word “Hammurabi” is one of the biggest short sightings of historians of British times to not go behind the origin of the word and its meaning, and then mis-pronouncing and mis-spelling the word.

Omayyad Sufi

Example, in the above picture of an artifact from an ancient site in Babylonia, which says Om-ay-yad Script and Cuneiform Script but if you invert the seal, in the so called Om-ay-yad script, you will see the remains of scripts which were shared by Brahmis/Devanagri of Hindus, Phoenicians, and Tachurians (Xinjiang,West of China, above Tibet and South West of Mongolia). The script seems to be overlaid on old cuneiform text and painted with lime. It is not hard to see the similarity since modern historians agree that Indus Valley and Babylonia had cultural and trade interactions. Also it is a well known fact in history that Persians, who were cousin brothers of Hindus, and like Hindus before they converted to Islam and before that to Zoroastrians (after famous Surya/Asurya split), ruled Babylonia.


So first lets do basic Linguistic Lessons. Why people were called Hindus. Basically there is a river called “Sindhu” river mentioned in Vedas, which is now called Indus. The western side of the river, would call the eastern side of the people “Sindhus”. By the way, the Genitive Case Singular is often “Ah”, where h is the Hard Aspirated “h” (in Sanskrit it called Visarga). This sound can become sibilants, Palatal “Sh”, Cerebral “Sh” and Dental “S”, or “ar” sound, depending on how they join to others. So you know how the English genitive of possessiveness like “Jhon’s” could have come up with the “‘s” rule.


Anyway, coming back to the main discussion, the western people were always caught up in the tussle between Persians and Indians, though the two were part of the same Parent Branch. They had experienced “Surya” and “A-Surya” split, which I have mentioned in another article. So they could not pronounce the sound “S”, and called these people on the eastern side, “Hindus”. Now we know that “H” is Guttaral sound and can become “A” sound, if aspiration is taken away.


Now come to the two rivers of Uzbekistan: “Surya Dariya” and “Amu Dariya”. “Dariya” in Sanskrit means River. And Surya means “Sun”, which Suryas or Hindus were, a Sun Worshipper, which most of the people of all lands and nations were. And “Amu” is “Hamu”, which is “Somu”, meaning Moon. Now this means they are Sun and Moon Rivers, which makes perfect sense.


Now come to Hammurabi. This means Hammu-Rabi. English people often confuse semivowel “v” or velar “v” to “b”. And “Rabi” is “Ravi”, and “Hammu” is “Sommu”. So it is “Sommu-Ravi” king! Makes perfect sense, since the ancient kings would take epithets of Gods, as they would imagine themselves to be the representatives of God or the Chosen ones.


Know if you think this is far fetched, I will shock you further. The Surya and A-Surya split also reflects in Hindu History as Solar worshippers and Lunar Worshippers. Knowing Hammu-Rabi to be a man of wisdom, we can say he was coming out to be a Secular, which is reflected by the codes he has left.


If you think still not convinced, go back to his seals and coins, and see what is usually depicted. They depict Sun, Moon, and Obelisk (which I shall talk about later)!


Still not convinced, now is the punch line: His father name was Amar-phal, which is Amar-Pal, or Eternal Ruler, Protector, Lord or Husband. The other word is “Pati” meaning the same. In South India we have “Tri-Pati” becoming “Tirupati” and in Libya we have “Tri-Pali” becoming “Tri-poly”. The ancient name of Palestine was “Pali-Stan”, meaning place of Lord. Please note how many nations even today carry the suffix from Sanskrit called “stan”.


Now on Obelisk. This is the symbol of power or Male or Father Principle, which is often called “Phallic Worship”. Please read my other article on this how the word has become a crude meaning to modern society. Still not convinced, go and see the shape of the Hammu-rabi’s pillar and wonder why they show an Obelisk in his coins.


They were basically nothing but Persians/Hindus, since they claimed they were as old as 432,000 years (source William Durant, Our Oriental Inheritage), and this number is very sacred to Hindus as it forms a basis of Hindu Cosmogony, which predicts the life of Universe, and which Carl Sagan, noted American Astronomer, and Scientist, said, “Only the Hindus came very close to predicting the age of the Universe.”


BTW, if one follows Sanskrit-izing the word “Om-ay-yad”, it would be “Om-aya-yat”, meaning “that comes from God”.


I got an email from an Assyrian expert and there were some clarifications made – as the script seal I had put was confused by her as me depicting it to be from the same time period as Hammurabi (or we can say Sommu-Ravi, Shomu-Ravi, Haamu-Ravi, or Ammu-Ravi). So I thought that I might add some more ammunition to what I am saying, with more examples.


I did not want to be graphic here as the “sense and sensibilities” in the modern world are with low thresholds and touchy, unlike the ancients, where facts of life were facts of life, and nothing more. Please look at the pictures above carefully and read on.


Now note the shape of the object above and think how the “anatomical part of a virile male”, when showing its “vigor”, looks like. I dread to mention specific words for fear of sounding vulgar. But this symbol is the “sign of the Male Principle”, and even today, in Medicine, the sign used for Male Sex is an “arrow and circle” and for Female Sex is a “plus and circle”. The same concept is there in Shiva-Lingam-Yoni depiction of the Hindus.


If you look at the quality of the sculpture, and the fine details, then ask yourself, why the shape looks like the way it is? Is it a sheer accident? Look at the contours and see for yourself. Yes this offends the Victorian sensibilities to which the Colonial Scholars belonged. But go to the temple of Khajuraho in India and see that this compares nothing to the graphic depictions but for the ancients the nature’s gift was sacred and not an object of obsession, unbridled passion, ridicule or shame – but just an essential fact of life.


I will try to show why the knowledge of Ancient Language like Sanskrit and Ancient Greek is required to do justice to the words from the Ancient World, from Asia, Europe and Africa, one so called Proto Indo European, a.k.a., Aryans/Caucasians (the mixing and dividing of the gene-pool has been going on from the ancient times and the time immemorial but modern DNA studies do confirm this). Most of the History of the Ancient World, was written by Europeans, and specially Colonial English Scholars, who were not familiar with the richness of the sounds in the Ancient Languages, such as Ancient Greek and Sanskrit. At the most, some of them may be familiar with Latin, but it would be a very rare for them to know the grammar rules, which today for Non Vedic Sanskrit stands at 40,000, and plus Latin is a derived language from Ancient Greek – like Hindi is from Sanskrit – but Ancient Greek and Sanskrit are very akin.


There was a science of writing and creating the words, which is lost today, and is like a layman saying “H2O”, without knowing what it means at atomic/molecular number, and not knowing Chemistry Fundamentals. And if these people, based on the approach of only looking for physical evidences, as archaeology is the basis of today’s History, Ancient Language and Grammar takes a back seat, specially on the sounds of philology and etymology.


English is not a real phonetic language and is known for being spoken with sounds which are different than what is written. In English there are only 26 letters, 5 vowels and 21 consonants (which has 2 nasals, and 2 sibilants) but in Sanskrit there are 14 vowels and 43 consonants, (which has 4 semivowels, 3 simple sibilants and 1 compound sibilants, 5 Nasals, 2 Generic Nasals, and rules to make new sounds based on combinations of the letters – like a musical composition).


It is to be realized that the Ancients kept names which was on the basis of Astronomy and some deeper symbolic significance. This essence is missing in naming of modern western names and the tendency of the Western Scholars, has been to ignore this aspect. Then the training of accent involves training of the speech spoken as well as speech herd (how many of you can follow English spoken by speakers from different parts of the world and speak like them unless you have got used to hearing and may be speaking like that).


Then we must also note the political climate of the period in the sub-continent, and who the rulers were, and what biases were there. It was unthinkable for them the natives/slaves and pagans had an advanced civilization. Try to read the history on Sanskrit when it was declared to the Colonial Scholars that the English Language was its grand-child and far inferior language by Sir William Jones. There were some scholars who were above this bias but their work did not appeal to the main-stream think-tank which also controlled the power and money.


Please see that above picture taken from an ancient book, (you can google and go to sacred-texts.com or googlebooks.com), and see that is Sun sign above. What is the other “half circle” with some “spots” or “engravings”? Is it a moon, or something else? We can not confirm since the other half of the circle is broken. But what else can be that is circular and planetary, and important after Sun? Now go and take some other Babylonian Seals, and see what symbols are shown there – one would often find the Sun and the Moon depicted there.


Funny, if you see the outline of the cracks, or are they natural outline carved, one sees an ancient map of the South and West Asia – and may depict a treaty between Suryas and Asuryas. Please read this article on the Suryas and Asuryas Split. We know Assyria was a country, mention in Bible many times, and has overlapping boundaries with Babylonia and Sumer and today we have countries like Syria in the region, on border with Iraq, where Babylonia was situated.


Now read the articles: (1) Syria, Assyria, Brahman, and Abrahman and (2) Sumeria and Mt. Meru. Suryas were Solar worshippers and A-Suryas were Moon Worshipers. The Indian God Ram was a Solar Worshipper and the Indian God Shiva is often depicted with “Moon” and associated with the Male Principle. Now go and see how many places the Asuryas have the “lingam” depicted. Please read Romania And Armenia. See how many names in Vedic Lebenon and Syria begin with the name of “Ram”.


Now wonder, why the thing is not showing the Sun symbol. And why the smaller circle has disappeared from the scene altogether, and the cusp of the handle of the mace has been mixed up with the smaller circle, which I am sure was depicting moon.

assyria battle

Look at the “Shiv Lingam” and “Tree of Life”, and person praying with folded hands – and wonder who does even today – which we know is still followed by the Hindus and Buddhists.


Some Sumerian Seals showing Sun and Moon Signs:

Sumerian Seals

BTW, the number 432,000, known to the Hindus and the Babylonians in the true context, and only known to other civilizations, like Greek. Celtic, and Nordic, only remembered the stories pertaining to the number 432,000. Their is a series of Blog Entries at Stone Circles and Stonehenge, which shows the factors of the number to be encoded at Stonehenge.


Now wonder, if so many series of co-incidences, which in modern science would be called a high co-efficient of co-relation in a statistical regression analysis, is nothing but just a mere figment of a wild imagination, with all known rules of linguistics, and that too all of them? And then who are the people who say that is not so? The old guards who wants to show that their authority is the final authority, and they base this only on their knowledge and background, and put a lot of emphasis on archaeological evidence only and their interpretation of the things, including language, symbols, and sounds. So many of the co-incidences can not be just ruled out, and including so many other Historians saying the same thing for last 250 years! How many scholars from India, with Sanskrit and History as a background have done any such research? There are very few names in this field and as such, Indians did not care much for history, which is even true today, as historically, for a long time they were in survival mode.


When the tummies are full, peace and prosperity in the country, does one think of entertaining higher level of ideas, which also includes History.


This article was first published at the author’s personal blog hammu-rabi.blogspot.com.

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