KrixomNET: Agricultural Startup by 4 Teenagers to Uplift the Agri Scenario of Northeast India

Discovery of agricultural implements in Jwalapuram, Andhra Pradesh dating back to 75,000 years prove that Indians practiced farming much beyond this. Further excavations of these implements in the Indus valley and other regions in India substantiate the history of agriculture to thousands of years in antiquity. Do you know 50 percent of India’s workforce belongs to the agricultural sector? India globally ranks second in farm output. Though India ranks amongst the top 10 countries globally in exports with horticultural and agricultural products exported to over 120 countries, yet the very utterance of the term ‘farming’ transports one to negativity – of farmer suicides, farmers’ debt, drought, flood, and the list goes on.


Farming is the primary source of livelihood in India. Unfortunately, according to Census 2011 report, 2000 farmers give up farming everyday in India. The youth are hardly interested in farming. When choosing careers, today’s youth opt for engineering, banking, medical, marketing, and related professions. Reviving India’s agriculture is the need of the hour to carry forward this primary livelihood activity and maintain the legacy of the next generation farmer.


If innovative farming methods and techniques are followed, farm output can be higher. Farmers should follow sustainable methods of farming and follow measures to control floods, survive in droughts, and related paraphernalia. There are various avenues that are associated with farming.


These four teenagers from Assam started an agricultural venture KrixomNET to uplift the agri scenario of Northeast India. The founder Dhrubajyoti Kakati and co-founders Subhajit Khound, Manash Portim Chetia, and Lakhyajit Kalita are upbeat about promoting farmers from the interior regions of Assam and other Northeastern regions, helping them sell their produce. They started with a meager investment but with big dreams.

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“We want to convert Northeast India from CUSTOMER ZONE to PRODUTION HUB. We have the potentiality but no one takes risk. If we succeed to connect Northeast India with the rest of Asia, we can move to global market easily. We, at KrixomNET, wish to make it possible,” says Dhrubajyoti Kakati, Founder and CEO.


Currently, KrixomNET deals in their own brand of products like laddoo, coconut-flattened rice, gamosa, etc. They have used their own packaging features according to international standards. The startup is also involved in R&D projects for particular food products and packaging. This is only the start. More opportunities that mutually benefit their startup as well as the farming community of the region are underway.


All the four steerers of KrixomNET are students. While Dhrubajyoti Kakati, Subhajit Khound, and Manash Portim Chetia are pursuing their graduation in Agriculture from Bishwanath College of Agriculture, Sonitpur, Assam, Lakhyajit Kalita is pursuing his BBA from Dibrugarh University.


Dhrubajyoti Kakati is also the founder of another venture named INXOM, which he started on 22 March, 2018. This startup has interests in technical development, manufacturing and installation, and e-commerce.

The founder wishes to developed unique devices, methods, etc. Through the e-commerce site, he looks forward towards selling regional products to the world market. Kakati has also applied for patent for a device which is very effective for household use.R&D for an app which is new in Northeast India is in progress.


Ideating and experimenting since his childhood, Dhrubajyoti Kakati pioneered concepts, directed towards empowering the physically challenged, small farmers, and the common people at large. He has well exploited ideas and technology to everyone’s advantage! While youngsters of his age are more inclined towards teenage activities and nearly indecisive about what they shall do in their future, he has pioneered seven innovations! He developed a concrete mixer for the small construction sector, multi-purpose crutch for the physically challenged, pedal operated grinder, grilling device, umbrella helper box, and low cost seed driller. He has been featured in national electronic and print media including TV channels like Pratidin Times, News Nation, Zee Q, and more for his innovations.

Assamese Gamocha

It is no exaggeration to say that floods are the most commonly occurring natural disasters in India every year. The widespread floods cause loss of life and property worth crores of rupees. As per the National Flood Commission estimates, about 40 million hectares of land area on an average is prone to this natural disaster. Around 8 million hectares of land including cropped area of about 3.7 million hectares get flooded every year. Imagine the consequences! Dhrubajyoti Kakati, has come up with an innovative solution to control floods – an effective embankment system that can act as alternatives to earthen dykes along rivers and their tributaries. His idea hasn’t been implemented yet. His embankment system design for controlling flood has been featured in The Times of India newspaper. Currently, he is involved in creating two devices that will be helpful for flood affected victims in their everyday lives.


More power to KrixomNET and INXOM!

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