Enticing Birds in Dibrugarh University Campus of Assam


Birds! The very sight of these wonders of nature brings smile to our lips and fills us with happiness.


Few activities enlighten our souls from within. Photography is food for my soul. I devote nearly an hour or more in this activity almost everyday.


Everyone will agree to my point that Nature in her colorful attire is feast for the eyes. I derive happiness from Nature all around, in her wildlife, flora, fauna, landscape, and more.


I am sharing with you few photographs of enticing birds clicked by me in Dibrugarh University campus.

oriental pied hornbill

These birds are the smallest and most common of the Asian hornbills. They dwell in tropical and subtropical moist areas including lowland forests.  They live on insects, fruit, and small reptiles.

chestnut tailed starling

These birds with white heads, yellow bill and a pale blue base belong to both resident and partially migratory species. They build their nests in holes.  They live on fruit, nectar and insects.

spotted dove

They dwell in light forests, vegetation areas, and gardens. They are also found abundantly in urban areas. Also called mountain doves they live on grass seeds, fallen fruits and seeds, and grains.

oriental white eye

You can easily distinguish these birds with their white eye-rings and yellowish upper parts. They dwell in open woodlands and tropical areas. They feed on nectar and small insects.

Indian spotted owls

These birds are found in farmlands, open habitats, residential areas with green foliage including urban areas, especially in the hollows of trees and rocks. In cities, they are often found in cavities of buildings. They live mainly on insects.

The owl is considered the vahan of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth.

cattle egret

They dwell in temperate zones including tropical and subtropical regions near water bodies. They are often found with cattle and hence their name. They feed on insects like ticks, flies, etc. that disturb the cattle.

water hen

These dark slaty birds with white face dwell in open marshes, other water bodies including drains in urban areas. They feed on small fish, seeds, aquatic invertebrates, and insects. They emit noisy croaky calls at dawn and dusk.

slender billed vulture

One of the oldest species of vulture and nearing extinction (declining by 97% according to a recent survey), they are found in the south east region of Asia. They are considered protected species.

common mynah

These omnivorous open woodland birds are abundantly found in both rural and urban environments. They are among the top species that are increasing rapidly. They use the nests of other birds. They feed on seeds, insects, discarded food, berries, tropical fruits, etc.

magpie robin

These insectivorous birds that also feed on berries and other fruits are one of the most endangered species in the world. They dwell in forests and gardens.

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Trishna Gogoi

A postgraduate in Assamese Literature and a photographer by passion, Trishna loves to capture Nature, wildlife, flora and fauna into her lens. Writing is one of her hobbies.

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