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Ancient India

India is a treasure trove of knowledge, wisdom, and heritage from ancient India. From kings to kingdoms, town planning to artistry, scholars to astronomers, philosophers to astrologers, Gurus to shishyas, warriors to strong women characters, the list of India’s rich past goes on and on. Archaeological proofs dating back to thousands of years and literature from that period corroborate the fact.

At this section of Ancient India, we have tried to bring forth the glories on ancient India.

Latest Posts on Ancient India:

  1. Understanding Scientific Culture of Ancient India: Historical Context
  2. A Genealogical Account of Bhrigu Gotra from Saptarshis
  3. Saptarshis: Lineages of the Angirasa gotra from 14050 BCE
  4. Saptarshis: The Evolution of Rishi Gotras
  5. Paraśurāma Flourished around 11177 BCE; Recovered Land from Sea
  6. A Chronological History of Kashi from the Vedic Period
  7. Pushpak Vimana of Ramayana Era (5677-5577 BE) Was a Hot Air Balloon
  8. Onam: Celebrated by Indians since 11150 BCE; Connection with Nawroz
  9. Afghanistan Was Part of Rgvedic Horizon: A Historical Analysis
  10. What DNA Samples and More Tests Reveal about Ancient Indians
  11. Black Holes Described in Rig Veda? What Evidences Reveal!
  12. Indus Valley Seals Convey Scientific Concepts from Vedas! Here is How?
  13. Puru Defeated Alexander in the Battle of Hydaspes; Here Are Evidences
  14. Meghavahana and Amritaprabha: Ancient Connect of Kashmir and Assam
  15. Rig Veda Described Sun’s Orbit, Attraction of Planets 1000s of Years before Copernicus
  16. Aryabhata: Described Trigonometric Functions, Relativity of Motion 5100 Years Ago
  17. Women Warriors of Sinauli: What Excavated Artefacts Reveal!
  18. 436 Inscriptional Evidences on Kaliyuga and its Timeline; An Analysis
  19. Tithi Ṡastrarth: The Kurukṣetra War Date Debate of January 2021
  20. Outline of Indian Chronology: Manu (14500 BCE) to Vikramaditya (1 BCE)
  21. Kurukshetra War Date Evidences: 3162 BCE Vs 3066 BCE Vs 1792 BCE
  22. Porus: The King Who Stopped Alexander from Further Progress into India
  23. Varahamihira: Ancient Indian Scientist’s Contribution to Hydrology, Geology, Astronomy
  24. Historicity of Navaratnas of Raja Vikramaditya: Kalidasa to Vetala Bhatta
  25. Did Ancient Indians also Migrate to Paris and Persia? Out of India Analysis
  26. 53 Evidences on Mahabharata War Date; Brihadratha to Gupta Chronology
  27. Saka King Nahapana Ruled around 623-583 BCE? Here are Evidences
  28. Krishna and Arjuna Founder of Indraprastha – Delhi; A Historical Analysis
  29. How Aryan Invasion Theory Used as Socio Political Tool for Religious Conversion
  30. Indian Rivers in Veda Itihasa Puranic Context: Sacred Geography now Ignored
  31. A Chronology of Comet Observations During Rigvedic Era
  32. Chronological History of Ayodhya: Manu to Shri Ram to Sumitra
  33. Alchemy of Sounds: Observations on Sandhi in Context of Bhagavad Gita
  34. 10000 Year Old Cave Paintings of UFOs, Aliens in Chhattisgarh
  35. Academic Terrorism? JNU Leftists Oppose Webinar on Sarasvati Civilisation
  36. Did Draupadi insult Duryodhana during Rajasuya, Karna in Swayamvara?
  37. Gupta Era Dashavatar Temple in UP: Where Puranic History Comes Alive
  38. Grand Trunk Road since Pre Mahabharata Times; Here are Evidences
  39. 4 Women Role Models from Ancient India: From Rishikas to Householders
  40. Surrogacy and Artificial Insemination in Ancient India: An Analysis
  41. Dates of Balarama’s Pilgrimage and Shri Krishna’s Diplomatic Mission
  42. Arundhati and Vasistha: The Dating of the Kurukshetra War, A Debate
  43. Nagarjuna: Wizard in Indian Alchemy and Metallurgy; Introduced Gold-Shine Mechanism
  44. Out of India Theory: Did Ancient Indians Migrate Outside by Land or Sea?
  45. Horses Indigenous to India? What Archaeological-Literary Evidences Say
  46. New Genetic Evidence from Rakhigarhi Reinforces ‘Out of India’ Thesis
  47. Heliodorus: Greek Ambassador who Built Vishnu Stambh after Embracing Hinduism 3000 Plus Years Ago
  48. Hindus Discovered America 1000s of Years before Columbus? Here is How 
  49. Startling New Research on Sarasvati River Changes Ancient Indian History
  50. Data Science with Bhagawat Gita: For Building Intuition in Understanding
  51. 29000 Year Old Fossil Evidence of Unicorn Described in Rigvedic Hymns
  52. Chronological History of Jammu and Kashmir: From Vedic Era to 1857
  53. Hercules and Balarama: The Symbolic and Historical Connections
  54. Mathematics in Ancient India: Evolution of Decimal Notation and Arithmetic
  55. Similarity of Flood Account of Manu with Noah’s Ark and other Civilizations 
  56. Influence of Sanskrit on Tamil Language and Literature 
  57. Shiva in Geneva Science Lab: Nataraja Connection with Atomic Physics
  58. 13 Ancient Universities of India: From Takshashila to Nadia
  59. Asurgarh Fort Excavation: Remnants of 2300 Year Old Civilization in Odisha
  60. Comet Impact in Indian Ocean that may Have Submerged Dwaraka
  61. Vedas Nowhere Supports Meat Eating; Here Are Evidences
  62. What the ‘Vaimanika Shastra’ Tells about Ancient Vimanas of India
  63. How a 9th Century Gurukul Mutt in Kadwaha Reveals Glory of Ancient India
  64. Water Harvesting in Ancient India Far Advanced than Present; Here is How
  65. New Findings in Aihole Inscription that Determine Mahabharata War
  66. Ayurveda Since pre 29102 BC; West’s 4004 BC as Start of Creation False
  67. Tilottama: A Connection between the Indus Valley Civilization and Mahabharata
  68. Yojana a Standard length of Measure; Evidence from Ramayana and Mahabharata
  69. Is Krishna a Historical Character? What Sea Underwater Proofs Say about Dwarka!
  70. Were Women in Ancient-Medieval India Educated? Proofs Debunking Feminist Narrative
  71. Puranic Evidence of Farming in Ancient India; Swastika and Pashupatinath in Indus Valley Seals
  72. Ancient Indians Knew Science of Fertilization without a Microscope? Here Are the Wow Facts!
  73. Excavated Relics from UP likely to be from Mahabharata Era as per ASI
  74. Skanda: An Ancient Indian Hero Fighting the Asuras
  75. Carvings in Edakkal Caves Kerala: Proof of Prehistoric Civilization from 6,000 BCE
  76. Mandana Misra: His Birth, Places where He Debated and the Peethas
  77. Kalidasa – Times and Works; What about 3 Kālidāsas?
  78. Gurukulas and Universities – When the Civilized World Sent Its Best Students To India
  79. Tracing Ayodhya to Kekaya Kingdom
  80. 300 BC Book Indica Mentions the Great Indian Road that Connected East to Silk Route
  81. World’s First Set of Poems Are the Vedas – the Origin of Indic Civilization: GD Bakshi
  82. Mauryan RMA (Revolutions in Military Affairs) of Employing War Elephants in Mass
  83. क्या प्राचीन काल में वैज्ञानिक विकास हुआ था?
  84. पुनर्वसु नक्षत्र की मुख्य घटनायें
  85. भागवत पुराण में प्रकाश गति के अनुसार दूरी की माप
  86. Vanara without ‘Tail’ but a Fabulous ‘Tale’: What the Mauryan Period Bas Relief Says
  87. Mapping in Ancient World: Foreigners Stated India as Rectangular, Puranas as Inverted Triangle
  88. 75000 Year Old Artifacts of Jwalapuram Demolish 11000 BC Mesopotamia Agriculture Theory!
  89. Stone Age Seafaring Migrations from Indus Valley to Europe and Pacific Ocean Islands
  90. What Doobi and Nidhanpur Copper Plates Say about Antiquity of Assam from Mahabharata Era
  91. Obelisks are Shivlings! Does Obelisk of Shalmaneser III Identify Iraq’s Hindu Roots?
  92. Arabs are of Indian Origin – Revelation from 300 BC Book ‘Indica’
  93. Highest Designation to Women Given by Vedas!! Women Empowerment in Ancient India
  94. Is Ancient Indian Rishi Atri the Greek Atreus, the Father of Agamemnon?
  95. Ancient India and Dogs: From the Vedic Age to Harappan Civilization and Thereafter
  96. The Concept of Ram Rajya and Good Governance: Lessons from the Ramayana
  97. Latin America Were of Indian Racial Stock: Gene D. Matlock; Genetic Studies Confirm Hindu Origins
  98. Chaturbhuj Nala: Were Board Games and Wheels Discovered in India 10,000 Years Ago?
  99. The Mahābhārata Retold: From Emergence of Brahmānda to Political Unity of Bhāratavarsha
  100. How Were Dates Calculated in Ancient India before the Widespread Awareness of Christianity?
  101. 300 BC Book ‘Indica’ by Megasthanes Dispels Caste Theories of India
  102. How Church Shifted Date of Christmas to Coincide with Winter Solstice; World Now Needs the Ādityās
  103. Aryan Migration Theory: Fraud and Confusion Created to Justify British Rule in India
  104. Out of Africa Theory Junked – Indian Discovery Shoots Down False History of Human Origin
  105. भगवान् के पृथ्वी पर भौतिक Avatar और संक्षिप्त युग चक्र
  106. Ram Setu का अस्तित्व है और यह मानव निर्मित है: अमेरिकी टीवी चैनल ‘साइंस’
  107. Dhanvantari का इतिहास: समुद्र-मन्थन से विक्रमादित्य के नवरत्नों तक
  108. Wootz Steel Was Exported Worldwide from Ancient India (South) since 16th Century BC!
  109. Ancient Indian Battlefield Secrets Revealed: Sanatan Shastra Vidya, the Original Art of War
  110. Bhaskaracharya, not Newton, Discovered Law of Gravitation; Clue of Gravity in 6000 BC ‘Prashnopanishad’
  111. Vishwakarma: Ancient Creator of Flying Chariots, Missiles, 54 Mechanical Arts
  112. Puranic Story of Rishi Agastya; Why Vedas Date Back to 12,000 BCE
  113. Indian Women in Combat and Martial Arts in Ancient and Medieval Era
  114. Sacred Godavari: Her Emerging inside the Sanctum of Trimbakeshwar Shiva Lingam and the Holy Dip
  115. Women Empowerment: From Ancient India to Modern Period
  116. Brahmagupt: Indian Mathematician Who Introduced Zero; Who Argued Earth is Round
  117. Indra in Vedic Age and across Civilizations in Southeast Asia
  118. Will the Universe be Destroyed at the End of Kali Yug?
  119. The Unknown Sita: Her Many Facets that You May Not Know Yet!
  120. First Evidence of Brain Surgery Done 4300 Years Ago in Harappa
  121. Keeladi Excavations: 2500 Year Old Habitat as Big as Harappa Mohenjodaro!
  122. Pandav Fall and Caves and the Raneh Canyons
  123. Why ‘Shri Ram’ Is Known as ‘Ram Raja’ in Orchha?
  124. Indian Navy Day; History Dating Back to 5,600+ Years!
  125. How Gwalior Derived Its Name
  126. Vedic Hindu Roots in Burma; Sanskrit and Pali Were the Court Languages
  127. Khajuraho Temples Are Not Symbolic to Eroticism!
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