Rahu Transiting in Cancer from 18th August: Know What Is in Store for You

Rahu Transit in Cancer

Disclaimer:- Impacts may be high or low based on Rahu’s position and placement in your respective Horoscope.


Aries: Rahu transiting form fourth house of your Natal Moon indicates problems in Career. You may revolt against the Government or your superiors. Tensions and small quarrels in the household, no or less support from relatives is indicated. There may be bodily discomfort to your mother.

Solution: Recite Shri Kaal Bhairav Chalisa everyday.


Taurus: Rahu transiting in the 3rd house is very favourable. Peaceful environment and solutions to your long pending problems is indicated. Financial benefits are also indicated. Sudden profits and long journeys are possible.


Gemini: Rahu in the second house indicates start of some new business. Financial benefits, relief from debts is possible. For students, time is bit tough. You will need to work hard to succeed. There may be trouble in eyes. Be bit careful.


Cancer: Rahu in the first house gives some mental tensions; however, overall it may be a progressive phase. Those awaiting marriage may get an offer of a good match.


Leo: This graha in the 12th house from your natal moon gives relief from debts. You may visit religious places. There may be bodily discomfort to your spouse. Expenses may be bit high.


Virgo: Rahu in the 11th is extremely favourable for you. Financially it’s a very good phase. You will get Name and Fame.


Libra: Rahu in the 10th house from your natal moon gives success in Politics. Promotion in Job, sudden gains, victory in court matters is indicated. However, beware from sudden surge in your enemies.


Scorpio: This graha in the 9th house indicates long journeys to some religious place. If unmarried, chances of getting married are ripe. You may get sudden benefits (stable in nature). Some mental tensions are also indicated.


Saggitarius: Rahu in the 8th house gives sudden financial gains. Profits are also indicated from Women relatives. There are chances of a son being born to expecting mothers; however take good care of the newborn’s health. Chances of foreign travel are ripe. Expenditures will be on the higher side. You may be deprived of the company of your near and dear ones though.

Solution: Recite Shri Rahu Stotra everyday.


Capricorn: Rahu in the 7th house from your natal moon gives sudden rise in your career. You will get help from friends and family. There may be bodily discomfort and you may be bit depressed as well. If married, marital discord is indicated.

Solution: Rotate a coconut anti clockwise over your head and throw in flowing water every Saturday.


Aquarius: This graha in the 6th house from your natal moon is highly favourable. All round development, financial gains, and victory in all aspects of life is indicated.


Pisces: Rahu in the 5th house from natal moon gives you success in financial matters. However, it will impact your love life. Students will get the result of their hard work. Those awaiting marriage may get married. However, some mental tensions are also indicated.


The views expressed here are solely of the author. Interested readers may contact Kamal Sharma at kamalsharma34@yahoo.co.in.


Featured image courtesy: Gemstone Universe and Pixabay.

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