Shri Aurobindo Samman: Symbolic Recognition for Selfless Seva

Shri Aurobindo’s life is a reflection of ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat’. His life and works reflect the oneness and cultural pre-eminence of Ma Bharathi. Sri Aurobindo’s ideological clarity, cultural strength and patriotism made him a role model for freedom fighters. Himself a prominent freedom fighter, a poet, and a philosopher, his modern thoughts, higher consciousness and uncompromising nationalism should inspire Bharat’s leadership role in the world in greater measure.


Shri Swami Vivekananda along with Shri Aurobindo emerged as two of the loudest voices of Indian culture whose lives and contributions during the era of colonial oppression shaped the destiny of Ma Bharathi. Sri Aurobindo on his return to India after education and global exposure in England, had become proficient in several languages, and had studied the scriptures and translated texts ranging from the Sri Ramayana, Sri Mahabharata and the Upanishads to Kalidasa, Bhavabhuti and Bharatthari. Shri Aurobindo was among the first freedom fighters to call for full Independence and instrumental in helping India break free from the colonial mindset.


Shri Aurobindo Samman, offered by Eternal Hindu Foundation, is a symbolic recognition conferred on Individuals and organizations with the spirit of Selfless Seva through diverse approach to uphold the spirit and Dharma of Ma Bharathi as reflected by Sri Aurobindo through his writings and life.


Eternal Hindu Foundation is an organization of devoted Sanatani Hindus who have a will to do something for betterment of Sanatani Hindus around the globe. Members may be from any region, any sect of Sanatani Hindus. Foundation does not believe in any discrimination, distortion based on caste, region, language or gender.


Shashwat Devalay the motto of which is Do Ghante Mandir Ke Naam, Rashtra Nirman Ke Kaam, is a division of Eternal Hindu Foundation, working to establish Dharma Bodh and Shourya Bodh in Sanatan Hindu Samaj, which is necessary for Bhakti Kendra and Shakti Kendra. Shashwat Devalay appeals Doctors (Allopathic, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Ayurvedic), Physiotherapist, Nurse, Teacher, Professor, Sanskar Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Dance Teacher, Legal Counsellors, Lawyers, Astrologer, Vastu Consultant, Financial Advisors, Career Counsellor, Singers, Engineers, Bhartiya Artists, Pujari, House Wife, Ex – Army and Serviceman, Retired people from Government organisation and Bank for Samay Daan for Seva, Shiksha, Sanskar and Swarozgar activities in your nearby temple.


ITIHASA is another division of Eternal Hindu Foundation working for re-establishing the true Chronological History of India starting from Manu till date based on the archaco-astronomical, literary, oceanography, traditional and epigraphic evidences.


Under the Rashtra Gatha arm of Eternal Hindu Foundation, the organization aims to bring forth the brave and unsung heroes of Bharat Mata by way of Monologue, Dialogue, Documentary, Animation using Digital Tools and Social Media platform with a vision to make the new generation aware and awake about their ancestors.


There are more divisions under the foundation working for the glory of Bharat.


Shri Aurobindo Samman Categories:

1. Enriching Nature: Preservation, Promotion, Educational, Activism

2. Following Dharma: Gau Seva, Dharma Raksha, Knowledge, Spirituality

3. Serving Society: Seva, Shiksha, Sanskar, Swarozgar

4. Preserving Culture: Art-Music, Yoga-Sadhana, Literature.


Nominations for Shri Aurobindo Samman opens on the birthday of Shri Aurobindo – 15th August, every year. The recognition is conferred on Maharshi Balmiki Jayanti. For Shri Aurobindo Samman 2024, the nomination link is


List of Recipients of Shri Aurobindo Samman 2023:

1. Acharya Vishnu Gupta Preserving Culture Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
2. Arvindam India Gurukul Serving Society Gurugram, Haryana
3. Shri Charanjeev Malhotra Serving Society New Delhi
4. Smt. Florina Amol Parulekar Serving Society Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
5. Shri. Jitendra Tiwari Serving Society Delhi
6. Ms. Karuna Raghuvanshi Serving Society Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
7. Shri. Om Dalmotra Serving Society Jammu, J&K
8. Shri. Prince Tiwari Following Dharma Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
9. Shri. Rakesh Shankar Gaur Following Dharma Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
10. Shri. Reddy Ramanagaru Enriching Nature Vijaynagaram, Andhra Pradesh
11. Sardar Ravi Ranjan Singh Preserving Culture Delhi
12. Shri Amit Sinha Following Culture Patna, Bihar
13. Smt. Sunita Tikaria Serving Society Raipur, Chhattisgarh
14. Shri. Vivek Mani Tripathi Preserving Culture Champaran, Bihar
15. Shri. Vivek Tyagi Preserving Culture Delhi.

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Shri Aurobindo Samman 2023 will be conferred to the nominated recipients on 28th October 2023 at Yogeshwar Devi Dayal Mahamandir, A777, Block 8, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi – 110018. The samman will be conferred on the occasion of Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti. This day is also the Sthapana Diwas of Eternal Hindu Foundation.

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