Shri Jagannath Temple of Puri under Siege
In a major unfortunate incident 300 Mahaprasad cooking Chullahs were broken and several others were damaged inside the world famous kitchen of Shri Jagannath inside the Puri Shri Mandir by miscreants. While the authorities are investigating the matter but all sevayats and devotees are shocked to see such a deplorable act of vandalism. It raises extremely serious questions on the security of the temple as well.
While the devotees today are being made to wait, are taken through strict checkings & screenings, even then such state of affairs exist. Honestly even on a common day we find 3kms long que for darshan because of some stupid change of rules making the devotees wait under scorching sun.
The much famed Shri Mandir corridor project also has crashed with the huge 20ft pits dug around the temple main boundary wall with JCB resulting in cracks appearing in the certain portions of the Nat Mandap. And all this for making toilets only !!!! It’s high time that the SJTA & Govt .of Odisha understands that heritage needs to be handled with care. Destroying 1000 year old muths for making washrooms is not only pathetic but allowing miscreants to sneak into the World famous temple kitchen proves a fact that all laws, barriers, process & security is for the common devotee. The SJTA & Govt. Of Odisha has reduced the affairs of Shri Jagannath into a state of absolute mockery per say.
Archaeological Survey of India had issued this letter to the concerned authorities of Puri for stopping work in the Prohibited  area (100 metres) of Jagannath Temple, Puri. However even after this letter & persistent follow ups by the ASI team the excavation work for digging up 22ft deep.pits went on unabetted with JCB’s.
The letter clearly outlines the deepest concern with technical reasons cited & alerting of the clear & present danger to 900 year old structure. Just waiting for a Apocalypse to happen now !!!
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Surya Roy

Surya Roy is an IT professional and an independent researcher of Indic history and culture. He has done his post graduation in Commerce & Logistics management.
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