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Sanatan Dharma

The left-liberal gang is always promoting its own content and authors. Why don’t we, The Sanatanis, follow suit? Here is an attempt at a promotional review of author Manoj Singh’s excellent book Sanatan Dharma: Vaidik Gateway to the Next Century. Manoj Singh is a technocrat by profession. He is the author of the very famous Hindi book, Mai AaryaPutra Hun.

The book Sanatan Dharma: Vaidik Gateway to the Next Century is 312 pages long and written in English. This book, published by Bloomsbury India, is a treasure trove of Sanatan-based knowledge. Natural science is deeply ingrained in Sanatani cultural traditions. For the readers of this book, that treasure chest of information will be unlocked. Aarya and Sanatan Culture, Nature in Sanatan Culture, Sanatan Jeevan Darshan, and Challenges of the Modern Human World are the five parts of this book.


There are numerous extensive sub-chapters on various Sanatani concepts in each Part. The book appears to be the outcome of a great deal of devotion to Vedic research. In the first chapter, the author debunks Stephen Hawking, the great scientist, by asking simple questions.

The author made a valiant effort in this book to demonstrate why Sanatan Dharma adherents have always adored nature, and that everything that is celebrated as festivals or performed as rituals is based on some natural scientific event. Readers will learn the true meaning and reason of every celebration, ritual, and fasting after reading this book.


People have always raised many doubtful questions against everything Sanatan Dharma followers do in the name of festivals or rituals in today’s fast-paced world. They sometimes make fun of these things because they don’t know the answer. Manoj Singh’s book answers all these questions.

It’s an excellent book for parents who want to familiarise themselves and their children with Sanatan Dharma and its various concepts, such as natural science. This is a must-read book for anyone interested in learning about the significance of Amavasya, Poornima, and Fasting on Poornima, the concept of Eclipse, Kuan Pujan, tree worshipping (Peepal, Neem, Vat Vriksha, Banana, Tulsi, and so on), Cow worship, etc.

Why do we celebrate many festivals throughout the year? What is Pitri Paksha (Shraddha) and why is it important? Why do people do Narmada parikrama? What is the reason behind Kumbh Mela? Readers will get rare knowledge about Sociology and economics in Sanatani Festivals.

Book by Manoj SinghClick here to buy Sanatan Dharma: Vaidik Gateway to the Next Century.


This book discusses Sanatani Jeevan Darshan in depth, including Vedas, Ahimsa, Dharma, Shanti, and other topics. The challenges of the modern human world are also highlighted in this book. In one small article, the beauty of this great book cannot be expressed.

In simple words, I only can say (recommend) to please read this book and discuss its content at home and with your social circles.. This book will help to join your Sanatani Roots. Thanks a lot, Manoj Singh Ji for this wonderful gift to the world.

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