Kessel Tee: Gujarat’s Biggest Tea Room with 100+ Varieties; Motabhai Chai a Hit!

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India, a country where tea is the second most drinkable item following water. India is the world’s largest consuming nation of tea, consuming nearly about 30% of global output, yet there are thousands of coffee houses but only few tea rooms.


On an average, 8 out of 10 people drink tea in India. From a porter to a corporate, rich to middleclass, youth to senior citizens and from a local politician to the ministry houses, tea is the most common thing in everybody’s discussion and that’s what we call chai pe charcha. But there are only few places where you can get different categories and varieties in tea.

Kessel Tee interiorsKESSEL TEE is a place where you can get cutting chai as well as different types of white teas and they have more than 100 varieties of tea on their list. It is Gujrat’s 1st biggest tea room, like never before, and their own invented motabhai chai is going famous like crazy. 10,000 cups of this tea has already been sold in just a time period of 2 months.

This is the story of two friends cum colleagues, who were doing a 9 to 5 corporate job and yet dreaming about their very own startup of a tea room where all class of people could get a perfect tea of their own tastes and preferences, at a very pocket friendly and reasonable rate. They always wanted to make the tea as preferable as coffee, a place which will serve all sorts of finest tea around the world at one place.

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Today we are talking about the Founders of KESSEL TEE, Mr. Rahul Singh (27) and Mr. Rahul Kharwar (28), the backbones of the the tea-joint. They lost their jobs in the pandemic covid19, yet they took the risk and sacrificed their comfort zone, packed their bags and came all the way from Kolkata to Surat to start a new venture of tea room because this was the time to become aatamnirbhar.


After some days, Mr. Ashish Shaw (28), the Co-founder of Kessel Tee and one of their close friends joined the mission of serving more than 100 varieties of tea under one roof. Later on Mr. Abhishek Singh (22), a young talent joined the team as CEO and the team was completed with the four main pillars. Their vision is to make available all sorts of tea around the world on people’s desk at a very reasonable price. One of their tea with milk humari wali chai, which is quite new in market, boosts their sales.

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As a new start-up, Kessel Tee has already started getting lots of love and best wishes from the foodie people of surat. Here is what they say about their venture:


RAHUL SINGH: “We are on a mission to serve the finest quality of tea to the true tea lovers of India, those teas which are being produced in the tea states of India and is being exported to the world”.


RAHUL KHARWAR: “In spite of being the biggest tea consuming nation, chai is still treated as an economic beverages in comparison to coffee. It’s the time to unleash the real tea to the people of India”.

Kessel Tee founders

Mr. Rahul Singh (27) and Mr. Rahul Kharwar (28)

ASHISH SHAW: “Chai is in our Indian culture, we shall not forget that the varieties in tea is much more than it is in case of coffee. To make available all sorts of beneficial teas to the Indians we started this journey and we will take tea to a new platform.”

ABHISHEK SINGH: “It was the time to become aatamnirbhar, and precisely it was a golden opportunity for me also to start a journey that would reflect the relationship of Indians and tea. Nowadays I feel great when someone addresses me as a chaiwala the way they do to our honorable Prime Minister.”

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