Atrocities on Indian Women and India by British During Their Rule

Atrocities on Indian women

The effort to whitewash the real Indian history during British Christian rule is going on since they left India.


Voices of atrocities on hundreds of millions of Indians, especially women, during 200 years of British rule is still in ether and haunt those who can connect. Up to 90% of what farmers were growing in their fields was taken as tax. A farmer producing 100 kilograms of grains had to pay up to 90 kilograms to Britishers. If someone was not able to pay the tax which was almost impossible for most of the farmers, they were beaten with leather lashes having iron nails  attached in them for up to 100 times. Many died in 10-20 beatings; very few could survive. After that their mothers, sisters and daughters were made nude in front of the villagers and were forced to march nude around the village. They did not stop on that. After their nude march, the barbaric Britishers pressed their breasts with iron tongs (चिमटा) until their nipples bled. When those women screamed and writhed in unbearable pain, the British officers equipped with modern weapons laughed aloud on them. When they fell unconscious out of pain, the British Christian officers gang raped them in the most inhuman and brutal way. This was the fate with many Indian women. Indian merchants, workers and businessmen experienced similar tortures.


Any beautiful Indian girl or woman noticed by a British Christian could hardly escape without being raped. There are documented proofs of these atrocities on Indian women by Britishers exposed by one of the greatest historians of modern India Shri Rajiv Dixit ji. He mysteriously died on 30-Nov-2010. His body had all the symptoms of being poisoned. Even postmortem was prevented despite demand for it. This made things more suspicious among his followers. Rajiv Dixit ji witnessed and got the photocopy of pages of personal diaries of British Christian officers. One of the officers named Colonel Neil had written in his personal diary that, wherever he was appointed in India, there was not a single day when he did not force an Indian girl to have sex. He was appointed in many cities in India during his tenure. Few of those places were Varanasi, Prayagraj, Bareilly, Delhi, Badaun and so on. British Christians made rape laws in such a manner that no Britisher got punishment.


It’s very strange that revolution on salt tax was done and made popular, but such bigger issues were kept under the carpet.


Raped Indian women were forcefully made prostitutes by British Christians. Prostitution houses were set up by the Britishers in 350 big cities where they kept the raped Indian mothers, sisters and daughters in captivity. The barbarians set up the first prostitution centre in Kolkata in 1760 with 200 sex slaves. This was followed by Pune, Delhi, Patna, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Sikandrabad and so on. These 350 Centres were cantonments of British Christians. Wherever they set up a cantonment they also set up a prostitution centre filled with raped Indian mothers, sisters and daughters. British soldiers and officials frequently visited the prostitution centres to satisfy their lust.


Non-christian slave girls from other countries were also brought by British but later the prostitution houses were filled with Indian women raped by these barbaric officers. Those innocent Indian mothers, daughters and sisters were forcefully made sex slaves. The number of these raped Indian girls who were forced into prostitution after brutality kept on increasing with every passing day. Same is the story of all the nations where British Christians made their colonies. African women were stripped in public and African slaves were made naked and chained in the neck like a dog only to be sold in open British Christian colonies. Those women were raped and were made servants of British families at their homes. Even movies are made on this topic around the globe but atrocities on Indian women by British were smartly put under the grave by British implanted politicians and communist historians in India. They feel uncomfortable to speak on the topic.


Rape laws were made by British Christians to save their rapist officers lawfully
Many a time when Indian girls were raped by British Christian officers, the relatives approached higher authorities with a complaint. To deal with complaints, Britishers made a law that the victim girl had to come to the British court and prove the crime against the accused British officers. Accused officers had to prove nothing. Till the time crime was not proved, the accused was considered as innocent as per law. There can be no injustice bigger than this that the accused does not have to prove anything but victim has to. In their court, the lawyer asked the victim questions in a way that it was like a second rape for the woman. For Indian women who were very conservative, facing those questions was nearly impossible. British Christian philosophy was to abuse and torture slaves in order to keep them under control.

Atrocities on Indian Women

Indian Constitution is copy of “Government of India Act” made by British Christians to rule the slave Indians. Rape laws made by them were also part of this act

After British Christians left India, the transfer of power agreement was signed on 15/Aug/1947. Indian leaders started to make their constitution which got prepared on 26/Jan/1950. To do this job a committee of 296 members was formed, who worked for 11 months 18 days to accomplish the task but the actual time period these members worked to prepare one of the lengthiest constitution of world was only 166 hrs in which it was completed. Indian constitution consists of 395 Articles. So the question arises how was it possible to make one of the lengthiest constitutions of the world within 166 hrs? It is because the committee of 296 members had taken the guidelines of the Indian Constitution from the Constitution of Ireland (A British colony being ruled by Britishers from 1000s of years). British Christians made these laws to rule and and make Indians slaves, which Indian politicians accepted.


In 1953, the constitutional assembly drafting committee chairman, Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar had said that if he got permission, he would be the first person to burn this Constitution. Journalists questioned Dr. Ambedkar why he wanted to burn it as he was its key maker. He answered that no Indian would be benefited from this constitution as it was made in hurry. He also told that the time given was less and  British gave them the Government of India act 1935 as draft. They made that act as foundation and by taking few things from constitutions of different countries, the Indian constitution was prepared. It is not made by Indians for the benefit of Indians but is based on laws made by British Christians to subdue and rule Indians.


More than 90 amendments have happened on the constitution by now. So many changes only happen when something has too much of faults. One may read the statements of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and many others also. They said that this constitution does not fulfill the dream of independence of martyr Indians.


British Christians real motive was to convert India into Christian Nation

23-June-1813. British Parliament House of Commons. A debate was going on.


A British Parliamentarian named William Wilberforce was speaking. He spoke for three and half hours. His speech was started with how to Christianise India. Indian historian late Rajiv Dixit ji got his full speech. Rajiv Dixit also mentioned this in his speeches. Why they wanted to convert India was, because India was full of riches and Britain was very poor. They wanted India’s wealth to make Britain rich. 250 years ago Britain was a starving nation. Between 1400 A.D. -1500 A.D.  millions of British Christians starved to death. William Wilberforce got to know that India had so much wealth that if British looted them for 1000 yrs then also India’s wealth won’t end. It was only possible if they ruled India. Ruling India was only possible if Indian people became Christians. If Indian people were ruled, it would be easy to convert them and make them follow their laws.


William Wilberforce further spoke about the blueprint of Christianisation of India. It was a thousand year plan to loot India. To make India a Christian country he said that they need to get all the wealth from India for 1000 years. That wealth was to be used in converting Indians. The, then British Prime Minister asked William Wilberforce how he knew that India to be so rich? William Wilberforce replied that the officers of East India Company did some surveys. He told him that he had copies of those surveys, which he presented in front of all. William Wilberforce quoted a report of East India Company which said that India’s contribution in export in the world market was 33%. That meant if in the world 100 million worth goods were sold then out of it 33 million worth goods were from Indian. Then he told that after India the second biggest contribution to the world market was China whose contribution in the world’s market was 27%. If we combine India and China then 60% of goods sold in the world belong to these two countries. According to his survey, India’s textile industry was best in the world. He told that, it’s India who taught the world about good clothes. British Prime minister was astonished. William Wilberforce told that India was making very fine Malmal clothes (12 inch long cloth could be folded and put into a small matchbox and the cloth is not machine made but hand made). The British PM could not believe his eyes and ears. William Wilberforce told that the facts were collected by their own officers and not by Indians. Other items were  steel, bricks, that time cement (चूना), and like this there were 36 exports in which India had monopoly.


The British PM then asked him about the huge quantity of gold that India possessed. The minister replied that Indians used barter system for trade. India was trading around the globe including Africa which was India’s biggest trade partner. These countries gave India gold in exchange. India enjoyed this trade monopoly for more than 3,000 years and got gold for exporting, iron, clothes, bricks etc. So much gold was collected in India that the world started addressing India as golden sparrow “Sone ki Chidiya”. So much excessive gold was there that even temples were made of gold.


Before British Christians came to India, there were more than 11,000 temples made up of gold. Each temple had more than 300-400 metric ton of gold. How temples got so much gold? People used to donate in charity. From where people got so much gold? People got it by trading. India never looted or attacked any nation ever.

Above facts are explained in detail by Rajiv Dixit ji in his speeches which are available on his official website.


Winston Churchill killed more Indians then total number of people killed by Hitler

British Christians looted and caused so many unnatural famines out of which Bengal famine itself killed 4 million (40 Lac)  men, women and children – starve to painful death as per British records.


India’s contribution to the world GDP before British invasion was 23%, while, when the British Christians left India after loot then it was below 2%. Why? Simply because India was governed for the benefit of Britain. Britain’s rise for 200 years was financed by its depredations in India. In fact Britain’s industrial revolution was premised upon de-industrialisation of India. For example, handloom weavers were famed around the world for more than two thousand years. These weavers made the world’s finest muslin, lightest woven clothes. British Christians came, smashed their thumbs, broke their looms, imposed taxes and duties on their clothes and product. They took the raw material from India and shipped back manufactured products, flooding the world’s market for what became products of dark and satanic mills of Victoria in England. Rich and charitable weavers in India were made beggars by British Christians. India became importer of clothes from world famous weavers. From 33% of world trade India was made to fall to 2%. By the end of 19th century India was Britain’s biggest cash cow. India was the world’s biggest purchaser of the British goods, and the source of Britain highly paid employment for British civil servants. Indians were made to pay for their own oppression. The Victorian British families made their money out of the slave economies. They did equal atrocities on their colonies like Africa that one fifth of the elite wealthy class in Britain owed their money transporting the 3 million African slaves across the sea waters. Nearly 29 million Indians died out of starvation in British Christian created famines which are on records while the real numbers are many times more.


A popular example is the great Bengal famine during second World War. In that famine 4 million Indian men, women and children were starved to death. This happened  because Winston Churchill deliberately as a matter of written Military policy diverted the supply of grains grown in Bengal. It was diverted from civilians of Bengal to reserve stockpiles for Europeans. Winston Churchill gave argument that starvation of Bengalis matter much less than that of sturdy Greeks. This is only one example out of many sins. Winston Churchill killed more Indians then total number of people killed by British enemy Hitler. Yet Winston Churchill is a hero as per Britishers. Violence and racism was the reality of British Christian colonialism. No wonder that Sun never set on the British Empire because even God could not trust the British Christians in the dark. One sixth of all the forces of British Christians were Indians. 55,000 Indians lost their lives in war, 65,000 were wounded, another 4,000 remain missing and thousands were imprisoned before second World War. Indian tax payers were paying 100 million pounds during those times. India supplied 70 million rounds of ammunition, 600 thousand rifles and machine guns. 42,000 Garments were stitched out of India and 1.3 Million Indian personal served in their war. India had to supply 1,73,000 animals, 370 million tons of supplies. The total value of everything that was taken out of India suffering from recession, poverty and hunger was Billions of pounds.


During second World War 2.5 million (25 Lac) uniformed were in British Army.
Generally British Christians propagated that they built railways and roads in India and hence facilitated development. They actually built railways and roads for their convenience to loot India and not for the benefit of people of India. Many countries built railways and roads without being colonised. Roads and railways were designed to carry raw materials from internal parts of India to the ports to be shipped to Britain.


In fact, the railways were built with massive incentives offered by British Christians to their British Christian investors, guaranteed out of Indian taxes paid by Indians. The result was that 1 mile of building railway costed twice in comparison to the cost in Canada or Australia. It was because there was so much extravagant money paid back to British Christian investors as returns. Britain made all the profits, controlled the technology, supplied all the equipments. All these benefits came as British private enterprise at Indian public risk. That was the railways as an accomplishment.


Another thing British Christians proudly claim is that there’s democracy and rule of law given by them. It’s a bit lame to say after 200 years of loot, rapes, kill, torture, oppress, enslave people for 200 years and say that you are democratic at the end of it. British Christians left India with average life expectancy of 27 years per person.


Above facts were also stated by an Indian member of Parliament Dr. Shashi Tharoor in England during Oxford Union which was appreciated by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Damodar Das Modi.


It is important that one must know their true history, so that bad may not repeat itself again and good may sustain. It is also equally important to maintain and balance love and harmony among all the people of the world. Though humans keep differences, the world’s creator loves and cares all the children equally. New generation Britishers have nothing to do with what their ancestors did. One just needs to learn the lesson and move on.


Featured image courtesy: Google; Second image courtesy: {left pic of collage is for representation (on atrocities on Indian women) purpose only; the centre and the right pics are genuine}: Interesting Green and Yahoo Respostas.

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