BAIC Exhibition on Interiors, Architecture, Construction in Guwahati

BAIC ExhibitionBAIC Exhibition, the largest gathering of architecture, building materials, design, and construction in Northeast India, is scheduled to be held from 9th to 11th August 2024 at Maniram Dewan Trade Centre in Guwahati. The event was announced in Guwahati on February 9 by actor and goodwill ambassador Jatin Bora, interior designer Karishma Kakoti, architect Rana Mahanta, and builder-hotelier Mriganka Hazarika. This exhibition will showcase top architectural service providers, building material companies, designers, manufacturers, consultants, engineers, project managers, and government officials from across India, among others.


BAIC Founder Neha Malhotra expressed her excitement about the event, stating: “With twenty years of experience in the exhibition industry, my goal has always been to facilitate exceptional collaborations. I believe this exhibition will provide a platform for such extraordinary stories to come to light.”

BAIC Northeast

BAIC represents Building, Architecture, Interior Design to symbolize its focus. This event will bring together representatives from prominent national and international manufacturers and the infrastructure industry, benefitting and significantly contributing to the overall progress of the Northeast region. It will establish a favorable setting for networking, sharing knowledge, and exploring innovative technologies that could transform the infrastructure landscape in the Northeast.


Participants can anticipate a wide array of activities at BAIC, such as informative seminars, interactive workshops, and dynamic panel discussions with industry experts and visionaries. Additionally, BAIC will host an exhibition area where leading manufacturers and service providers will present their state-of-the-art offerings. This exhibition space will not only act as a marketplace for industry professionals to discover new solutions but also foster business partnerships and collaborations.

BAIC Guwahati

BAIC Founder Maloxmi Sinha stressed the importance of providing comprehensive solutions under one roof for the Northeast region, highlighting the significant benefits this collective effort will bring to all involved parties. She mentioned that this event is essential for all building material manufacturers and dealers in Northeast India, architects, interior designers, contractors, consultants, suppliers, project engineers, and individuals looking to stay updated on the latest trends in construction and interior design. Additionally, this opportunity is ideal for those in the process of realizing their dream homes.


Renowned actor Jatin Bora, serving as the goodwill ambassador for the prestigious event, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “I am privileged to be part of an event that unites the finest in architecture, building materials, and design. This exhibition goes beyond mere display; it serves as a platform for creative interaction and innovation. I anticipate a distinctive experience for participants and visitors alike, encouraging collaboration and pushing creative boundaries within the industry.”

BAIC goodwill ambassador Jatin Bora

BAIC goodwill ambassador Jatin Bora


The exhibition will showcase a wide array of solutions, including bath and sanitation products, tiles, ceramics, decorative and architectural lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration systems, paints, coatings, wall coverings, home and office automation technologies, safety and fire protection equipment, kitchen innovations, electrical components, wires, cables, international furniture, hardware, switches, switchgears, wood products, veneers, flooring options, landscaping supplies, plumbing materials, pipes, fittings, steel, concrete, natural and engineered marbles, stones, glass installations, glazing solutions, facades, and more related products and services.


Renowned interior designer Karishma Kakoti expressed gratitude to BAIC for organizing an inclusive event. She anticipates fruitful collaborations and valuable interactions among a diverse audience, including those eager to learn, interior design enthusiasts, consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, and businesses. Kakoti highlighted the event as an excellent opportunity for the public and design enthusiasts to stay updated on the latest design trends.

BAIC Exhibition meet 1

Architect Rana Mahanta emphasized the exhibition’s role as a crucial platform for connecting manufacturers, suppliers, and potential buyers at one platform. He believes the event will offer insights into realizing dream homes for the general public. Mahanta commended BAIC for uniting stakeholders in the construction sector and wished success for the inaugural edition in Guwahati.


Bringing together prominent figures from across the world, BAIC is poised to significantly bolster economic growth and advance infrastructure in the Northeast region. “I am thrilled to participate in this innovative endeavor. BAIC promises to serve as a valuable arena for cooperation, sharing of expertise, business opportunities, and the holistic progress of the infrastructure sector in the Northeast region,” expressed builder-hotelier Mriganka Hazarika.

BAIC Exhibition meet

Founder of BAIC, Maloxmi Sinha is an entrepreneur based out of Delhi. She is backed by over 15 years of experience in exhibitions, event management, and interior designing under the banner of Path Entertainment and Taksh Homes, rendering services pan India. With an eye for detail and commitment to delivering quality services, she has maintained a track record of turning every project into a memorable milestone.


Hailing from a small hamlet from the district of Tinsukia, Assam, she has proven, time and again, the age-old adage ‘Impossible is possible’.

BAIC founders

BAIC Exhibition founders Neha Malhotra and Maloxmi Sinha

BAIC (Building Architecture Interiors Construction) is Maloxmi’s latest venture, a joint initiative with Neha Malhotra, who has over 20 years of experience in this segment. Having served the exhibition sector for 15 plus years, she is cognizant of the A-Z of this sector, from concept through completion, pertaining to all industry segments. It was after completing two big commercial interior projects in Guwahati that Maloxmi realized the need to bring all construction companies, architects, interior designers, builders, developers, engineers, contracting companies, building material suppliers and technology providers from across India under one roof. This segment is yet to develop in Guwahati in particular and Northeast in general. That’s how BAIC happened!


BAIC acts as a liaison partner facilitating local clients and dealers from Northeast connect with the ‘who and who’ of the construction business sector from across India. The objective behind the establishment of BAIC, with base at Guwahati, is facilitating better business networking opportunities among manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers of the construction and interiors segment.

BAIC meet

BAIC Exhibition in Guwahati serves as a prominent platform that brings together stakeholders from the construction industry nationwide. With a wealth of experience spanning over 15 years, BAIC team convenes companies, architects, designers, builders, and suppliers at their flagship event in Guwahati, Assam. Taking place from August 9th to 11th, 2024, at the Maniram Dewan Trade Centre, BAIC exhibition provides a seamless opportunity to showcase products and services, facilitating valuable business networking prospects.


BAIC is dedicated to offering comprehensive industry representation, forward-thinking perspectives, and fostering excellence in business interactions. Join BAIC to propel your business forward and be part of shaping the future of construction. Secure your exhibition stall today. For inquiries, contact BAIC team at (+91)-9718264208, (+91)-9811639456, or email at

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