Shanti People: Ukraine-based Music Band Inspired by Vedic Philosophy and Bhakti Yog; An Interview

Shanti People

Can music transport you to the depths of your consciousness? Can acoustics ship you to the realms of the divine, to the abodes of the Gods and Goddesses? Can sound vibrations of Mantras awaken the inner you and leave you in eternal bliss for some moments? Yes! You can experience them all with Shanti People – a household name in many a regions across the world.


Shanti People is a music band that mixes EDM (electronic dance music) with Vedic Mantras. Their YouTube Page with 2,68,000 subscribers describes them thus, “They offer their urban listener a reboot of consciousness through the expressive mix of modern musical sound and the ancient vibrations of Mantras. This is an evocative cocktail in which the eternal and unshakable contrasts with the fleeting and casual, finding new relevance. Their tracks are being played on Armin van Buuren’s radioshow – A State of Trance, Psy-nation Radio hosted by Liquid Soul & Ace Ventura and Dreamstate Radio by Vini Vici.”


Based in Ukraine, Shanti people is a band of four with Uma at the steering. They are pure vegetarians and one a vegan. Vedic philosophy, Bhakti Yog and Vedic Mantras inspire them. Their music videos/compositions are based on Mantras, chalisas pertaining to Hindu deities, and mostly pertaining to Sanatana Dharma. Their musical re-creation of Mahisasur Mardini, Shiv Tandav Strotam, Hanuman Chalisa, Durga Chalisa, Mahaganpati Mool Mantra, Gayatri Mantra and on Sita Ram, Kal Bhairava, Shiva Shambho is awe-inspiring.

Shanti People shows

Here is an excerpt of an interview of Uma representing Team Shanti People, taken by Manoshi Sinha, Editor, MyIndiaMyGlory.


Manoshi Sinha: Please tell us about the story behind choosing ‘Shanti People’ as the title for your music band.


Uma – Team Shanti People: At the time of the formation of Shanti People, we sincerely sought peace in our hearts and minds. 


We wanted Mantra Yoga to be an integral part of our life and we wanted to realize our nature as musicians! 


We believed and still believe that this activity has brought us Shanti and continue to share with the world the best that we have. Therefore, the name Shanti People very succinctly corresponds to what we essentially striving for.


Manoshi Sinha:  Your music videos are very motivating and draw the viewer/listener closer to the divine. Creating such divine compositions is possible with blessings of the deities, of the Almighty. Please tell us about your journey into this divine realm.


Uma – Team Shanti People: Plunging  into the Divine games of the Puranas, it is impossible not to be impressed! My spiritual teachers helped me to feel and understand the Divine knowledge! This is the Blessing of the Gods!

Uma Devi

Uma Devi

Since we are always surrounded by very creative people (directors, musicians, designers, yogis, dancers) with whom we cooperate, we have a chance to realize ideas that come from inspiration in Vedic knowledge.


Of course, it is not always possible to implement our ideas without funding, the way we see it in our heads! But I know that the moment will come when we will have sufficient resources to realize everything we want.


For example, I have a NAVAGRAHA project about 9 planets. I see it as a big show with electronic music, cool visual and pyrotechnic performances and dancers, acrobats and musicians performing with us. Yeah, it’s a very ambitious project indeed.


Manoshi Sinha:  Maximum of your music videos/compositions are based on Mantras, chalisas pertaining to Hindu deities, and mostly pertaining to Sanatana Dharma. I have listened to your creation of Mahisasur Mardini, Shiv Tandav Strotam, Hanuman Chalisa, Durga Chalisa, Mahaganpati Mool Mantra, Gayatri Mantra and on Sita Ram, Kal Bhairava, Shiva Shambho; the list goes on. What is the inspiration behind choosing Sanatana Dharma theme in your compositions.


Uma – Team Shanti People: I love to study Vedic philosophy! It brings me joy! Studying Bhakti yoga and Jyotish, I began to Glorify different Deities : Krishna, Radhe, Shiva, Durga and others! I have teachers who always guide me in this deep knowledge!

Shanti people videos

And also, while studying classical Indian music, it is impossible not to encounter Mantras and Bhajans which glorify the Gods!


But even this moment is not the main one!


I am bored of singing ordinary songs, because a song expresses an emotion at a certain point in time, and that emotion may not always be close and relevant to me at the moment! Therefore, I happily chose the path of chanting Mantras, because they were written by great sages, and they are eternal in their content. There is no time in the Mantra lyrics – It inspires me to sing over and over again, discovering new meanings! Mantras contain the Sacral Vibe which radiates Powerful Energies and I love to feel it.

Team Shanti People

Team Shanti People

Manoshi Sinha: While uttering the Mantras, hymns, chalisas in accompaniment with music during a show or as noticeable in your music videos, you seem to be completely transported to another terrain – the realm of the Gods. And you utter the Sanskrit Mantras at ease. Please tell us about your experience.


Uma – Team Shanti People: God is inside us and we are his integral part.  I glorify all His energies in my mind. I just dissolve my thoughts in sounds and in sacred vibrations. When a person sings, his chemical composition changes, he starts to feel joy and bliss and can share this energy with other people. This enhances his perception at 1000 times. In this state I don’t feel the time.


 Manoshi Sinha: We would like to know about Team ‘Shanti People’ with an introduction about each member.


Uma – Team Shanti People: Our last line-up hasn’t changed for about 4-5 years!


Me (Uma),

Bo – sound engineer and manager,

Chaba – musician and

 Ira – stylist.


Shanti People – Outdoors Set 5# [CUT]

Part of Shanti People Outdoors DJ SET #5 (Live Stream)Record From June 25Track: Shanti People – Tandava ( Blazy , Gottinari , Somnia Remix)Watch Full Video on Our YouTube Channel Uma DeviInstagram: #vedicedm #dj #shiva #trance #harharmahadev #nowplaying #musicvideo #Durga #psy #psytrance #electronicmusic #spotify #djset #live #stream #livestream #shivatandava #tandava #tandav

Slået op af Shanti People i Onsdag den 15. juli 2020


Manoshi Sinha: Your Facebook Page shows ‘Mantra, Yoga, Music, Vegetarian, EDM’ as your Band INTERESTS. Please let us know more on this.


 Uma – Team Shanti People:  It’s simple! We broadcast everything that interests us, our lifestyle.


I became a vegetarian as soon as I realized that it’s possible to live this way hahaha, more than 15 years ago. Same thing happened to Bo and Chaba. But Bo is more strong-willed and he became a strict vegan 5 years ago. Sometimes our promoters have a problem with it cause they don’t know how to feed him during our touring, but it’s ok.


Mantra Yoga is our favorite Yoga (of course Hatha Yoga also now an integral part of life, to maintain the physical body).


As for EDM, we started Shanti People with Drum`n`Bass and Downtempo, but now it’s more Psy trance and Psy-chill, Progressive and even HardStyle.


Collaborations open up new horizons for musical experimentation and spreading sacred vibrations.


Manoshi Sinha: Your Facebook Page includes ‘Vishnu, Krishna’ as your ‘Personal Interests’ besides what is included in ‘Band Interests’. Please enlighten us more on this.


Uma – Team Shanti People:  I can’t really say I belong to any specific religion! I believe in spirituality and I see God in everything around me. I like Hinduism more than other religions, but I respect all of them!


It’s all Sanatana Dharma.

I love the sacral knowledge in every spiritual tradition, but I don’t like when a religion turns into a control system.


I love being a pilgrim and getting in touch with living spiritual culture! This is a great source of Energy for me! There I meet spiritual teachers, from whom I have been learning all my life.



Manoshi Sinha: Your hometown is Kyiv, Ukraine. How is the response of your Band in your home town and home country.


Uma – Team Shanti People: India and everything connected with it is widely loved here.


For more than 10 years of the existence of our project, we have already found our own audience here, which loves and accepts everything that we share.


Well, people like to do Vocal yoga with me! So there is enough activity! But in India, we are more popular and in demand, of course, for obvious reasons.


Manoshi Sinha:  Have you been to India for LIVE shows or to explore the land that is home to one of the most ancient civilizations of the world, where Sanatana Dharma took shape? Any plans of visiting India in the near future?


Uma – Team Shanti People: We’ve been exploring India since 2007! Of course we like to come here and just live under the Indian Sun, studying Philosophy and Culture.


During the last years, performances were added to the pilgrimage! And I really hope this will continue after the Pandemic! I want to spend 3-4 months a year in India! I feel good there.



Manoshi Sinha:   May we please know about your upcoming compositions/creations.


Uma – Team Shanti people: At the moment, while I am answering your questions, in our schedule there are track releases in collaboration with such artists as: Billx, Synesthetic, PsyCraine, Audiofreq, Psysomnia. As well, currently we are also working with Mandragora, Mariana Bo,Sajanka, Stryker and others.


And also will be tracks for meditation in an acoustic format.


Manoshi Sinha: Your message to your viewers and readers of this interview piece.


Uma – Team Shanti People: I wish everyone to find their own purpose, and to realize their inner nature and spiritual potential! And don’t forget to be creative every day.


May Shanti People continue to inspire and transport listeners to the depths of the consciousness!


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