Uma Mohan: Musical Mantras in Sanskrit from the Vedas and Scriptures

Uma Mohan

Have you ever listened to divine chants by Uma Mohan? Lend an ear to any of her numerous magical tunes. You will be shipped to a divine terrain, to the kingdom of the Gods and Goddesses. The trance you experience will relieve you from all forms of stress from within. It is like cleansing the impurities from your inner self. You will discover yourself as a new being as you dive deep into Uma Mohan’s musical world!


Yes, you will fall in love with Sanskrit, the origin of all languages. The Vedas will leave an imprint on your very existence in this world. Uma Mohan chants in Sanskrit. Her mantras are derived from the Vedas. You will be spellbound by the divinity articulated by her haunting voice.


As you listen to the energy-based mantras in Sanskrit, the multiple layers of each sound uttered will create a soothing effect on your sub conscious mind. You will feel positivism flowing through all the five elements of your being – earth, water, fire, air, and space.


No wonder meditation and recitation of mantras has been advocated since the pre Vedic period for solutions related to the body, mind and being! Even if one doesn’t understand a mantra, its chanting spreads a positive aura within and in the world around you. The more you repeat the chanting, the more you spread the positive aura within and outside!


There is reason why all the chants by Uma Mohan are in Sanskrit. When we speak about sounds, OM is considered to be the first primordial sound of the universe. Sanskrit is the most ancient language that dates back to thousands of years. Since thousands of years, millions of Rishis and other devoted chanters stockpiled the powerful positive energies through their chanting in Sanskrit. So, when one listens to the Sanskrit chants or involves in chanting, the positive energy is added and the aura around further energized. Energy vibrations are robotically created all around. These vibrations replace negative energy with positive ones. The chanter or the listener thus benefits immensely.


Born on October 31, 1966 in Chennai, Uma Mohan has earned a name for her conceptualized albums in Sanskrit from the Vedic scriptures. She is not only a singer, but also a musician, record producer and composer. She belongs to a family where traditional music ruled the family veins since several generations.


Uma Mohan’s great-grandfather, Mahathma Sri Neelakanta Sivan, is an enlightened saint of Padmanabhapuram. She learnt the art of music and drew inspiration from him. Her mother PL Saraswathy Ram is her Guru in classical music. An alumni of Rosary Matriculation Chennai and a postgraduate in Commerce from the University of Madras, Uma Mohan is greatly supported in her musical endeavors by her industrialist father.


Uma Mohan’s Albums/Chants

1. Moolamantra

2. Sacred Chants for Peace, Prosperity & Enlightenment

3. Moolamantra II

4. Sacred Chants for Courage, Confidence & Limitless Joy

5. Sacred Chants III for Stress Relief, Immunity & Longevity

6. Divine Chants of Ganesh

7. Sounds of Harmony

8. Amruthavarsha Shlokas on Ganapathi, Guru & Navagraha

9. Shanti Mantra

10. Amruthavarsha III Shlokas on Vishnu

11. Divine Chants of Mahalakshmi

12. Divine Chants of Shiva

13. Dhan Laabh

14. Kundalini – The Awakening of Chakras

15. Divine Chants of Rudra

16. Divine Chants of Shakti

17. Trishakti

18. Divine Chants of Guru

19. Vedanta Wisdom

20. Aadhya

21. Oneness Chants

22. Divine Chants of Narayana

23. Isha-the Lord

24. Aadya-the Beginning

25. Divine Chants of Tirupati Balaji.


Besides the above, she has numerous collaborative albums to her credit. Listen to Uma Mohan’s chants and get transported to the divine world!

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