Is Vastushastra the Answer to Arrest Rising Concern of NPAs for Banks?


While the naysayers have predicted that India’s bad loan crisis has turned to the worse, pragmatically speaking it seems far from over now. As per a 2019 Government of India report obtained from Press Information Bureau, RBI provisional data on global operations, the aggregate amount of gross NPAs of Public Sector Banks (PSBs) and Scheduled Commercial Banks (SCBs) were Rs. 8,06,412 crore and Rs. 9,49,279 crore respectively. In other words, approximately 11% of funding by banks or financial institutions to individuals and business organizations are stuck as NPAs. The financial gurus, government & ministries are all looking at various ways of mitigating this stress of NPAs and innovative methods are going to be adopted. In a scenario like this one can view at all and alternative methods and think out-of-the-box. Little did we know that we can take references from our own Indic pasts and get plausible solutions that may radical but also potent?


The answer may lie in the ancient science of Vastushastra.


Vastushastra, the ancient science of spatial geometry, may have a different way of looking at the challenges. In fact, banks can incorporate Vastu in their spaces to eradicate the continuous issue of NPAs. Be it banks or organizations, every business operates from their particular premises, to which the laws of vastushastra are strictly applicable, as long as it is in the purview of five elements (Earth , Water , Air , Fire and Space) and Eight directions. Here is a simple breakup of the 5 most important directions and how correcting these can work wonders for banks and other financial institutions.


North-East (Water element)


This region is responsible for wealth inflow in the form of opportunities, business enquiries and orders. It also helps in bringing clarity of thoughts along with innovation and creativity to encash these opportunities or orders. The North-East region also helps to improve networking which in turn strengthens the net-worth. If the basic rules of North-East region as per Vastushastra are not followed, it is likely to bring in adverse effect in the fluidity of wealth and opportunities resulting into collapse due to lack of business orders and money in-flow. This region is also responsible for productivity and efficiency of individuals working for that organization.


South-East (Fire element)


According to basic fundamentals of Vastushastra, this region is responsible for optimum utilisation of resources. It also controls delay, obstacles, & unproductive expenses. This region controls cash- flow or recovery of the business organisations. Hence any drawbacks on the vastushastra front can restrict the cash- flow or recovery as well as shortfalls in capacity utilisation with delay and higher unproductive expenses.


South-West (Earth Element)


Considering that this direction represents the Earth element, it has the highest heaviness and signifies the placement or position of the highest authority or the corresponding department & plant of the organisation. This region ensures total stability and strong leadership to business organisation on all fronts like finance, marketing, operations etc. It is also responsible for relationships and vigilance. Basically the south west region is mostly responsible for the success of any business. It has been observed that most of the NPA cases have happened due to a vastu defect, mainly in North-East and in South-West of the concerned financial organization.


North-West (Air)

This is the region of effective support system with proper harmony and communication among the people working in the organisation. Effective support system helps to yield best results in major operations. On the other hand harmony and communication among staff & workers ensure best industrial relations, which in turn helps for smooth operations and better productivity. This region also helps in success of selling and marketing.


Central (Space)


This region is mainly responsible for binding and bonding of all departments and activities that lead to success of planning and its implementation. Any drawback in this region leads to a big gap in planning and achievements.


Way Forward:

To summarise, we can say that Vastu defects in NE region stops inflow of orders, SE is responsible for high overheads and under utilisation of capacity, SW disturbs the leadership and stability, NW can lead to industrial unrest and finally Central region can affect team spirit. Banking sector which is in such a volatile condition can definitely utilize these points to cut down on their bad loans while setting up new branches or even while looking at branches which have been severely hit due to the NPA issue.


We are all familiar with the recent advertisements published in all leading newspapers about possession, sale and auction of individual and business assets due to failure to repay the loans. This late or non-payment of loans is defined as Non-Performing Assets (NPA). They are also termed as bad assets. In India, the RBI monitors the entire banking system and, as defined by the country’s central bank, if for a period of more than 90 days, the interest or installment amount is overdue then that loan account can be termed as a Non-Performing Assets, and these NPA’s are becoming a huge burden on Indian banks. A far-reaching point of view like Vastushastra, may provide just the radical answer in this challenging environment. The study of Vastushastra is vast and deep which co-relates with each micro-problem of business organisations. By understanding the nature and processes of businesses and by studying of business premises we can diagnose the problem of business organisations and offer a solution. Thus with the help of Vastushastra one can reduce the risk factors and enhance the success of the business.


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