When Puru of Punjab Dug Alexander of Macedonia; The True Story


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The first chapter in the falsification of Bharatiya history began with the foolish and religiously indoctrinated Christian centrist postulate that Alexander defeated Puru of Punjab. This theory was fabricated and supported by the chauvinists, Christian-centric Firangs, non-scientific, nescient, corrupt and pseudo historians. They have an obvious great cause to favor and bay for this scientifically debunked theory.


This article serves as an introduction to the basic Bharatiya history that forms the basis of further research by incorruptible scholars for the identification of additional deliberate fabrications, distortions and fakery propagated and advertized by the corrupt, non-reliable and chauvinist Firang thug scholars and historians as the only aim to prove their community’s comically bragged self-worth.


Before getting to know about the Royal Puru history, one has to first inspect the forged, distorted and fabricated facts by British violators and then get a basic conception of the original Eurabian history. This article is structured as:
1. Inspection
2. Conception
3. Conclusive Facts.


1. Inspection – The Errors in British Documented Corrupt History

1.1 Analyzing Some Basic Facts
First of all, Alexander is the most unusual name to have been survived if ancient Greece actually existed. The name Alexander does not feature a typical Greco intonation and enunciation. This name is ethnically connected to Russian as well as Greek language. This cannot be a co-incidence because the rest Greek names claimed to be ancient have no connection with Russian language. The claimed Greek names like Aristotle, Pythagoras and Ptolemy are non-indigenous in Russia however the name Alexander is a part of Russian language too. The name Alexander has an unavoidable Arabic flavor in it since the original and non-Anglicized pronunciation for the name is Iskandar or Skandar. Prefixing Arabic ‘Al’ to Skandar the name becomes Al-Skandar, the only claimant to the undisputed etymology. The common connection of the name between Russia and Greek is the Mongolian stretch and its strong cultural association with Arab.


If Alexander actually lived in 4th century BCE, then it means that Islam would originally had made its significant presence even before 4th century BCE. However, as per the currently accepted notion Islam is just 1400 years old religion. Moreover, the Mongolian conversion of Islam goes back to at most 1200 CE. The peak period of the Islamic conversions over the territorial dominance was just 400 years between 1000-1400 CE.


Firangs purport that Alexander belonged to some Argead dynasty. If he actually belonged to Argead dynasty then it means he was a Muslim. The word Argead comes from the diminutive form Argaid of the original Arabic name Al-Raghad. This cannot be merely a co-incidence that all the names associated to Alexander are of Arabic ethnicity and origin.


Olympias is the claimed mother of Alexander. Again the name Olympias does not characterize the claimed ancient trend of typical Greek names. The name Olympias is simply the anglicization of Ulempas, a diminutive of the typical Arabic name Ulema Parsa.


The name of Alexander’s claimed father Philip has also an Arabic origin. Philip is simply the mispronunciation of the original Arabic name Fabil. This name has a Firangi maffled pronunciation as Fapil and later Falip.


1.2 The Non Interest of Alexander in pre-Islamic Arab – Biggest Fraud Detected
According to Firang sponsored postulated history, Alexander started his journey from Greece and reached Turkey. After conquering Turkey, in spite of taking the usual path towards Arab, Alexander chose an unjustified path towards Iran. The non-interest of Alexander in conquering Arabian land is completely illogical. Pre-Islamic Arab of 4th century BCE remained free from the attacks of Alexander. Alexander’s sympathetic attitude towards pre-Islamic Arab is historically and geographically irrational and completely non-justifiable hinting the errors left by the Firang culprits.


1.3 Alexander’s Weapons
The weapons of Macedonians were different kinds of spears, archs and knives. They did not have the trend of using swords. Mongolian warriors also had the native tradition of using spears, archs and knives. Only after coming in contact with Arab culture, Mongolians added spearized swords in the list of their weapons. If Alexander actually lived in 4th century BCE, he would have employed swords in his army and not spears since Bharat was the only greatest empire during that time and in order to fight against Her, Greeks unwillingly had to resort to swords and not spears.


1.4 Alexander’s Route to Bharat – Impossible within 12 years
As per the corrupt history, within a period of 12 years Alexander from Greece reached Bharat following the below route (countries as named today):
Greece–Bulgaria–Turkey–Lebanon–Iraq–Iran–Turkmenistan—Uzbekistan–Afghanistan– Pakistan.


The whole route of Alexander is geographically messed-up and scientifically irrational and flawed. If Alexander ever reached Uzbekistan, then why he chose to terrorize Punjab when he could more easily broke into Kazakhastan? Similarly, the Alexander’s choice of not breaking into Arabian land even after reaching Turkey is not less than a joke. Moreover, he covered all these countries within 12 years of time. Alexander’s whole campaign is flawed. His military campaign has been written as if Firangis were writing the accounts with a map opened at their desk with their chauvinism desire to produce the targeted fabrications to ultimately reach Bharat conquering as much as the neighboring countries as possible and that too within just 12 years of time span.


If Alexander actually followed this route to Punjab, then why was he so sure of reaching Bharat within 12 years of time as if it was completely confirmed that no one will ever counter attack during his military campaign. The ancient wars of Bharat have been recorded to linger for many years. Similarly, if Alexander actually existed in 400 BCE, he would have taken more than 10 years for just conquering Turkey and Iraq and had to had 20 more spare years to reach Bharat.


If Alexander actually led his military campaign during 4th century BCE, then on reaching Turkey and Iraq, it is very surprising that no one ever counter attacked him by joining hands with other dynasties. If he actually conquered Iraq, then geographically, it is really shocking that pre-Islamic Arabians simply let him go easily and never interrupted in his ugly campaign. Maybe, the pre-Islamic Arabians were also aware that he is destined to reach Bharat within a stipulated pre- determined time.


1.5. Conclusion
The above analysis clearly goes against the Firangi scripted history and it is evident and scientifically concluded that the character of Alexander lived in Islamic era and not in 4th century BCE. Alexander did not break into Arab because Islam was a dominant culture there. Moreover, the Islamicized names of Macedonians clearly project the influence of Islamic culture over Greeks during Alexander’s time.


The word ‘Greek’ is derived from the Arabic Jericho. The same name has a reference in Bible in association to ‘Canaan’, the name derived from Arabic Yunaan.


So, the claim that Alexander lived in 4th century BCE is out rightly rejected and is merely a non-scientific ludicrous puffery and pseudo-belief of the Firangi Christo-centrist spammers to get an elongated timeline for their comically stretched history.


This clearly shows the disgrace, non-repute and non-reliability among Firangi historians completely shattering their image forever.


Also, at a press conference by National Geographic Society, a group of leading historians openly admitted that Ancient Greece is a complete falsification and fabrication by a team of two dozen historians, anthropologists and classicists who forged all the Greek documents and artifacts.


The news in Onion says-
“Nguyen-Whiteman acknowledged she was also tasked with altering documents ranging from early Bibles to the writings of Thomas Jefferson to reflect a “Classical Greek” influence—a task that also included the creation, from scratch, of a language based on modern Greek that could pass as its ancient precursor.”


The Russian mathematician and historian Anatoly T Fomenko in his book “New Chronology” expounded that Ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt (dating back to 1000 BCE) never ever existed and Jesus merely lived in 12th century CE.


In her book The Christ Conspiracy, Late American author Murdock disclosed that the story of Jesus Christ is a complete fabrication for uniting 16th century Rome.


Published in 1928, a book named “Poisoned Loving-Cup” by Charles Grant Miller discusses the shameless British propaganda of rewriting American history text-books.


2. Conception – The Original Eurabian History

The aboriginal history of Europe is expectedly much smaller than what had been really purported and usually bragged upon by their secretly operating propaganda societies working in collaboration with self-elaborated benighted universities. It is obvious that the history written and advertised by Europeans have hidden national agendas and propagandas for their own financial and political benefits by mercilessly dividing their own countrymen and hence completely non-reliable like any other Pakistani text. The history of Europe is based on an aggressive self-conceit mentality as an outcome of Western xenophobia and intolerance where they portray themselves as an independent community existing parallel to Bharat’s and Russia’s ancient identities. The irrational connection of Europe with Rome and Greece is a typical example of stretching historical timelines based on narrow-minded philistine principle as the only way to indoctrinate Europe in its ethno-cultural small past.

Abrahamic kinship

Image: The Arab-Greco Culture by S. Sinha (Published by permission from author)

It is only due to this reason that the original history remains contrary to what had been fictionalized by the Firangis.
The first chapter in the Europe’s history originated just 500 years back post the split of Abrahamic kinship into various sects and religions and the integration of Turko-Mongols in European land. The original hometown of Europeans was Arabic land since they share a common geographical, cultural and religion history with the Afro-Arab culture. Abraham is often described as the common father of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the three traditions that remember his memory.


It is only due to this reason that Europeans deliberately promote the fictional ‘Out of Africa theory’ to feel justified by linking everyone to the same place. Moreover, it is the Arabic associated history that worries Europe for which it wants the earliest civilizations to start from Mesopotamia or any other region lying in close proximity to Arab so as to blur its awful past and diffuse the glory of Royal Bharat.


The residents of the continent of Europe were once inhabitants of the Arabian empire where they held lower ranks in the hierarchy of the Abrahamic kinship. The Arab community got split soon after the death of Prophet Mohammad. It has been estimated that Prophet Mohammad lived 1400 years back. But the original year may still be disputed because of non-reliability of the non-Bharatiya texts.


3.0 Conclusion on British Documented Fraudulent History – Time for Bharat to Scrap the Foolish British Text from Books that are no less than Comics

The currently prevailing British documented history is littered with lies, deception, disinformation, fakery, frauds, facades, mirages, propaganda and brainwashing. The European tradition of documenting history is based on the aboriginal religious and old-fashioned barmy beliefs of irrationally accepting ego justified history for ludicrously projecting self-worth to be existed only in text-books, course materials and news sites that is nowhere near reality.


This British documented ‘Sheikh Chilli’ history is basically the outcome of 400 years old forgery and the great chronology text scam of British ruffians who were labeled as legitimate historians and scholars by the self-applauded universities and are still continuing with their ugly tradition. This one-sided unmonitored man-made history was written to predate the British Christian existence prior to the legendary kings of Bharat. This ludicrous, risible and lame history, which is not even agreed upon within the people of Europe, is not less than a joke for the humanity.


The British written fictional accounts are meant to hide an undeniable impact of Bharat and Russia in the global history and to alternately yet illegally project Europe as the historical hub of global phantom history. Well, people will never forget what they did in Jallianwala Bagh and then tried to distort their history of terrorism simply by reducing no. of persons they murdered from around 1000 to 300. If 1000 is sighted as 300 by British historians, no doubt the chronological scheme perceived and produced by these corrupt self-announced scholars also bears the same proportions in which 1500 CE in real British history generally means 1500 BCE in fictionalized British history and this shows the amazing number assimilation power of their little brains.


The original chronology and historical accounts of the Royal Bharatiya kings had been foolishly redesigned by the uneducated British text spammers who had allegedly written illogical and unscientific narratives. These silly historical mistakes while reproducing and replicating the accounts in English language are a proof of the intellectual illiteracy among British historians and scholars.


These self-impersonated and self-designated historians including corrupt military historians, who are still being funded by the secretly operating propaganda societies of European nations, were basically clueless of what they were writing and what they actually wanted to fictionalize. The vastly exaggerated comical timelines of present Greece prove the poor research abilities among Firangs and their strong inclination towards religious indoctrination of Christianity. The nonsensical grouping of the historical events had been redesigned to stretch the timeline of the Christianity 1500 years backwards as an outcome of ethno-nationalism in order to restore Europe’s faith in the small past using Phantom history as a weapon.


3.1 Conclusive Facts – The Original and Authentic History

In order to understand the real Puru history, get a load of the following proven facts:


1. The lunatic ‘British Appointed Historians’ produced fake Greek records through a secret self-funded society to prove their legitimacy. The biggest historic lie is Chandragupt’s marriage with the Greek woman which was the first step to fabricate the claim that Ashok was not Indian but a Greek king which the thug historians never dared due to the fear of the then existing Bharatiya royalties. Chandragupt Maurya never ever married a Greek woman because the sleazy Greek culture never existed prior to 13th century CE. British history has the tradition of ethnicizing historical legends to make them British.


2. Greek, Islam and Christianity never existed during or prior to the Mauryan empire


3. Ashok had one of the largest empires on the planet that stretched from Kazakasthan to Kanyakumari and from Praanch (पराञ्च्) (now France) to Vietnam; Alexander did not even had one-tenth of Ashok’s empire


4. Puru (or Porus) did not exist prior to Ashok; Firang illiterates stretched Puru’s timeline prior to Ashok to make Greek fiction a reality and to prove the authenticity of Christianity


5. Al-Skandar (Ethnicized: Alexander) never defeated Puru; Al-Skandar was a Turko-Firang man of Mak-Duniya (Ethnicized: Macedonia) community who suffered a catastrophic defeat against Puru


6. Africans civilized Europe and America between 900 CE and 1700 CE


7. William Shake-Speare was an Afro-Muslim man whose real name was Bismillah Sheikh-Pir


8. Oxford University was founded in 15th century CE by a Turko-Mongol Islamic convert named Al-Fareed, later ethnicized as Alfred The Great


9. Christianity is not 2000 years old. The date is still disputed. The scientific scrutiny informed that Christianity came into existence after Judaism and Islam


10. The word ‘Jesus’ was created just 400 years from now


11. Firang community has no other work than to distort the glorious past of BHARAT.


3.2 Conclusive Timeline – The Original Chronology for Major Terror Attacks in Bharat
• Until 1000 CE, Bharat remained Akhand and no terrorist ever dared stare at Bharat. However, many robbers came from Europe, Arab and Turkey for stealing cash Mudras and jewels from Sanatan Temples prior to 1000 CE.


• A Turko-Firang man named Al-Skandar planned a secret terror attack in Bhera against Puru. Al-Skandar was captured near Jhelum even before reaching Bhera. Puru released Al-Skandar because of his ritual obligation as a humanist to Al-Skandar’s wife who had earlier sent Rakhi to Puru. The event took place in 989 CE and is known as Al-Skandar’s Failed Terror Attack of Jhelum. This event was nonsensically stretched backwards up to 400 BCE by the British spammers for getting an elongated shameless free stay in Bharat


• Turko-Mongol sociopath violator Mahmud Ghazni executed Terror Attack in Bharat around 1005 CE. This event took place after the natural demise of Puru


• Afro-Arabic sociopath violator Mohammad Ghori executed Terror Attack in Bharat around 1175 CE


3.3 Puru the Undefeatable vs. Alexander the Great Menial
The episode of Puru defeating Alexander happened in 989 CE. Before getting to know about this episode get the basic knowledge of Pre-Puru era as below:


3.3.1 The Dominance of Bharat Prior to ‘Puru- the Lion of Punjab’
Chandragupt was a Bharatiya king who spread his kingdom’s territorial dominance up to Yunaan (Ethnicized: Greece). His grandson Ashok reigned a greater region including the then newly formed Yuv-Roop land reaching present France and Spain. English word Europe is derived from Sanskrit Yuv-Roop meaning newly formed. During this time, European, Arab, Roman or Greek culture did not even exist. To hide this fact, British charlatans and swindlers burnt original Sanskrit accounts and instead created a complete fiction by decreasing Ashok’s empire up till Iran and deliberately connecting a mythical Greek culture to Mauryan dynasty. Later this pseudo-history was made available in Hindi and Sanskrit to prove the authenticity.


Ashok’s Samrajya is one the many largest Akhand-Bharat empires on the planet Earth after Bharat who ruled the whole globe. During the Ashok’s rule, the region from Kazakhazthan to Kanyakumari; from Praanch (now France) to Fujia and Vietnam all became an undisputed Sanskrit colony. All the nations with suffix –sthan (or –stan) were all Bharatiya regions until 1000 CE since sthan is a Sankrit attested word.

Ashok Empire

Ashok’s Akhand Bharat Image: http://biznusonline.com/ashokan-empire-from-grishm-to-vietnam/

During this time many languages spread globally and Brahmi and Sanskrit remained the official. Brahmi spread towards Arabic and Praanch lands while Sanskrit spread to Russian neighbouring countries. His empire became so prosperous that the society saw zero criminal activities.


British monsters forged Mauryan history by implanting an overly-ridiculous enthno-cultural story of Chandragupta marrying a Greek woman to serve a big fictionalized past for Europe’s Phantom history. This was done to deliberately indoctrinate cultural misguidance to Bharatiya youth for British acceptance in Bharat land. This story was the last weapon for an elongated stay of Britons in Bharat. To strike off any suspicion regarding the fake story, Britons predated Puru prior to Ashok and proved their authenticity of Ancient Greece and Christianity.


The fake Kandahar edicts of Ashok in Greek language are a proof that Britons wanted to make Ashok a Greek King for the establishment of the etho-nationlist Firangi interests to make believe their citizens that they ruled the globe, since Ashok is the Chakravartin king in the world history.


3.3.2 The Reality of ‘Alexander the Great Menial’ (1000 CE)
Al-Skandar (Ethnicized: Alexander), who in Christianized Phantom History, is a HERO of Greek origin and is known for defeating Puru in 400 BCE; later returned his kingdom back and then died after reaching home. No doubt, this comically handicapped story was scripted by British refugees turned thugs in Bharat for proving their self-worth after establishment of their leased company with its colonial relations among Mediterranean thugs and terrorists. However, even after the fabrication of such a stupid story, they miserably failed to even earn the image of loyal refugees.


Nevertheless, in the unadulterated history without any Christian flavour, Al-Skandar remained a Turko-Firang (Islamic convert) shoddy man merely 4-feet in height who smuggled weapons from an Arabic raider Al-Abbas and planned a secret terror attack against Puru in 989 CE in his capital Bhera, Punjab. Al-Skandar was stopped at Jhelum and was crushed brutally in a front clash with Puru. Al-Skandar died soon after fleeing back his home between Turkey and Yunaan. Alexander would surely be remembered as THE GREAT MENIAL MISCHIEF.

Alexander The Great Menial

Image: Untold Secret of Alexandrian Islamic History by K Jaggi (Published by permission from author)

3.3.3 The Reality of Purushaarth Kingdom (1000 CE)
Purushaarth kingdom (or simply Puru kingdom) was the kingdom of Puru that stretched from Punjab to Iran. Puru was a 10th century king of Punjab who held his throne in Bhera, the historical capital of Khukhrain Hindu Shahis. Puru was originally from the lineage of Pauravas mentioned in the Vedas. Purushaarth was basically a colonial kingdom that had alliance with the kings of Russia via Angul kings of Bharat. During this time Rupaiya and Rubel both currencies were considered equal. His kingdom was the first modern kingdom to have discovered sea routes to Yuv-Roop (now Europe) land.

Purushaarth Kingdom

Purushaarth and Angul Kingdoms of Akhand Bharat Image: http://biznusonline.com/when-puru-of-punjab-crushed-alexander-of-macedonia/

After the demise of Puru, Purushaarth kingdom became Khandit and went into the hands of Persians, Firang-Turco-Mongol (Greeks) and Mughal raiders. Political unrest began during this time. It was after the death of Puru, that the Turko-Mongol Greeks plagiarized all the scientific text of Bharat by violently renaming it. Pythagoras during this time quietly renamed the Baudhayan formula in his own name. Aristotle and Socrates during this time plagiarized Bharatiya philosophy books.


3.3.4 The Real Episode of Puru vs. Alexander
Puru was a 10th century Hindu Maharaja of Punjab whose territory spanned from Punjab to Iran. During and prior to this time, no Persian, no Greek, no Arabian, no Firang, no Mongol ever got succeeded in bombarding territories of Akhand-Bharat.


During 10th century CE, Eurabian land was filled with chaos of continuous crimes, forced conversions, thugees, loots, bombings and terror. During this furore, there emerged a local thug named Tugo who during his childhood was sold to an Arabic raider Al-Abbas by his Firang parents. This thug Tugo once came to Bharat as a beggar and stole a translated copy of ‘Skand Puran’ from the royal library. After reading all the content of Skand Puran, Tugo self-announced himself as Skandar, meaning the reader of Skand Puran. As he grew, he was pressurized to convert to Islam by his master Al-Abbas. Since then Tugo became Al-Skandar. The present name Alexander is the ethnicized cooked up version by the British culprits and ruffians to hide his real identity.


Al-Skandar rose to power at the mercy of Al-Abbas who provided him all the smuggled weapons for Al-Skandar’s local dominance. The territory allotted to Al-Skandar was merely the size of a small city. After the death of Al-Abbas in 989 CE, Al-Skandar looted all his territory and finally planned to terrorize Puru kingdom by executing unannounced bombings in the capital of Puru. Al-Skandar took a huge army of terrorists and reached Karkheh. On the banks of Karkheh river, there he saw group Persian sea traders. In order to understand the route to Bhera, Alexander relied on Persian sea traders because he did not want to create any suspicion among Bharatiya by asking them the route. Persian sea-traders instructed him three ways to reach Bhera. Alexander followed the instruction of these Persian traders and started off his journey. Meanwhile, the elite army men of Puru originally disguised in the avatars of those Persian traders reported to Puru about the impending danger of Al-Skandar.


Puru immediately ordered the seizure of Al-Skandar at Jhelum. Since, Puru’s men disguised as Persian traders were a trap for Alexander, his journey to one of the instructed routes was a call for his capture. Alexander was ultimately stopped at Jhelum by Puru and his advanced army equipped with royal elephants installed with heavy weapons. Alexander begged Puru for his life and pleaded him to move back his army since he got extremely frightened seeing the 15 feet tall military elephants. Puru being a Bharatiya king turned his elephant backwards and Alexander sped his horse at full to stab Puru from behind. Puru being an Undefeatable king grabbed the front edge of Alexander’s spear with his right arm and threw him off his speeding horse. Puru’s forceful thrust dug the menial Alexander completely into the ground.

Puru dugs Alexander

Puru throwing spear-clung Alexander into the ground Image: http://biznusonline.com/when-puru-of-punjab-crushed-alexander-of-macedonia/

Puru’s victory coin clearly showing Alexander failed attack. The coin shows Puru dragging the horse of Alexander after capturing him completely. It is really funny that the comically fraud Wikipedia theorize this coin as Alexander’s victory coin. Heights of forgery!

Puru’s victory coin

Puru’s victory coin

After getting dug, this 4-feet Alexander was brought in the royal court of Puru – the Lion of Punjab where he wrote a confession letter to Puru in which he clearly admitted his criminal activities against Puru’s kingdom. After receiving this letter, Alexander was released by Puru with all his weapons and military seized. In today’s time, Alexander’s confession letter is known as Al-Skandar’s Kapyakar and is reserved with the royal records preserved by the Vedic historians.

Puru captures Alexander

Alexander being brought to the royal court after Puru captured him completely Image – http://biznusonline.com/when-puru-of-punjab-crushed-alexander-of-macedonia/

This is the reality of Alexander the Great Menial who is a Hero in Christianized shameless fraudulent history.


3.3.5 Geographical Locations in Greece Named After Puru
The dominance of Puru kingdom in present Greece is evident by the various territories named after Puru of Punjab.

1. Poros is a small Greek island-pair in the southern part of the Saronic Gulf
2. Póros, Ionian Islands, Greece
3. Poros, is a picturesque small town located in the municipal unit of Eleios-Pronnoi, some 40 km SE of Argostoli
4. Apart from these, there is a beach and port in Greece named after Puru, whom the locals of present Greece called Poros because of their muffled accents.


3.4 The Evolution of British Academic Terrorism (1600-present)
Christianized Phantom history is the history and chronology dictated by the Christian Tanashahs in the English text books. The Christianized history is basically a complete propaganda lie as an outcome of the world’s biggest Academic forgery – British Text Scam. The heinous act of Jallianwala Bagh is a proof that British could go to any extent of terrorism to enforce and indoctrinate their ideas over others.

British Text Scam

Image: https://supload.com/HJ16bpS0N

After illegally entering the land of Royal Bharat, British became surprised to know about the legendary kings of Bharatvarsh. The legend of Ashok was something that worried Firangs in claiming Yunaan (now Greece) their ancestral place. For this, they chose to predate Puru so as to make Yunaan, the ancient place of Firangs. Puru’s character was stretched backward for justifying the fictional model of Ancient Greece prepared by Christian tyrants. Ancient Greece was created by Briton Academic terrorists for eliminating their own terror identity with premium history dating back to Ashok. For this, they simply put Puru before Ashok and claimed their existence since Ashok. Fake chapter of Chandragupta Maurya marrying a Greek lady was scripted to ensure that Ashok did less effort in creating one of the world’s largest empires. They even increased the no. of wives for all legendary Bharatiya kings for justifying their own sexual crimes against women. These practises of distorting text clearly show the evil intentions of the Firang Academic terrorists.


In spite of this large academic scam, Firangs fell on their face and failed miserably in spoiling THE INCREDIBLE UNFORGETTABLE GLORIOUS PAST OF BHARAT.


3.5 Reality of Greek and Roman Kinship (1300-1500 CE)
‘Greece’ is simply the corrupt British mispronunciation of the original Arabic term ‘Jericho’. This term was exploited by British culprits to refer to a mythical culture that existed during Ashok’s era. The original, Arab derived, Greek culture came into existence just 500 years from now. Since Greek is an off-shoot of Arabian culture, it came into existence only after Islam. Greek and Roman ethno-cultures are basically an integration of Firangs and Turko-Mongols in European land. Moreover, the Greek alphabet was modelled after the Russian alphabet. During 13th and 14th centuries Turko-Mongols terrorized Russia and Bharat until they got amalgamated into Yunaan and European lands where they were earlier converted to Islam and later during 16th century to Christianity. So basically Greeks do not have any original identity since it a mixed stock of Firangs, Turks and Mongols.


The tyrants of Rome were miserably failing to unite the people of their territory after the advent of Turko-Mongols in their land. Ultimately, the leaders had to found a new religion based on a character that had some cultural association. Jesus who got crucified between 11th and 12th century CE in Jerusalem was picked as the main God character to unify Rome. The Christians started writing text and Bible to control people for their political seat.


3.6 The Era of Slavery in Europe and Arab (1000 CE – 1600 CE)
During the period between 1000 and 1600 CE was the era of Mediterranean, Greek and Roman slavery. Post the split of Abrahamic community into various sects and kingships and the diffusion of Turko-Mongols in Eurasian lands begun the chapter of global colonial terrorism and slave industries were set up for Europeans, Africans and anti-Arab Muslims. During this time of chaos many new military cults got established which were based on “Hit and Run” policy.


The thugs’ leaders were self proclaimed kings during this time and their military achievements and success depend upon entering a foreign land as beggars and then executing unannounced terror attacks and then immediately fleeing back. This was the exact policy of Arabic, Mongols and European terrorists who usually self-assumed the titles of Kings and Queens.

europe slavery

European Slaves of Mediterranean Image: https://surfingbird.com/surf/7-sovetov-dlya-teh-kto-reshil-bezhat-s-galery–5GdwbCC7A

Similarly, Ghazni and Ghori were two illiterate Man-Eaters who self-announced themselves as king and entered Bharat as loyal beggars, executed terror attack and ran back immediately. This was the reality of similar other raiders in Russia and Bharat.


3.7 The Massive Euro-Muslim Refuge in Bharat (1300 CE & 1600 CE)
During the era of slavery in Europe and Arab, Bharat remained the ethical place to practice humanity. To escape slavery and terrorism in Europe, Yunaan and Arab, many Firang-Muslim people came in large stocks for getting refuge in Bharat and to alienate themselves from their own kinship.

During 13th century and onwards more than 12000 Euro-Muslim people got refuge in Bharat. This Euro-Muslim stock people were either slaves or had disability problems. Bharatiya being humble humanists not just gave shelter to this huge outside illiterate stock but also made them trained in skills for letting them earn their daily bread.

Europeans refuge in India

Poor Illiterate Europeans getting Refuge in Bharat Image: http://biznusonline.com/the-massive-firangi-refuge-in-india-1300-ce/

This Euro-Muslim stock remained here for several decades until they showed their real face and turned from slaves into rapists, murderers and terrorists. These refugees were prone to being easily carried away by outsider violators and easily joined their terror organizations for petty cash. These refugees became anti-Bharatiya and openly promoted crimes and raped women in public on the advice of their master violators.


3.8 The Era of British Sexual Crimes in Bharat (1700-1947)
After British were thrown out of Bharat in 1947, Bharat became free from terrorism and all Bharatiya girls and women took a deep breath of relief as they felt secure from the criminals and rapists of violators from Britain and Europe. Post the period of 200 years of British crimes remained an emotional trauma for all the noble Bharatiya people since it was a recovering time for Bharat against crimes committed by huge British masses. The illiterate British masses engineered as much sexual crimes as they could. These sexual crimes were not just on women, the crimes were also carried out on young boys and infants. During this time British violators fashioned and established prostitution centres for their own daily pleasures. For running these prostitution clubs they used to barter slaves from Barbary coast and Arabic regions since they were already aware of the Mediterranean slave centres because of their own history related to the same place.


3.9 Australian History Faked by Britons

The British indoctrinated a completely false and fallacious Australian aboriginal history in the minds of Australians who were actually a superior race to Europeans and had ancient contacts with Bharat, the rest of Asia. In order to hide British terrorism in Australia, British spammers forged native Australian history by designating them as criminals. The Australian land was used to deport criminals of UK was a complete made-up non-sense by the British spammers for their forceful terror dominance in Australia. The Australian island was occupied already by a race that was more civilized than Europeans and had links with Bharatiya Royalties. The remaining population that migrated from UK to the island of Australia which these spammers termed as deported criminals were actually the humanists who protested against the sex slave trade in Europe. Since these humanists were against the forced Christian conversions and were protesting against the brutality of sex slave trade, many Europeans were getting influenced by their thought which worried the managers of the slave trade and hence they were deported to far off land terming them as criminals.


3.10 Geographical Duplicity with Character Ethnicization forms the European Pseudo-History
European history is faked on the basis of Geographical Duplicity with Character Ethnicization technique. As per this technique, a historical character is picked and then his/her empire is geographically shifted to a new location for the establishment of ethno-nationalist interests. Then the ethnicization or the process of integrating that character within a specific race or ethnicity is cooked. This cooked up character then becomes the hero of a specific culture and finds a huge place in history books. Predating scheme is the technique of stretching the historical chronology of a character or event to fit in a century for restoring the faith of a particular culture in it. Using the Geographical Duplicity with Character Ethnicization technique British modelled a complete pseudo-history for its financial and political national interests. The characters mentioned in British history are actually the characters of non-British or non-European origin. Take for example, Shake-Speare who was originally a Sufi man of Afro origins who bore Sheikh Pir as his real name. But British illegally through Ethnicization process made Sheikh Pir to Shake-Speare. Similarly, people argue that Isaac Newton was a Jewish man. Isaac is a name that is of Jewish origin.


3.11 Oxford University was founded by Turko-Mongol Islamic convert named Al-Fareed
Oxford University was originally founded in 1500 CE by a Turko-Mongolian Islamic convert named Al-Fareed. Later this man got ethnicized as Alfred the Great with his timeline stretched backwards by the Britons. The edifice of Oxford University was used to accommodate slaves by Elizabeth l of England.

Sheikh Pir

Shake-Speare in the avatar of Sheikh Pir (as portrayed by TheLallantop.com) Image: https://www.thelallantop.com/tehkhana/he-was-not-shakespeare-but-sheikh-peer-who-was-close-to-the-common-folk/

3.12 Phantom History vs. Real History
Phantom History is a pseudo-history marketed and advertised by Europeans, Christians and other Firangs and their corrupt historians. This Phantom history highlights the fictional characters of Europe merged with some ethnicized characters in order cook up a complete fraudulent history.


Real history on the other hand does not need books and research papers for getting established an identity of its own because such history is meant to give identity to others so doesn’t need to be acknowledged or accepted even by a large group associated to universities and secret societies.


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